The Laubers A Journey of Faith - Thomas R. Lauber

The Laubers: A Journey of Faith

Thomas R. Lauber

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In 1834, the families of Christian and Magdalena (Zimmerman) Lauber migrated to America, settling in northwest Ohio in an area called Black Swamp. This book outlines discoveries about Christian Lauber and the lives of his son Christian, Jr., grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. This book chronicles the European years, the Anabaptist Laubers, the settlement at Lauber Hill, as well as the lives of four American generations. Included is an extensive family genealogy including the surnames Beaverson, Bernath, Bucher, Gearig, Leu, Henry, Plettner, Roth, Rupp, Short, and Winzeler. (320pp. illus. hardcover with jacket. Author, 2008.)