Watt & Shand: East, West, Hame's Best

Nancy C. Groff

  • 2300

This is the history of the Watt & Shand store that opened on March 9, 1878, at 20-22 East King Street in Lancaster, Pa. The store was an immediate success and provided domestic, foreign goods, notions, and dry goods. It became Lancaster's largest and most enterprising store. The book begins with life in Orkney, Scotland, where Peter T. Watt grew up on a farm. He emigrated to America to live out the American dream. This is not only a history of the Watt & Shand store, but also the story of Peter Watt and his family. Anniversary celebrations are depicted and stories by former employees and patrons are provided as well. (132pp. full-color illus. Author, 2022.)

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