The Samuel Fox Diary; Berks County, Pennsylvania - Yvonne Kimmel

The Samuel Fox Diary; Berks County, Pennsylvania

Yvonne Kimmel

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This book traces the European origins of the immigrants as well as descendants of a large group of Berks Countians arriving in Pennsylvania in the 1700s. Samuel’s extended family, over 200 people from multiple generations, are named, many of whom first settled in New York in the 1600s and journeyed to the Tulpehocken region. It is the perfect research tool for anyone with German, French, Swiss or English ancestry, living during colonial times.

For the first time, his original German script diary (1840-1881) is presented along with an English translation. Supporting, documented, biographies tell many fascinating true stories. You can read about Samuel’s family connections to: William Penn's maternal ancestry (Mennonite Quakers from Krefeld); General George Washington's elite body guard; early PA governors (Hiester, Pennypacker, Schneider, and Ritner); prominent first families Weiser, Lincoln, and Boone; Native American wives of the early settlers, and those that lost their lives in the French and Indian War.

You will learn about the Fox family (entrusted caretakers of the Pricetown Meeting House) and their associations with the many religious groups that arrived in the new world: the French Protestants, the Lutheran Church led by Muhlenberg, Count Zinzendorf and the Oley Moravians, early Catholic families of Berks County, the Labidist Community of Bohemia, Maryland, and a unique sect known as Dunkards, German Baptists and the Church of the Brethren.

The writings of Samuel Fox reveal the true identity of captive Regina Hartman, and of two of Pennsylvania's most notorious women—Susanna Cox and Elizabeth Graul. Discover the dreadful tales and genealogical ties to John Schildt and expectant mother Louisa Bissinger who lost their way, despite their devout surroundings. The faithful lived their lives experiencing the blessings of religious freedom, some ended up on the wrong side of the law. A few who would not conform journeyed to Canada, or west to the next frontier.

Frequent surnames: Becker, Cox, Fox, Hartman, Levan, Madeira, Reppert, Schneider, Weiser, etc. (528pp. illus. index. Author, 2016.)

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