Swiss Russian Mennonite Families Before 1874

Swiss Russian Mennonite Families Before 1874

Dr. James W. Krehbiel

  • 1850

This volume covers over 1,600 persons in 315 families who emigrated from Volhynia, Russia, to South Dakota and Kansas in 1874. The family genealogies begin in the Palatinate, Alsace, and Montbeliard and are traced (as many as five generations) through Austria, Poland, and Russia, until the four Mennonite congregations arrived in the U.S. Families: Albrecht, Dirks, Flickinger, Goering, Graber, Kaufman, Krehbiel, Muller, Ortmann, Preheim, Reiss, Schrag, Schwartz, Senner, Strauss, Stucky, Sutter, Voran, Waltner, Wedel, Zerger. (332pp. hardcover. index. Masthof Press, 1995.)

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