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Author Dr. Tom Tribelhorn is leading a trip to Israel with Pastor Charles Isles of Lebanon, PA. They will be leaving from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on May 5th of 2017. The itinerary of their trip is below. You can download registration form and brochure here:

Registration Form


Please contact for more information. Dr. Toms book that is published by Masthof is available here.

DAY 1 - FRIDAY, MAY 5 — DEPART PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A. God willing, we depart from convenient Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) to connect to our non-stop service to Tel Aviv, Israel. Dinner and breakfast will be served in flight.

DAY 2 - SATURDAY, MAY 6 — ARRIVE TEL AVIV, NETANYA We arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport late afternoon (local time) where our agent meets us and assists us through customs and security. We are then transferred to our deluxe air-conditioned motor coach. We drive through Tel Aviv northward to our hotel in Netanya overlooking the Mediterranean Sea for dinner and overnight. We will have a brief time of worship and thanksgiving after dinner. We are in His land!!

DAY 3 - SUNDAY, MAY 7 — CAESAREA - MT. CARMEL ”MUKRAH”– MEGIDDO – AKKO We start our day in Caesarea Maritima to explore this Roman bridgehead to the East which became the Christian springboard to the West (Acts 9 and 25). From there we drive up to Mt. Carmel, the site of Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18) visiting Muhraka (burnt offering) where Elijah called down fire from heaven. From the observation deck (1,900 feet above sea level) we will see a panorama of the Jezreel Valley. From this vantage point, Mt. Tabor, a perfectly rounded and symmetrical mountain, and other important sites will be identified for you. Next stop will be the ancient site of Megiddo from which we get the name Armageddon (1 Kings 9:15; Rev. 16:16). From there we will make our way north to the seaport city of Akko (Judges 1:31 and Acts 21:7 known in NT as Ptolemais), an exceptional historical walled port city with continuous settlement from the Phoenician period and mentioned in Egyptian records as early as 1500 BC. It is an important example of an Ottoman walled town with typical urban components such as the citadel, mosques, khans, and baths which are all well preserved. We will visit the Crusaders Halls before heading to our Akko hotel for dinner and overnight.

DAY 4 - MONDAY, MAY 8 – ROSH HANIKRA – DAN – BANIAS/CAESAREA PHILIPPI – MOUNT OF THE BEATITUDES – SEA OF GALILEE Our first stop is Rosh HaNikra which served over centuries as the passage point for trade caravans and armies. We’ll see the beautiful grottoes made from waves hitting the soft chalk rock and ride from the mountain top down to sea level via cable car to explore the grottoes which have formed over thousands of years – truly a wonder of creation. We continue to the ancient home of the tribe of Dan and its refreshing springs. Close by we stop at Banias “Caesarea Philippi” of the Bible, a major source of water for the Jordan River. Here Peter made his great confession (Mark 8:27) and Jesus made His promise to build His Church. From here we proceed south to the Mount of Beatitudes. We see the graceful gray and white stone sanctuary with its octagonal walls commemorating the Eight Beatitudes. There will be time for meditation and reflections as we sit overlooking the Sea of Galilee in this amazing location. Our day ends as we arrive at our kibbutz hotel accommodations for the next two nights on the shores of the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

DAY 5 - TUESDAY, MAY 9 – CAPERNAUM – MAGDALA – GALILEE BOAT RIDE – JORDAN RIVER BAPTISM – KINERET CEMETERY Another full day…there’s nothing quite like watching the sunrise on the Sea of Galilee. Try it. Today we sail on the Sea of Galilee reflecting on the Master of every storm and view the first-century boat (aka Jesus boat). These are the shores where Jesus (Yeshua) walked and Peter and Andrew fished. Eleven of the twelve Apostles came from these shores. Though Jesus grew up in Nazareth, much of His teaching and healing ministry took place right here. Jesus stayed primarily in the village of Capernaum where He attended synagogue and performed many miracles such as the curing of the man possessed by an evil spirit (Mark 1:23-26). On these shores we find Tabgha (Feeding of 5,000 Mark 6); the Church of Peter of Primacy (John 21); and the recently excavated village of Magdala (Matt. 15:39; Luke 8:2). Toward the end of our day we arrive at the Jordan River “Yardenit” for those that wish to renew their baptismal vows. We conclude our day at the Kineret Cemetary for a quiet and peaceful time of reflection, remembering the early settlers who gave everything for Israel’s national rebirth.

DAY 6 - WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 — ARBEL – BET SHE’AN – SHILO – JERICHO – JERUSALEM As we bid farewell to northern Israel, we begin the day with a panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee and the main sites of the Gospels from atop the cliffs of Arbel. From there we head to Beit She’an. Since ancient times, the valley of Bet She’an has been the crossroads connecting the vast east to west valley of Jezreel. Bet She’an grew and prospered, figuring prominently in the history of the Land of Israel and is mentioned several times in the Bible. Excavations have unveiled a remarkable city, one which incorporated all the ‘glory that was Rome’ and the best of Hellenistic culture. Today we also visit Shiloh, a place of rest, a city of Ephraim, “on the north side of Bethel.” Here the tabernacle was set up after the Conquest (Joshua 18:1- 10), where it remained during the period of the judges. Shiloh is one of the earliest and most sacred of the Hebrew sanctuaries. Here Joshua divided among the tribes the portion of the West Jordan region which had not been already allotted (Joshua 18:10; 19:51). We will also travel down the Jordan Valley to Jericho, the city that Joshua conquered; it’s no myth! To end the day we drive up to Jerusalem to behold this ancient city for the first time. Psalm 87:2 says the LORD, “loves the city of Jerusalem more than any other city in Israel (NLT).” You will soon discover why. We will now enjoy six nights in our beautiful Jerusalem hotel!

DAY 7 - THURSDAY, MAY 11 — MT. OF OLIVES – GETHSEMANE – VIA DOLOROSA – OLD CITY – SIFTING – RABBINICAL TUNNEL We begin atop the Mt. of Olives where you will experience a breathtaking view of the Holy City. We walk down the Mt. of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of All Nations. (Not to worry, our bus will take us to the top and meet us at the bottom.) We will walk the Via Dolorosa “Way of the Cross” where we will visit the Sister of Zion convent where we view the Lithostrotos, St. Anne’s Crusader Church, the Pools of Bethesda, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Today, as “assistant archaeologists” we help sift dirt at Emek Tzurim looking for precious antiquities from the Temple Mount and City of David dig. Who knows? You may be the one to find something that helps vindicate the historical accuracy of the Bible!! We end the day with a fascinating tour of the Western Wall tunnels (aka Rabbinical Tunnel). You will be amazed by the boulders of the ancient Temple Mount’s foundations.

DAY 8 - FRIDAY, MAY 12 — CITY OF DAVID EXCAVATIONS – HEZEKIAH’S TUNNEL – NEWLY OPENED DRAINAGE TUNNEL – DAVIDSON CENTER – GALLICANTU – GARDEN TOMB – SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW After we see the excavations of the City of David we will walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, a 1,700 ft. tunnel dug by Hezekiah’s workers that ends at the Pool of Siloam (2 Kings 20:20; 2 Chronicles 32:30; John 9:7). We will also walk the newly opened drainage tunnel. Those who do not wish to walk the tunnels will have an alternate route. We will visit the Davidson Center (Jerusalem Archaeological Park) and the southern wall excavations where we will stand at the southern entrance to Herod’s Temple. We will sit on the steps where Jesus as boy (His Bar Mitzvah) fascinated those who questioned Him. Today we will also explore the Galicantu, where Jesus stood before the High Priest Caiaphas and where Peter denied His Messiah. The Garden Tomb is a highlight for many; we will spend some quality time in worship here. This evening is the beginning of Shabbat. We will be treated with the Sound and Light Show at King David’s Tower.

DAY 9 - SATURDAY, MAY 13 — WILDERNESS OF JUDAH – MASADA – EIN GEDI – QUMRAN – DEAD SEA SWIM Today we descend from Jerusalem to a wilderness region that lies 400 meters (1,312 feet) below sea level. We will visit Masada (the Jewish stronghold in the revolt against Rome), Ein Gedi and its Nature Reserve, Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered), and you will be given the option to swim (float) in the highly saline waters of the Dead Sea or coat yourself with the naturally healing black mineral mud. Relaxed by the soothing waters of the Dead Sea we will ascend to Jerusalem for dinner.

DAY 10 - SUNDAY, MAY 14 — YAD VASHEM – ISRAEL MUSEUM – JEWISH QUARTER – TEMPLE INSTITUTE – HERODIAN MANSION The “Shrine of the Book” Israel Museum (Dead Sea Scrolls and the famous Jerusalem Model) never disappoints. Experiencing Yad Vashem (Isaiah 56:5), the Holocaust Museum, is a must. We will also visit the Temple Institute which is “dedicated to every aspect of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, and the central role it fulfilled, and will once again fulfill, in the spiritual wellbeing of both Israel and all the nations of the world. The Institute’s work touches upon the history of the Holy Temple’s past, an understanding of the present day, and the Divine promise of Israel’s future.” In the Jewish Quarter we will also see the Ecco Homo Arch, stop by the Herodian mansion, and visit our friend Moshe’s Shorashim unique shop.

DAY 11 - MONDAY, MAY 15 – BET SHEMESH – ELAH VALLEY – KHIRBET QEIYAFA – KIBBUTZ AYALON – JAFFA Bet Shemesh is the most important Israelite city in the Sorek Valley. This strategically placed city watched both east-west traffic through the Sorek Valley and north-south traffic along the “Diagonal Route.” From there we visit the Elah Valley and see the Elah Brook from which David selected his stones. On location we will listen to the story of David’s defeat of Goliath (1 Samuel 17) as we reenact the events in our hearts and minds. We will also stop by Khirbet Qeiyfa (Kayafa); 1 Samuel 17:52. Then at Bet Guvrim you will be captivated by the Bell Caves. Today we also visit Kibbutz Ayalon to tour the secret ammunitions factory that was built under the kibbutz laundromat. Here teens risked their lives to manufacture ammunitions during the British Mandate in preparation for Israel’s War of Independence. We end our day in the ancient port city of Jaffa (Acts 9–11), for a special farewell dinner before our transfer to Ben Gurion airport for the flights back home.

DAY 12 – TUESDAY, MAY 16 — ARRIVE PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A. We arrive back at Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) concluding our journey of a lifetime. What a life-changing experience! To God be the glory; great things He has done! You will never be the same.

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