The Awesome Secret Life of God in a Man: The Memoirs of Andy Leatherman, Book Two

Andy Leatherman

  • 1800

Subtitled “Church Life and Prayers: The Progression of Spiritual Growth,” the author's story continues as he returns to the U.S. from Africa. This book focuses more on his inner development, prayers, and growth through the demands of being a new untrained pastor. He includes many of the conversations between himself and the Lord from his prayer journal. Beginning in 1980 and concluding in 1993, you can trace the growth of a man determined to hear the voice of God. You will also be challenged to hear God's voice in your life and vocation. (318pp. color illus. Masthof Press, 2023.)


Book 1 (item #4478) is also available.

Book 3 (item #4562) is also available.

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