They Came to Rockingham

They Came to Rockingham

Elisabeth Wilson Hodges

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This genealogy details the lives of Sir Anthony Colclough and Sir Thomas Colclough (progenitors of the "Irish" Colcloughs and the American Coakleys), and some 300 other individuals. Those described, who lived at some time between 230 AD and the present, represent more than 70 families who ultimately became one Shenandoah Valley family. Summaries of the historical climates and specific events that affected their lives and decisions have been included, whether history found them in Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, the British West Indies, or America. Brief glimpses of simultaneously occurring global events add perspective to their lives. Frequent surnames: Coakley, Colclough, Gaines, Games, Long, Miller, etc. (483pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 2004.)