Twig the Collie

Twig the Collie

Craig Massey

  • 1095

Gordon, the city boy, found he had a lot to learn as he began the summer on his uncle’s farm. Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, his problems didn’t end when he left the city, and his cousin Willie only added to his worries. Here is a story of mystery and adventure: Who stole Willie’s knife? How did it happen that the barn burned the same evening Gordon had been there? Who would be able to live longer in the woods, Gordon or Willie? Would building a raft prove an adventure in itself for Gordon? This is a realistic story of how Gordon found the answers to all his questions in Christ and complete surrender to Him, and how he developed from a miserable boy full of self-pity into a strong and happy Christian. (121pp. hardcover with dust jacket. 2018 reprinting of 1958 edition.)

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