The Genealogies of Jesus: Their Jewish Number Coding and Authenticity

Thomas B. Tribelhorn, Ph.D., D.Min.

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Finally we have real answers to the tormenting genealogy questions that have plagued Bible-believing Christians for generations! The Jewish linguistic and cultural rediscoveries that have accompanied the modern Messianic Jewish Movement have revolutionized the way we study and think about the Bible. It is no longer possible to deny that we have made some unfortunate errors in our Westernized interpretive approach to the Bible. They have unnecessarily fed the flames of Bible criticism. It is never too late to admit our mistakes and make the necessary corrections. This concise book will revolutionize your understanding of the Jewish foundation and framework of the genealogies of Jesus found in Matthew and Luke and will help restore your trust in the veracity of the Biblical record. (64pp. index. Masthof Press, 2018.)

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