Tioga County, PA - County, Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection

Tioga County, PA - County, Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

County Histories & Biographical Volumes

History of Tioga County Pennsylvania (W. W. Munsell & Co., 1883, 443 pages)
The full title of this publication is: "History of Tioga County Pennsylvania, with Illustrations Portraits and Sketches of Prominent Men and Individuals." It relates a detailed history of the county from the colonial days of Pennsylvania up through the years to the time of publication in 1881. It covers the early pioneers who settled the area, the formation of its villages, towns and townships, its commercial, agricultural and industrial development, war history, etc. It also includes numerous biographical sketches of it influential citizens and many portraits and other illustrations.

Biographical Sketches:
Adams, Allen, Arnot, Babb, Babcock, Bache, Backer, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Bannon, Barden, Barrows, Baxter, Beach, Beecher, Beiser, Bennett, Bentley, Berry, Billings, Blackwell, Bliss, Bloss, Bodine, Bosard, Bosworth, Bowman, Brewster, Bristol, Bryant, Burley, Burton, Bush, Butts, Caldwell, Campbell, Caulking, Channell, Chase, Clark, Clemmons, Cochran, Coles, Cook, Copp, Corey, Cox, Cummings, Daggett, Daily Dartt, Davis, Day, Deane, Dearman, Decoursey, De Pui, Dibble, Dickinson, Dillistin, Donaldson, Dorrance, Dorsett, Douglass, Dyer, Eastman, Eberenz, Elliott, Emery, Evans, Farrer, Fellows, Fletcher, Foulkrod, Foote, Forrest, Foster, Fralic, Francis, Frazer, Freeborn, Frost, Furman Gaffney, Gaige, Gamble, Garretson, Gaylord, Gear, Gerould, Gibson, Gillett, Gobin, Goodrich, Goodspeed, Gordon, Gray, Grinnell, Groover, Guernsey, Gulick, Hall, Hardt, harrer, Harrington, Hart, Hebe, Heggie, Heise, Hoard, Hodges, Holden Hollands, Holliday, Hollis, Horton, Hovey, Howell, Howland, Hoyt, Humphrey, Inscho, Ives, Jackson, James, Jennings, Jerald, Johnson, keeney, Keeney, Kelley, Kelsey, Kelts, Kiff, Kilbourne, King, Kiphart, Kirkendall, Knapp, Knox, Lamb, Lamkin Levegood, Lock, Lodge, Loop, Loper, Losey, Lounsberry, Lowrey, Lyon, Mann, Marvin, mather, Matteson Maynard, McAllister, McCormick, McCullough, McMahon, McVoy, Merrell, Merrick, Millard, Miller, Mitchell, Monroe, Moon, Morgan, Morris, Murray, Neal, Newell, Niles, Norris, Ogden, Ormerod, Packer, Paddock, Palmer, Parkhurst, Patchen, Pattison, Peck, Peirson, Phillips, Potter, Power, Prekay, Preston, Proctor, Prutsman, Putnam, Rathbone, Redfield, Reed, Reese, Reynolds, Rexford, Rich, Ripley, Ritter, Rixford, Roberts, Robinson, Rockwell, Rohrabacker, Roland Rose, Ross, Rundell, Rusling, Ryon, Sanders, Saysisch, Schiefflein, Sebring, Seelye, Seymour, Shaw, Sheffer, Sherman, Sherwood, Simpson, Skelley, Smith, Spencer, Sperry, Stevens Stickley, Stiles, Stone, Strang, Stratton, Strawbridge, Streeter, Sweet, Taylor, Tebo, Teeter, Temple, Thomas, Tubbs, Tuttle, Vail, Van Camp, Vermilyea, Verrill, Videan, Walker, Wells, Welsh, Werline, Westbrook, Wheeland, Shitcomb, White, Whitney, Whittaker, Wickham, Wilbur, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Wynkoop, Wynn, Yonkin, Young

An Outline History of Tioga and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania, Chemung,
Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Schuyler in New York, By Townships,
Villages, Boro's and Cities The Gazette Company, 1885, 288 pages)
This is an early history of seven counties in Pennsylvania and New York. It provides general information as to each county's topography, industries, pioneers, county officials, etc, then proceeds into more detailed information about each of the townships and major towns. Most of the information is historical in nature, but there is also some biographical information as well.

Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern Pennsylvania
(W. J. McKnight, 1905, 719 pages)
The Full title is: "A Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Embracing the Counties of Tioga, Potter, McKean, Warren, Crawford, Venango, Forest, Clarion, Elk, Jefferson, Cameron, Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer, Also A Pioneer Sketch of the Cities of Allegheny, Beaver, Du Bois, and Towanda". This publication is a historical account of the early beginnings of several counties in Northwestern PA. The information is more focused on historical details than biographical, but it still contains a great deal of information useful for historical or genealogical research.

1804-1904 Tioga County Centennial Celebration
(Centennial Commission, 1905, 204 pages)
This is a collection of addresses and articles commemorating the centennial celebration of Tioga County in 1904. Each account covers a different segment of history of the county - the indians, schools, religion, the press, military, judicial, industries, etc.

Genealogical and Personal History of Northern Pennsylvania
(John W. Jordan, 1913, 1556 pages)
This is an extensive 3 volume historical and biographical reference which covers the northern Pennsylvania counties of Bradford, Cameron, Elk, McKean, Potter and Tioga. This provides a wealth of information on the history and growth of these counties but more importantly, a great deal of information on the people of these counties. Hundreds of individual and family histories are sketched, making this an excellent reference for historical or biographical research. Along with many of the sketches, there are also portraits of the sketch subjects.

Surnames Indexed:
Abbott, Acker, Akley, Adams, Adamy, Adsit, Aggers, Allen, Allis, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Arnold, Arters, Arthur, Artley, Ashcraft, Auerhaim, Austin, Bache, Backus, Bacon, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Ballentine, Bantie, Barber, Bard, Barker, Barnaby, Barnes, Barr, Barry, Bartlett, Barton, Bauer, Baxter, Bayer, Bayless, Bayley, Bean, Beatty, Becker, Beckwith, Beeman, Bell, Bellows, Benedict, Benjamin, Bennett, Benninghoff, Benson, Berfield, Berry, Billings, Blair, Blake, Blanchard, Bliss, Blose, Bloss, Boardman, Bodine, Boller, Borland, Bottom, Bouton, Bowen, Boylston, Bradley, Brandon, Bressler, Brock, Brooks, Broughton, Brown, Brownell, Bryner, Bulkley, Bullock, Burden, Burkholder, Burns, Bush, Butler, Butterfuss, Butts, Cady, Caldwell, Calhoun, Calkins, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Cannon, Carman, Carnahan, Carpenter, Carrier, Carson, Carter, Cass, Cassiday, Caswell, Catlin, Chamberlain, Chance, Chandler, Channel, Chapman, Chase, Chatley, Chesney, Childs, Chrisman, Christ, Chubbuck, Church, Clark, Clarke, Claus, Clemons, Cleveland, Cliffe, Close, Coates, Cobb, Codding, Coffin, Cogswell, Colcord, Cole, Colegrove, Coles, Collins, Conable, Cone, Conneely, Cook, Cornelison, Cornelius, Corson, Corwin, Cott, Couch, Courtice, Cowan, Cox, Coyne, Crabb, Crawford, Crippen, Crissey, Crittenden, Cromwell, Cronk, Crowell, Culver, Cupp, Curran, Curry, Curtis, Cuthbert, Dana, Dardis, Darling, Dartt, Davenport, Davies, Davis, Davison, Dean, Deane, Deans, De Lano, Dempsey, Dennison, Densmore, Depuy, Devine, De Vine, De Witt, Dibble, Dickinson, Dix, Dixon, Doane, Dobie, Dodds, Dolley, Donahue, Dowry, Drake, Dugan, Dulso, dunham, durley, durrin, Duryea, Dyer, Earl, Easton, Eastman, Easton, Eaton, Eberenz, Eby, Eckels, Eckert, Edgcomb, Edson, Edwards, Egbert, Egleston, Ellinger, Elsbree, Emery, Emmert, Engler, English, Ent, Erway, Estabrook Estell, Estes, Evans, Everitt, Eyster, Fahnestock, Fannin, Fanning, Fay, Fenton, Ferris, Ferry, Field, Finch, Fischler, Fish, Fisher, Fisk, Fitzgerald, Fleming, Flower, Foote, Forbes, Ford, Foster, Fox, Frank, Frazer, Frederick, Freeman, French, Frisbie, Fulford, Fuller, Fullerton, Gainor, Gallup, Gantt, Gardner, Garlick, Garman, Garritt, Gayton, Geary, Gee, Geer, Gentry, George, Gerow, Gibson, Gifford, Gillespie, Gillett, Gillette, Gillis, Gleason, Glecker, Glenn, Glennon, Golden, Goodman, Goodsell, Goodspeed, Gordnier, Gore, Gorrie, Gorton, Gould, Gray, Greatsinger, Green, Greene, Gridley, Griffin, Griffis, Griffith, Grow, Guile, Gulnac, Gunn, Habgood, Hackett, Haffey, Hagar, Haggerty, Hale, Hallock, Hamblin, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hammond, hamcok, Hanley, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hastings, Hatfield, Haven, Hawkins, Hayden, Hayes, Hazen, Hazlett, Heasley, Heess, Helmes, Lemsman, Hennage, Henning, Heysham, Heywood, Higgins, Hill, Hilton, Hinds, Hoag, Hoard, Hofer, Hogan, Hogarth, Holbrook, Holcomb, Holly, Holmes, Hosterman, Hotchkiss, Houghton, Houseknecht, Hovey, Howd, Howe, Howells, Hubbard, Hulme, Humez, Hunt, Huntington, Hurd, Hurler, Hurley, Hussey, Husted, Hyde, Inman, Innes, Inscho, Irvine, Irwin, Jackson, Jacob, James, Jaynes, Jefferis, Jennings, Jewett, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Joseph, June, Kahsnitz, Kaminsky, Kane, Karr, kay, Keck, Keeler, Keeny, Kehrer, Kellogg, Kemp, Kenyon, Kervin, Kibbe, Kiess, Kilbourne, Kimball, Kime, Kincaid, Kimmel, King, Kingley, Kirby, Klapp, Klock, Knapp, Kneeland, Knight, Kock, Korns, Kreiner, Krusen, La Bar, Lain, Landruss, Landon, Lane, Landworthy, Larrabee, Lawrence, Laye, Laymon, Learn, Learned, Leasure, Leavitt, Lechler, Lecky, Lehman, Lent, Leonard, Lesser, Lewis, Leyman, Lillibridge, Lilly, Lindhome, Lindsey, Lindsley, Little, Llewelyn, Logaugh, Lockhart, Loeb, Logan, Logue, Loney, Long, Longwell, Loomis, Lugg, Lunden, Luther, Lynch, Lyon, Mackie, Malin, Mallory, Maltby, Mangold, Markham, Marks, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mascho, Mathers, Maxwell, Mayo, MacEwen, McAleer, McAllister, McCandless, McCarthy, McClure, McCoy, McCraney, McCrea, McCulloch, McDowell, McFall, McFarlin, McGloin, McIlvaine, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKee, McKinney, McLaren, McLaughlin, McQuiston, McVay, Meade, Meagher, Meek, Melvin, Merritt, Messenger, Metcalf, Meyer, Miles, Millard, Miller, Mills, Minor, Mitchell, Mohney, Monroe, Moody, Moore, Morgan, Morian, Morley, Morris, Morrison, Moscrip, Mosher, Mourey, Mulhaupt, Mullin, Murphy, Naegley, Neal, Nelson, Newcomer, Newell, Newton, Nichols, Noble, Nobles, Northrop, Oakes, O'Brien, Olds, Olmstead, Orr, Osler, Osterhout, Ostrander, Oviatt, Owen, Owens, Owlett, Packard, Packer, Page, Painter, Palmer, Parker, Parkhurst, Parks, Parsons, Paterson, Patterson, Pattison, Paul, Peake, Pealer, Peeling, Perkings, Persing, Phillips, Phippen, Pitts, Place, Plank, Poley, Pool, Potter, Powell, Pratt, Presho, Preston, Pringle, Pritchard, Probyn, Prosser, Prouty, Prutsman, Putnam, Quimby, Radcliffe, Raesly, Rahm, Randall, Rasey, Rathbun, Rausher, Raymer, Raymond, Reck, Record, Redfield, Reed, Rees, Rendall, Rettenbury, Rice, Richmond, Rieppel, Rietter, Ripley, Ritter, Robarts, Roberts, Robinson, Robison, Roff, Rogers, rohe, Rose, Ross, Roy, Rumsey, Rusling, Russell, Rust, Ryan, Ryon, Salberg, Salisbury, Sanborn, Sanders, Sartwell, Schermerborn, Schirk, Schram, Scott, Scranton, Seamans, Seaward, Secor, Seely, Seldon, Sellard, Seltz, Semmler, Shanley, Sharp, Shattuck, Shaut, Shaw, Shell, Shepard, Sheppard, Sherman, Shoemaker, Shriever, Shumway, Siemens, Signor, Skelton, Sloan, Smiley, Smith, Sommers, Soules, Southworth, Specht, Spencer, Squires, Staats, Stanley, Stanton, Staples, Starr, Steele, Sterling, Stevens, Stewart, Stickman, Stiles, Stoddard, Stokes, Stone, Stover, Streby, Stull, Sullivan, Sutton, Swan, Swanson, Sweazy, Sweeney, Swimley, Swisher, Taylor, Teall, Terwilliger, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tice, Tipple, Tobin, Tomlinson, Tracy, Truman, Tubbs, Tucker, Turner, Tuttle, Upton, Van Aken, Vandergrift, Van Dusen, Van Dyke, Van Gasbeck, Van Horn, Van Loon, Van Slyke, Vantine, Vedder, Vera, Viner, Waggoner, Wagner, Waid, Waite, Wakefield, Wakley, Waldron, Walker, Walter, Walters, Ward, Warner, Washburn, Watkins, Watrous, Weaver, Webb, Webster, Weeks, Wells, Westbrook, Wetherbee, Wharton, Wheelock, White, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilkinson, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Windsor, Winlack, Witherspoon, Wolford, Wood, Woodley, Woods, Woodward, Wright, Wynn, Yonkin, Young, Zillafro

Tales of Tioga Pennsylvania and Its People
(Robert Kennedy Young, 1916, 159 pages)
This is a collection of articles covering various aspects of Tioga County's history.
1 - John Inscho Mitchell - An Appreciation
2 - A Sojourn with "Queen Anne"
3 - Lincoln - A Phase
4 - Thomas Hargadon, alias Thomas Harden
5 - The Last Aboriginal Inhabitant of Tioga County
6 - Wellsboro - Tioga County

Town, Township & Regional Histories

History of Mansfield Borough 1857-1957 (George A. Retan, 1957, 57 pages)
This is a centennial history of Mansfield, Tioga County, PA published in 1957. It provides a chronological history of the town and its growth from its establishment to 1957. It also covers various civil aspects of the town: government, homes, businesses, and other organizations. Along with the information are a number of historical photographs highlighting the town and its residents.

A Compendium of Events and History of Tioga County
(Tioga Printing Corporation, 1973, 70 pages)
This is a history of Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA. It covers the early history of the area and town then follows its development through the years, touching on many aspects of the town. Complementing the information are some historical photographs of the area and its residents. There is also a section covering the general history of the county and some of its early pioneer settlers.

Westfield Area - A Tribute to the Bicentennial
(Westfield Bicentennial Committee, 1976, 68 pages)
According to the foreword, this publication was written to 'spotlight interesting personalities and events which strongly influenced the Westfield area'. It includes both historical and biographical information on Westfield and Potter Brook, outlining businesses, families and individuals.

Some surnames given attention in the contents:
Abrahamson, Adams, Briggs, Brown, Clark, Cobb, Cook, Douglass, Harvey, Hunt, Joseph, King, Lutes, McCullough, McCutcheon, McNinch, Nobles, Nosal, Phillips, Rixford, Thomas, Tuttle, Wood, Yeager

Church, Family, Education, Military and Miscellaneous Histories

Osceola in the War of the Rebellion (Charles Tubbs, 1885, 54 pages)
This is an address covering the involvement of those from the area of Osceola, Tioga County in the Civil War.

Industrial and Commercial Resources of [Northern] Pennsylvania
(Historical Publishing Company, 1887, 125 pages)
This publication is a history and description of the business operations from a dozens of towns throughout north, central and western Pennsylvania. Each business is detailed in sketch form, giving, in many cases, a brief history of its existence, management, and a description of its operations. This information was only published in this publication making this a rare and useful resource for historical or genealogical research in these counties of PA.

From Tioga County
-- From Mansfield: -- Christy's Drug-store, Mrs. O. L. Sampson, Gamble Bros., August Abbott, C. Knepper, R. J. Hardy, Wm. Bragg, W. P. Clingin, W. H. Logan, W. H. Green, -- From Putnam: -- Errett & Martin, W. E. Yates, Chartiers Valley Tribune

1899 The Thirty-Second Annual Session of the Tioga County Teachers' Institute
(W. R. Longstreet, 1899, 36 pages)
This is a program of the 32nd annual session of the Tioga County Teachers' Institute. It also includes a list of teachers and administrators serving for the year 1899.

1901 The Thirty-Fourth Annual Session of the Tioga County Teachers' Institute
(W. R. Longstreet, 1901, 38 pages)
This is a program of the 34th annual session of the Tioga County Teachers' Institute. It also includes a list of teachers and administrators serving for the year 1901.

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