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Zook Postcards

Masthof Press

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Pictures of sites important to Zook descendants. Includes Immigrant Moritz Zug House; Immigrant Christian Zug's Farmhouse; Springhouse on Immigrant Christian Zug Farm; Oak Tree on Immigrant Johannes Zug Farm; Immigrant Moritz Zug House; Zook's Mill Covered Bridge; Log Barn on Johannes Zug (Immigrant Christian's son) Farm; and Immigrant Ulrich Zug Cemetery. Compiled for the 2016 Zaugg International Versammlung that took place on July 1-4, 2016, in Morgantown, PA. (Set of 8 postcards.) (full-color. Masthof Press, 2016.)

See the Amish Immigrants to Pennsylvania (Tour Booklet) (item #4116) which discusses all the places where these postcard pictures were taken.

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