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We invite you to travel with us to where your ancestors lived! Spend two weeks traveling on a tour that is tailored to your roots. Heritage Tours are led by J. Lemar and Lois Ann Mast of Masthof, editors and publishers of the quarterly Mennonite Family History, who have led dozens of previous trips to Europe and Israel.

Click on the tour below to download the complete tour itinerary which describes each day of the tour!

2022 Heritage Tour

Please contact Lois Ann Mast for more information on tours:

Mennonite Family History
219 Mill Road
Morgantown, PA 19543
Phone: 484-798-8556
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So much gratitude goes to Lois Ann and Lemar for an amazing and wonderful tour. There were so many fun things to learn and do, and lovely company with our group. The Masts made it seem easy! It’s been delightful to share the many blessings of our European tour with others. The depth of experience that Lemar and Lois Ann have leading tour groups for 30+ years is such a benefit for all of us! We are enjoying so many fond memories of the trip. I took my cowbell collection in to share with the children, also my small wooden brown cow. Our preschoolers got to see videos of the cow parade in Sumiswald and hear a group of farmers sing.  Everyone was amazed at the size of the cowbells!  Vielen Dank!  - Martha Glaze Zook, Philadelphia, Pa.


Again, thank you for such a well organized and lovely experience! Your extra attention to make my birthday over the top special is appreciated beyond words! – Bev Whited, Russell, Pa.


So grateful to the Masts and Petersheims for all you did to make this trip possible and enjoyable!  Going home with great memories of each of you as well as all the amazing experiences we shared together.   – June Thompson, West Lafayette, Ind.


THANK YOU LOIS AND LEMAR FOR THE BEST HERITAGE TOUR!  You are both loaded with so much information that somehow you need to be cloned!  Besides that you had such a  kind, cheerful and patient way of delivering the information to the diverse team of Schmuckers, Smuckers and Smokers.  Thank  you doesn’t seem adequate!  May God bless you with good health, memory, and financial security as you continue to serve Him through tours!!


In all seriousness you said to give you feedback after the tour.  Please do not discontinue leading tours.  Your wealth of knowledge and friendships you have made CAN NOT be lost in Europe.  However, I am your age and know that age has a way of slowing us down a bit.  My suggestion would be for you to have an administrator to travel with you that would do nothing but manage the hotel check-in and check-out, luggage loading, restaurant management, etc. All the behind the scene responsibilities.  The two of you would connect us with the European friends and share your historical knowledge and have the daily interaction on the bus.   – Pauline Yoder, Goshen, Ind. 


Still replaying the tour over and over in our minds! I asked Ken his favorite part and I was delighted that he said it was following the moves of the family and other Anabaptists to understand the upheaval and treatment they received during the years of persecution. We also loved the sightseeing things as well, but the other Anabaptist parts were so moving to us. Thank you again for everything!    -Beth Mark, Mechnanicsburg, Pa.


I enjoyed the trip so much and all the new friends I met. Thank you for the planning the trip and providing us with such interesting information, as well as the gift during the game night.  - Kay Mestad, Garner, Iowa


Another big thank you for including so m any personal ancestral spots for Ruth and me, as well as for others on the tour.  It was another great tour!  - Joanna Miller, Grantsville, Md.


Nate and I spent the week with Kendall, Heather and boys in Orlando, FL,  returning yesterday.  It was a dual celebration, Mattias's 12th birthday and Rio's baptism.  Rio's testimony: "I went with my grandpa and grandma on a family heritage tour to Germany and Switzerland. The stories I heard and the things I saw made me realize I wanted to be baptized too."   - Melba King


Wow what a really nice trip journal! Thanks for all of your work in putting it together and printing it. It is a treasured memory of a wonderful trip!  - Donald Smucker, Stanton, Mich.


Just home from work and found our copy of the Smucker Heritage Tour journal and pictures …what a great gift !   A huge thank you to all and especially to Lois and Lemar for putting it  together.  One more reason this vacation is one to be treasured !!   - Judy Kaufmann, Bryan, Ohio


What a fabulous trip!  Basking in the afterglow of rich memories, yet homesick for our tour family as you predicted.  Thank you so much for shepherding each one of us, every step of the way! We appreciated the many interesting facts and historical information you shared on the bus as we traveled along in preparation for visiting the next site, or of the area we were passing by.  I tried to write it down, but of course, wasn’t able to catch it all.   - Janet Smoker (and Ron), New Holland, Pa.

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