Unique Stories in Berks County

Unique Stories in Berks County

Susan Atkins Weiser

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Includes 25 stories pertaining to unique Berks County, PA, history. Some of the chapter titles: Berks County's “Little Coney Island” on the Tulpehocken; Hail “Miss Reading” of 1924; John Wilkes Booth in Reading; I'm Just Mad About Hats (the hat industry in Reading); Jake Kozloff (early pioneer of Las Vegas); The Pomeroy Country Club; The Berks County Almshouse; The Creation and Unveiling of the Abraham Lincoln Hotel; Sulkies Shine at Shillington Speedway; Behind the Scenes at the Orpheum Theatre; Blue Ribbon Pretzels; The Fedden Brothers Hosiery Mill in Shillington; Edna Phillips (the first lady of the orchestra); Benjamin H. Zerr (the movie theatre mogul); and much, much more! (166pp. color illus. Author, 2024.)

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