Union County, PA - Town, Township and Regional History Collection

Union County, PA - Town, Township and Regional History Collection


  • 2000

This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Centennial History of Lewisburg (I. H. Mauser, 1886, 177 pages)
This publication is an early history of the town of Lewisburg, and surrounding area, Union County, PA. It begins with a history of the early settlement of the area and some of the difficulties had with its native residents. It proceeds from there into a history of the foundation and development of the town of Lewisburg, and then a description of its various businesses, organizations and enterprises. The end of the publication also includes numerous business listings for the area.

Souvenir of Lewisburg (Lindig's Art Gallery, ~1905, 26 pages)
This is a pictorial souvenir of Lewisburg from the early 20th century. It contains 30 views from around the town, showing buildings, street views and different locations from the college grounds.

History of Mifflinburg, PA (Richard V. B. Lincoln, 1938, 38 pages)
This history was written by the above author in 1900, but not published until 1938 by his daughter. It contains a history of the settlement and growth of the town of Mifflinburg, PA, and gives information on many of its early settlers.

Memories of Mifflinburg - 150th Anniversary 1792-1942 (Anonymous, 1942, 36 pages)
This is a history and souvenir commemorating the 150th anniversary of Mifflinburg, Union County, PA. It includes a program of the celebration events followed by an illustrated historical account of the town. Many historical photographs of the town and its residents are included to supplement the material, as well as some from the 150th celebration.

Mifflinburg Celebrates 150th Birthday 1792-1942 (Anonymous, 1942, 23 pages)
This is a brief history of the town of Mifflinburg in Union County, PA, published for its 150th Anniversary Celebration. It contains many historical details of interest, along with photographs of the celebration parade, and some other photographs around the town.

Mifflinburg Telegraph Sept. 24th, 1942 Edition (Mifflinburg Telegraph, 1942, 8 pages)
This edition of the Mifflinburg Telegraph newspaper covered the 150th Anniversary of Mifflinburg. It contains 8 pages of articles on the history of the town, as well as the events of the 150th anniversary celebration.

Memories of Mifflinburg - 175th Anniversary 1792-1967 (Anonymous, 1967, 60 pages)
This is a history and pictorial souvenir of Mifflinburg, Union County written to commemorate its 175th Anniversary. It presents a brief sketch of the town’s history along with some historical photographs. Around half of the publication covers the time of the celebration in 1967 with photographs of the events and many participants.

New Columbia Sesquicentennial 1818-1968 (Anonymous, 1968, 111 pages)
This is a centennial history of the town of New Columbia, Union County, PA from its founding in 1818 to 1968. It provides a brief history of the town's beginnings and growth and a description of many of its businesses and organizations. Along with this information, there are also many photographs of the town's people and buildings and numerous ads for local businesses. This is an excellent resource for historical or genealogical research in this area.

New Columbia Sesquicentennial Edition (The Milton Standard, 1968, 32 pages)
This is a special newspaper supplement on the 150th Anniversary of New Columbia, Union County, PA. The articles deal with events of New Columbia's past and present (1968) and include some historic photographs of the town and its people. There are also numerous ads for local businesses.

White Deer Township 200th Anniversary Program - 1974, '75, '76
(Anonymous, 1976, 32 pages)
This is a program of the events of the Bicentennial celebration of 1976 in the White Deer area of Union County, PA. It outlines the events associated with the celebration and includes a number of photographs of local residents and participants.

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