The Samuel Fox Diary; Berks County, Pennsylvania - Yvonne Kimmel

The Samuel Fox Diary; Berks County, Pennsylvania

Yvonne K. Kimmel

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Original German script diary (written 1840-1881) with translation names over 200 persons and includes supporting biographies and ancestry of Pennsylvania immigrants of the 1700s. Learn about the Fox family (entrusted caretakers of the Pricetown Meeting House) and their associations with French Protestant, Lutheran, Moravian, Catholic and German Baptist families of Berks County and the Labidist Community of Bohemia, Maryland. Read about Samuel’s family connections to: William Penn’s maternal ancestry (Mennonite Quakers from Krefeld); General George Washington’s elite body guard; early Pennsylvania Governors Schneider and Ritner; and prominent families Weiser, Lincoln and Boone. Revealed are the identity of captive Regina Hartman and the notorious Susanna Cox and Elizabeth Graul. Discover the dreadful tales and genealogical ties to John Schildt and Louis Bissinger; and those who lost their lives in the French and Indian War. The documented story lines are continued in the book Zwingli (item #4213). This is "Book 1 of the Zwingli Series." (528pp. illus. index. Author, 2016.)