Angle: Fighting Censorship, Death Threats, Ethical Traps and a Land Mine While Earning a Pulitzer Along the Way [PAPERBACK VERSION]

J. Ross Baughman

  • 2495

J. Ross Baughman took on hundreds of very calculated, high-risk assignments throughout the world, stepping on a land mine and winning a Pulitzer Prize along the way. Editors at his hometown newspaper in Lorain, Ohio, and then at the Associated Press and LIFE magazine, wanted Ross to apply his trail-blazing methods in ethics to embed deeply within controversial groups on the fringes of society, whether those were armed street gangs, neo-nazis, klansmen or guerrilla commandos. His memoir ANGLE offers the detailed, inside account of this work, along with 175 of his best photographs, showing how mere belated pack journalism, hearsay and opinion can’t hold a candle next to this vivid eyewitness. (462pp. color illus. index. Masthof Press, revised 2nd edition 2024.)


Medal from 1978 Pulitzer Prize winner in Journalism for Photography.


Contains adult themes.

Signed Limited Edition Hardcover version (item #4556HC) is also available for $45.

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