Genealogy Books

Genealogy can provide an overview of a family’s history, offering a sense of belonging and a way to preserve the past for future generations. Genealogy books preserve heritage and may present it in an engaging, accessible form, connecting families to communities and communities to country and beyond.

Browse our inventory of genealogy supplies and books on genealogy. Research your family history here, search surnames and see what books you find! Many reference books are available for historians of all levels. We’re happy to also offer Mennonite Family History, the magazine with thousands of articles exploring Mennonite, Brethren, and Amish history relevant to the ancestries of Pennsylvania residents and others. 

For more genealogy items visit Genealogy Reference and Genealogy Charts.

What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of family origins and history. It can appear in book form, in archives, through oral history, or other documents. Often, genealogy explores ancestral documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates and other forms of record.

What genre are genealogy books?

Genealogy books fall under the genre of nonfiction, family history.

Can you help with family genealogy books?

We have excellent resources and supplies to help you record your family pedigree. Get started with helpful genealogy charts and forms, many printed on acid-free paper to enhance their permanence.