What Happens When We Die? A Gift of Reassurance

Thomas B. Tribelhorn

  • 1295

When Joan Stancil contacted Dr. Tom Tribelhorn about answering her questions about what to expect when she dies, she anticipated a private conversation. But after the first few emails were exchanged she realized it was too important of a topic and that a broader audience might have some of the same questions such as: Why does God heal some people and not others?; Will we be able to recognize one another?; Is there marriage in Heaven? Joan decided to share her emails and Dr. Tom's answers with the public, praying that God will bless the reader with their own gift of reassurance in the same way God blessed her. (213pp. Masthof Press, 2022.)

Also available is the What Happens When We Die? A Personal Response Workbook (item #4435).

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