The World of John Umble Jr. (1813-1892)

The World of John Umble Jr. (1813-1892)

Robert L. Reeser

  • 1800

This book explores the 19th-century community and family of the Umble brothers in Salisbury Township. John Umble Jr. grew up in an Amish home north of the village of Gap, Salisbury Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., and later attended the Mennonite church. John's parents gave him an advanced education for the times. A generous man, John Jr. himself succeeded through agriculture, and as a cattle drover. He served as a Whig and later a Republican Party delegate. John Jr. was also elected a township supervisor and served many years as a school director. He and his siblings made diverse choices from different religious, business, lifestyle and political perspectives. This book chronicles many of those life choices that were made in eastern Lancaster County aided by John Jr.'s own business ledgers and letters. There is much information on the early history of the Swiss-German Amish and Mennonites of the Lower Pequea. (292pp. illus. index. Author, 2024.)

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