Mennonite Family History October 2023

Mennonite Family History

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Cemetery Hopping by Lois Ann Mast [Durr, Steele, Johnson]; A New, Accurate and Improved Map of Berks County in Pennsylvania, 1776 by Jr. R. Rowae; Granny—Margaretha M. (Epp) Friesen by Thomas B. Mierau [Epp, Wall, Friesen]; The Christner Families in Upper Canada—Ontario Today by Bruce W. Jantzi [Christner, Christener, Burkhard, Holly, Lugenbuhl, Windstein, Stucki, Guth, Bauer, Wagler, Nicklas, Lepuix, Bechtel]; Children of Bishop Jacob Mast and Magdalena Hooley: Mary (Mast) Coffman, 1774-1819 by Dot (Mast) Moss [Mast, Hooley, Coffman, Kauffman]; Blessed with Eight Generations—Ancestor Fan Chart of Aaron Alex Steiner [Steiner, Wiebe]; The Chester Valley "Amish Meetinghouse": A Revised Account by S. Duane Kauffman [Coffman, Kauffman, Zook]; The Kettner/Stalter Family in Gern, 1836-1851 by Herbert Holly and translated by Sem C. Sutter [Kettner, Stalter, Bircki]; Investigating Jonas Schantz in the Mennonite Community in Southeastern Iowa—Was There One Jonas or Two? by Renee (Love) Cue [Schantz, Rich, Tschantz, Schmidt, Klopfenstein]; FAM, Incorporated by Sharon Cranford [Mast]; People of Landes Cemetery: A Summary (Part I) by Mary Ann (Augsburger) Kristiansen Eng [Landes, Augsburger, Holly, Hochstaettler, Bechler, Berger, Birkey, Birky, Eigsti, Augustin]; Our Ancestors; My Charles Family Ancestry by Tom Charles [Charles, Karli, Habecker, Neff].

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