Publishing with Masthof Press


Thank you for your interest in publishing with Masthof! We are excited to review your manuscript and are always looking for new and seasoned authors. Please review which publishing avenue you would like to explore and submit your information (see the differences between "Traditional Publishing" and "Self-Publishing" below). Please download the MASTHOF PUBLISHING APPLICATION to begin the process.


Traditional vs Self-Publishing



In traditional book publishing, the author essentially sells their work to the publisher. The publisher assumes all responsibilities of designing, printing and distributing the books. The author still gets a say in the design, but the publisher is in charge. When sales are made, the author will receive royalties of about 5-10% of all books sold.

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When self-publishing a book, the author has the financial responsibility and complete control in developing their book. The author has full say in design, layout, editing and distribution. Masthof will assist as a service for printing and will advise in areas requested concerning editing, design and distribution. Self-publishing has become more popular in the last few decades with the development of digital printing making short runs more affordable.

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    Please note if your manuscript is not chosen for traditional publishing, that does not devalue the quality of your work. We evaluate each proposal with regards to our suitability to maximize an author's success.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    May I email my submission?

    Yes! Feel free to email or send through regular post office mail.


    Regular Mail:

    Masthof Press
    Attn: Publishing Application
    219 Mill Road, Morgantown, PA 19543

    When will I know if my book was accepted for traditional publishing?

    All good things take time. We work as quickly and efficiently as we can. We thank you in advance for your patience. Most proposals will be reviewed within two weeks. Once the manuscript is accepted, design could take up to six months, printing another two months. In most cases this process is faster, it all depends on the size and specifics of the book as well as the time of year.

    How will Masthof market my book?

    We have a quarterly supplement we mail or email out to over 7,000 customers. We also send out a quarterly supplement targeting bookstores. All items will also be listed online and most on Amazon. We use Facebook, Pinterest, and Google as social media platforms for advertising new titles as well as numerous print publications. We work with all traditional publishing authors as much as possible in regards to advertising outlet suggestions. Remember, an involved author will always sell more books.

    How does Masthof’s distribution system work?

    In our warehouse we store large quantities of books. We also print as needed the titles we traditionally publish. From there we stock our physical bookstore and mail out orders. We take orders from individuals and bookstores via online, email or through the postal system. Bookstores receive discounts with purchases of over 10 copies, with payment terms of 30 days upon receipt of purchase.

    Does Masthof print my books?

    Yes! We are a publisher with our own in-house print shop! We do book printing for self-published authors as well as our own titles. We also do general printing for local businesses, organizations and individuals.

    My book was declined from another publisher. Does that mean you will decline it, too?

    No. Just because a publisher does not accept your manuscript does not mean it should not be published. Each publisher chooses books that will fit their mission. It’s a classic example of, “It’s not you, it’s them.”

    Do I need an agent?

    No. We will gladly work with you!

    May I call and discuss my book before submitting the Publishing Application?

    If your manuscript is accepted, we will set up a time to meet or talk about specifics and get to know both you and your manuscript better.

    For more information, please download our Publishing Information Booklet.