Snyder County, PA - County History & Biography Collection

Snyder County, PA - County History & Biography Collection


  • 2000

This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

History and Topography of Northumberland, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Centre, Union, Columbia,
Juniata, and Clinton Counties, PA (I. Daniel Rupp, 1847, 567 pages)
The full title of the publication is:
"History and Topography of Northumberland, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Centre, Union, Columbia, Juniata and Clinton Counties, PA. Embracing local and general events, leading incidents, descriptions of the principal boroughs, towns, villages, etc."

The book begins with a general history of the territory of these counties, (which also embraced the area of Snyder and Montour Counties, formed later), including its native inhabitants, the settlement of the area, discussion of the Germans and Scotch-Irish who played a large part in settling Pennsylvania, and also the Indian troubles leading up to the Revolution. Following this attention is given to each of the counties mentioned in the title. The information provided on the counties is a description of its geological features, the formation of the county, its public improvements over the years, and descriptions on each of the county's major towns. The concluding portion of the book also contains some biographies of important men of Pennsylvania: Conrad Weiser, Count Zinzendorf, David Brainerd, David Zeisberger, Simon Snyder, John Harris, Colonel Hartley, George Croghan, Col. John Kelly, and David R. Porter.

A - Minutes of conferences held by the indians on the encroachments of the whites upon their lands, May & June of 1750.
B - Extracts from the Hallische Nachrichten describing the efforts of Neulaneders to persuade Germans to immigrate to Pennsylvania.
C - Correspondence from Shamokin (Sunbury, Northumberland County) on dealings with the Indians from 1740-1758.
D - Correspondence associated with George Croghan and his residence Aughwick (Old Town).
E - Account and correspondence regarding the imprisonment and assisted escape of Frederick Stump and John Ironcutter.
F - Account of Tedyescung, the last chief of the Delaware Indians.
G - Dr. Priestly's Case, concerning riots of the town of Birmingham, which destroyed some of his property.
H - A copy of the act to establish a University at Lewisburg (now Bucknell University).

Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania 1755 - 1855
(John Linn Blair, 1877, 620 pages)
This is an extensive historical / biographical volume for Union County, PA. It relates various accounts from the area on a year by year basis starting with 1768. This volume includes several set of records found no where else, including local marriages, and a record of local deaths started in 1826. Also included are biographies of selected individuals and families, tax lists, military rosters, and other useful information. This publication is an essential work for research in the area of Union County. Union County included the area of Snyder County until the year 1855, so although the volume focuses more on Union County, some of the information also pertains to Snyder County's history.

Surnames Indexed:
Albright, Allen, Allison, Anthony, Armstrong, Aurand, Ayers, Bacon, Barber, Barnes, Barton, Bashor, Baskins, Baum, Bellas, Bickle, Billman, Billmyer, Bingaman, Blythe, Boatman, Boone, Boude, Bower, Boyd, Boyer, Brady, Brinton, Brobst, Brockenor, Brown, Buchanan, Caderman, Campbell, Campleton, Carner, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chapman, Chilloway, Clark, Clay, Clemens, Clingan, Cochran, Cole, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Cornelius, Coryell, Couples, Covenhoven, Crotzer, De Haven, Derr, Derrickson, Dieffenbach, Disbury, Dixon, Donnel, Doudle, Dougherty, Drouth, Duffield, Duncan, Eakers, Egbert, Ellenkhusen, Ely, Emerick, Etzweiler, Evans, Ewing, Ewig, Farley, Fisher, Follmer, Forster, Foutz, Frederick, French, Frick, Fries, Gabriel, Galbraith, Geisweit, Gift, Gill, Gordon, Grant, Gray, Green, Gregg, Grier, Grochong, Grove, Guelph, Gundy, Halfpenny, Hall, Hammond, Harbaugh, Harding, Harris, Hayes, Heim, Heiser, Heisler, Herrold, Hetrick, Hickok, High, Himrod, Hoffa, Hood, Housel, Hucks, Hughes, Huling, Hunt, Hunter, Irvine, Irwin, Johnson, Jones, Keene, Kempling, Kennedy, Kerstetter, Kester, Kleckner, Kelchner, Klinesmith, Kremer, Laird, Lashell, Laughlin, Lee, Lennox, Lepley, Leroy, Levy, Lewis, Lincoln, Linn, Lowdon, Lukens, Lutz, McCabe, McCandlish, McClellan, McClune, McClure, McCracken, McHarge, McHenry, McKim, Mack, Maclay, Macpherson, Marr, Merrill, Miles, Miller, Mitman, Mizener, Monckton, Montelius, Montour, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Morton, Mumman, Musser, Nesbit, Nevin, Newcomer, Overmeier, Parr, Patterson, Pealer, Pence, Penn, Phreemer, Pickering, Pickhard, Plunket, Poak, Pohlemus, Pollock, Pontius, Potter, Price, Quinn, Rahauser, Read, Reasoner, Reber, Reed, Reger, Reichel, Reily, Roan, Robb, Robinson, Rorabaugh, Rote, Row, Rumsey, Sample, Sargent, Sawyer, Seebold, Selin, Shaeffer, Shivley, Shoemaker, Slenker, Smith, Snyder, Soult, Spangenberg, Spalding, Speddy, Spyder, Stanford, Starret, Stevens, Storms, Stove, Strickland, Strubble, Stump, Sullivan, Sunderland, Swan, Swartz, Swartzel, Swevey, Swineford, Taggert, Tate, Taylor, Templeton, Thompson, Titzell, Van Campen, Van Fleet, Van Gundy, Vanvalzah, Vincent, Wagoner, Walker, Watson, Watts, Weeks, Weirick, Weiser, Weisner, Welch, Whitman, Weirbach, Williams, Wilson, Withington, Wolfe, Wolfinger, Wright, Yiesely, Young

History of that part of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys, embraced in the
counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder, in the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania Vol. 1 & 2 (Everts, Peck & Richards, 1886, 1689 pages)
This is an early historical and biographical volume covering the Juniata Valley, Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Snyder and Union Counties, Pennsylvania. It provides a wealth of information for both historical and genealogical research.

Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Albright, Alexander, Alleman, Allen, Allison, Anderson, Antes, Ard, Armstrong, Atkinson, Aurand, Backus, Baker, Banks, Barber, Barner, Barnett, Bashor, Baskins, Baxter, Beale, Beard, Beatty, Beaver, Beck, Beidler, Bell, Benedict, Bergstresser, Berry, Beshler, Beyer, Bibighous, Bigelow, Bingman, Bixler, Black, Blain, Blair, Blythe, Bonsall, Book, Boone, Bordner, Botdorf, Bower, Bovard, Boyd, Boyer, Brady, Bratton, Briner, Brought, Brown, Brubaker, Brugger, Brundage, Bryson, Bucher, Bucke, Buck, Bull, Burchfield, Burg, Burns, Burnside, Buyers, Byers, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell,Candor, Case, Casper, Castle, Caveny, Cesna, Cever, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chapman, Charlton, Christy, Clark, Clarke, Clendennin, Close, Cochran, Connell, Contner, Cook, Cooper, Cox, Crawford, Creamer, Creigh, Crist, Cronimiller, Crotzer, Crouse, Cuddy, Culbertson, Culp, Cummin, Cummings, Cunningham, Darlington, Davis, Dean, Dechart, Deitrich, De Lancey, Derr, Derrickson, Dietrich, Dill, Dimm, Diven, Doling, Donaldson, Doty, Doudle, Dougherty, Driesbach, Dull, Dunbar, Duncan, Eaker, Earnshaw, Eby, Eckert, Edwards, Ehrenfeld, Elder, Elliott, Ellinkhusen, Ellis, Emerick, English, Enslow, Ensminger, Eppley, Erlenmeyer, Evans, Eyer, Eyster, Farley, Fetterolf, Fisher, Flickinger, Floyd, Flynn, Focht, Follmer, Fought, Frow, Fry, Fuller, Funk, Galbreath, Galbraith, Gallagher, Galloway, Garver, Gass, Gast, Geddes, Gemmel, Gerhart, Getz, Gibson, Gilbert, Girty (Girtee), Glover, Gobble, Goerky, Gordon, Gourley, Graham, Gray, Graybill, Green, Greenleaf, Greenough, Grier, Grimm, Groff, Grosh, Grove, Grubb, Gudykunst, Gundy, Guss, Gutshall, Haas, Hackett, Hackendorn, Hale, Halfpenny, Hall, Hambright, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hanawalt, Harding, Hardy, Harey, Harman, Harris, Harrison, Harshbarger, Hartfranft, Hartley, Hartman, Hassenplug, Hassinger, Hayes, Heading, Heim, Hench, Henderson, Hendrick, Helfenstine, Henderson, Hepburn, Herman, Hetrick, Hickman, Hill, Himmelreich, Hoffa, Hoffman, Hogg, Holman, Hooke, Hoover, Hope, Horning, Hosterman, Hottenstein, Houseworth, Houston, Hower, Hudson, Huff, Hulings, Hummel, Hunter, Hurlbut, Huston, Hutcheson, Hyatt, Ickes, Innes, Irvin, Irvine, Irwin, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jenkins, Jones, Johnson, Johnston, Joyce, Junkin, Kanowel, Kauffman, Kelly, Kelso, Kemble, Kennedy, Kepler, Kepner, Kincaid, King, Kinsloe, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kistler, Kleckner, Klineyoung, Knight, Kohler, Kremer, Kyle, Lafferty, Laird, Larabee, Lauver, Lechner, Lee, Lefevre, Leight, Leiser, Lepley, Lewis, Liggett, Lightner, Lincoln, Linn, Logan, Long, Loomis, Lotz, Loudon, Lowdon, Loy, Ludwig, Lukens, Lupfer, Lycon, Lyle, Lyon, Lyons, MacFarland, Maclay, Magee, Mahon, Malich, Markel, Marks, Marr, Marshall, Mason, Mass, Mather, Mathers, Maurs, McAfee, McAlister, McAllister, McBride, McClean, McClellan, McClenahan, McClintock, McClung, McClure, McConnell, McCoy, McCrum, McCullough, McCurdy, McDonald, McDowell, McEwen, McFaddens, McGeehan, McIntire, McKee, McKennan, McLaughlin, McMeen, McMorris, McNamara, McNeil, McNitt, McPherran, McVey, Mealey, Means, Melchor, Meller, Mensch, Merrill, Mettlen, Metz, Meylert, Michaux, Middleswart, Miller, Milligan, Milliken, Mitchell, Mitman, Mohn, Montelius, Montour, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Mortimer, Motzer, Moyer, Mumma, Murphy, Murray, Musser, Myers, Neff, Neilson, Nelson, Newton, Niblock, Nipple, North, Nourse, Oakes, Oliver, Orris, Orwig, Owens, Painter, Parcels, Parker, Parks, Parshall, Patterson, Patton, Pellman, Pennell, Peters, Pfahler, Pfoutz, Phillips, Pierce, Piper, Plette, Plunket, Pontius, Porter, Potter, Powers, Price, Purdy, Quig, Rakerd, Reed, Reichart, Reider, Reinhold, Rengler, Reutter, Reyner, Reynolds, Reys, Rheam, Rhoads, Rhoddy, Rice, Riddle, Rishel, Roan, Robinson, Robison, Roddy, Rodgers, Rogers, Ronk, Rothrock, Rote, Ross, Rouse, Ruble, Ruhl, Sahm, Sampsel, Sandoe, Schaffle, Schoch, Scholl, Schnable, Schnure, Schrof, Schuyler, Schwartz, Seebold, Seip, Selheimer, Selin, Sellers, Shaeffer, Shaffer, Sharon, Shaw, Shellenberger, Sheeder, Sheets, Sheibley, Shelly, Shindel, Shine, Short, Shriner, Shuman, Siebert, Sigler, Simes, Simonton, Simpson, Singer, Slenkers, Slifer, Smiley, Smith, Smyth, Snowden, Snyder, Specht, Speck, Speddy, Speth, Spotts, Springman, Sponsler, Spyker, Stadden, Stambaugh, Stanford, Star, Stean, Steel, Steele, Stees, Steese, Steever, Stephens, Stephenson, Stern, Sterrett, Stevens, Stewart, Stillwell, Stites, Stone, Strickler, Strode, Strohecker, Strohm, Stroup, Stuetzel, Sturgeon, Suloff, Swartz, Sweigert, Swineford, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tool, Toomey, Traver, Tressler, Troxell, Truekemiller, Tudor, Turbett, Uhle, Ulrich, Uttley, Van Campen, Van Dyke, Van Gezer, Van Gundy, Van Rensselaer, Van Swearingen, Van Valzah, Van Wert, Vorse, Wagenseller, Waggoner, Wagner, Walker, Wallis, Walls, Walter, Walters, Warner, Watson, Watts, Wayland, Wehr, Weidman, Weirich, Weirick, Weiser, Weist, Weitzel, Wert, Westhoven, Weymer, Wharton, White, Whiteside, Whitmer, William, Williams, Williard, Willis, Wilson, Wilts, Wingert, Witmer, Wolfe, Womer, Woods, Woodward, Worrall, Wright, Yeager, Yoder, Youngman, Zeigler

Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania
Centre, Clinton, Union and Snyder (J. H. Beers & Co., 1898, 1588 pages)
This publication is an extensive biographical volume for four Central Pennsylvania counties: Centre, Clinton, Union and Snyder. It contains hundreds of biographies of prominent citizens and families from this region of PA. Also included are numerous portraits of the sketch subjects. This is an excellent source for historical or genealogical research in Central Pennsylvania, as much of the information is related only in this volume.

Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Africa, Aigler, Albrecht, Albright, Alexander, Allbaugh, Alleman, Allen, Allison, Allport, Ammon, Andrews, Anthony, App, Ard, Armstrong, Arney, Arnold, Atherton, Aurand, Aviragnet, Backus, Bair, Bairfoot, Baker, Barber, Barker, Barner, Barnes, Barnhart, Barr, Barrows, Bartol, Bassler, Batcheler, Beaber, Beard, Beaver, Bechdel, Bechtel, Beck, Becker, Beerly, Behrer, Beirly, Bennage, Benner, Bennett, Berkenstock, Bernhart, Berry, Bickel, Bickford, Biehl, Bierly, Bigony, Binder, Bingaman, Bitner, Blair, Blanchard, Blanche, Bliss, Bloom, Blyler, Boal, Bobb, Bogar, Boggs, Bollinger, Boob, Bossert, Boush, Bower, Bowersox, Boyer, Braucher, Braucht, Breon, Bressler, Bricker, Bridgens, Bright, Brobst, Brooke, Brooks, Brown, Brugger, Brumgard, Brungard, Brungart, Brunner, Bucher, Buckbout, Budinger, Bumiller, Burd, Burket, Burkholder, Burns, Burnside, Burrell, Burrey, Bush, Butz, Caldwell, Cameron, Carlin, Carlisle, Capenter, Carver, Christ, Christie, Church, Clark, Cleaver, Clemson, Clingan, Clinton, Close, Clouser, Coburn, Cole, Colyer, Comly, Condo, Confair, Confer, Conley, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Cort, Cornelius, Corson, Corss, Courter, Crawford, Crider, Criswell, Cromley, Crossgrove, Crowe, Crust, Curtin, Dale, Daley, Darrah, Dauberman, Daup, Davidson, Davis, Decker, DeHaas, Deibler, Deininger, Deitrich, DeLong, Denlinger, Dennis, Derr, Dershem, Deshler, Dewire, Dickey, Dieffenderfer, Dietrich, Dimm, Dorman, Dornblaser, Dorworth, Douty, Downing, Dreese, Dreisbach, Dubbs, Dundore, Dunham, Dunkel, Dunlap, Dunlop, Dunn, Durst, Earon, Eby, Eddy, Edelman, Eisenhauer, Eisenhower, Elliot, Elliott, Emigh, Emory, Engle, Engleman, Erdley, Ertel, Etters, Evans, Ewing, Eyer, Fabel, Fair, Fairchild, Fairlamb, Farley,Farwell, Faulkner, Felmlee, Fessler, Fetterolf, Fiedler, Field, Fink, Fishburn, Fisher, Fleming, Flisher, Focht, Folmar, Follmer, Foote, Forcey, Forry [Forrer], Fortney, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Frain, Frank, Frantz, Frederick, Fredericks, Frick, Fritz, Fry, Fryberger, Fullmer, Furey, Furst, Gardner, Garman, Garner, Garthoff, Geary, Gebbart, Geddes, Gellinger, Gemberling, Gephart, Getgen, Getz, Ghaner, Gilliland, Gingery, Ginter, Glace, Gleason, Glenn, Glosner, Glossner, Glover, Good, Goodman, Gordon, Gormley, Gottschall, Gowland, Gramley, Gramly, Gray, Green, Gregg, Gretzinger, Grieb, Grimm, Groff, Groover, Gross, Group, Grove, Grow, Gudykuntz, Guiswite, Gummo, Gunsallus, Guss, Gutelius, Haag, Haagen, Haas, Hafer, Hagenbuch, Haines, Hale, Halenback, Halfpenny, Hall, Hamilton, Hancock, Hand, Habeson, Harley, Harman, Harnish, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Harshberger, Harter, Hartman, Hartswick, Harvey, Hassenplug, Hastings, Hause, Hayes, Hays, Haynes, Heard, Heaton, Heckman, Heffner, Heim, Heimbach, Heinley, Heiser, Henderson, Henneich, Hensyl, Hepburn, Herb, Herbster, Herman, Herr, Hess, Hilbish, Hillbish, Hillibish, Himmelreich, Hinkson, Hinton, Hipple, Hoch, Hoffa, Hoffman, Holmes, Holt, Holter, Holtzman, Hoop, Hoover, Horner, Hosterman, Hottenstein, Houseworth, Houtz, Howell, Hower, Hoy, Hoyt, Hubler, Hudson, Huey, Huff, Hufferd, Hughes, Hulley, Humes, Hummel, Hunter, Huston, Hutton, Hyatt, Ickes, Iddings, Irland, Irvin, Irvine, Irwin, Isenberg, Jacobs, Jarrett, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kanawel, Kantz, Kaufman, Kaup, Keefer, Keen, Keichline, Keiser, Keller, Kelley, Kelly, Kemmerer, Kendig, Kepler, Kerlin, Kerstetter, Kessinger, Kessler, Keys, Kimpel, King, Kinsloe, Kintner, Kissell, Kister, Kistler, Kleckner, Kline, Klinefelter, Kling, Klingler, Knauer, Knight, Knouse, Kolp, Korman, Krape, Kreamer, Kreider, Kremer, Kress, Krouse, Krumrine, Kines, Kunkel, Kurtz, Kuster, Lachat, Larh, Landis, Laubach, Lauck, Laurelton, Laurie, Lauth, Leathers, Lebkicher, Lehr, Leiby, Leiser, Lesher, Lewis, Leyman, Liggetts, Lilley, Limbert, Lincoln, Lingle, Linn, Livingston, Long, Longaker, Loomis, Loose, Lorain, Love, Loveland, Loyd, Lucas, Lukens, Lumbard, Lutz, Lynn, Lytle, Mallory, Mann, Mark, Marr, Marshall, Martin, Matlack, Mattern, Mauck, May, Mayer, Mays, McAllister, McCall, McCarthy, McClintock, McCloskey, McClure, McCormick, McCoy, McDonald, McDowell, McEntire, McFarlane, McGhee, McGirk, McGuire, McKinney, McLanahan, McLeod, McMahon, McMeen, McMicken, McMunagle, McNamara, Meek, Meitzler, Mench, Mendenhall, Mensch, Merrey, Merrill, Merryman, Mertz, Meyer, Middleswarth, Miles, Miller, Millner, Mingle, Mitchell, Mobley, Mohn, Moll, Montelius, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morlock, Morningstar, Mortimer, Mosebarger, Mothersbaugh, Motz, Moyer, Mulhollan, Munro, Murphy, Musser, Muthler, Myers, Nearhoof, Neese, Neff, Neidig, Nesbit, Nipple, Nogel, Noll, North, Nowell, Nowland, O'Bryan, Odenkirk, O'Dwyer, Orndorf, Orner, Orvis, Orwig, Osman, Owens, Ott, Owens, Packer, Parsons, Pawling, Paxton, Pealer, Peck, Pellman, Perkins, Persing, Peters, Petrikin, Pinogel, Platt, Pletcher, Poorman, Porter, Potter, Poulsen, Powers, Pringle, Prutzman, Pursley, Quiggle, Quinn, Ranck, Rangler, Rankin, Rauch, Raudenbush, Raup, Reagel, Ream, Rearick, Reber, Redlin, Reed, Reeder, Reedy, Reeser, Reesman, Reiber, Reifsnyder, Reigard, Reish, Rerick, Rhinesmith, Rhoads, Rhone, Rich, Richards, Richter, Ricker, Rider, Riegel, Rine, Rishel, Ritter, Rittman, Roach, Robbins, Robenold, Rockey, Rodenbaugh, Rogers, Romig, Rooke, Ross, Rosser, Rossman, Rote, Rothermel, Rothrock, Roush, Royer, Ruhl, Ruhle, Russell, Rute, Rutherford, Saas, Sampsel, Sanders, Sankey, Sauer, Scheckler, Schmeltzer, Schnure, Schoch, Schofield, Schrack, Schray, Schwenk, Scott, Seebold, Selin, Shafer, Shaffer, Shambach, Shambaugh, Shaw, Sheckler, Shell, Shellenbarger, Shields, Shindel, Shipton, Shirk, Shively, Shivery, Shobert, Shoemaker, Shortlidge, Showalter, Showers, Shuey, Shugert, Shuler, Shultz, Simler, Singer, Slear, Slifer, Slinger, Smith, Snyder, Sober, Sohmer, Solt, Spangler, Specht, Sperring, Spigelmeyer, Spigelmyer, Spotts, Springer, Springman, Stahl, Stapleton, Steadman, Steans, Steele, Stetler, Stevenson, Stewart, Stine, Stitzer, Stiver, Stockham, Stonerod, Stoughton, Stover, Strickler, Strohecker, Strohm, Stroub, Strunk, Stuart, Stuffel, Swartz, Swineford, Swires, Sypher, Taylor, Temple, Thomas, Thompson, Throne, Tibbins, Tice, Tipton, Tobias, Todd, Tool, Troxell, Trutt, Tuten, Twitmyer, Ulrich, Ulsh, Underwood, Uzzell, Valentine, Van Dyke, Van Pelt, Van Valzah, Vonada, Voneida, Waddle, Wagenseller, Wagner, Waite, Walker, Wallace, Walter, Walton, Ward, Warfel, Wate, Waters, Watson, Weaver, Weber, Weidensaul, Weidler, Weiser, Wentzel, Werts, West, Weston, Wetzel, Wheland, White, Whiteleather, Whitman, Wickersham, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Winters, Wirt, Wise, Witherrite, Wolf, Wolfe, Womelsdorf, Woodring, Woodruff, Worts, Wright, Yarnell, Yeager, Yearick, Yocum, Yoder, Young, Youtz, Zeigler, Zeller, Zerby, Zieber, Ziegler, Zimmerman

Snyder County Annals (Vol. 1 & 2) (Geo. W. Wagenseller, 1919, 1920, 668 pages)
This is a 2-volume set on the history of Snyder County, PA. Volume One covers "A Collection of All Kinds of Historical Items Affecting Snyder County From The Settlement of The First Pioneers in This Section, to The Names of The Soldiers In The World War, 1917-19". Volume Two covers "A Collection of Sketches and Portraits of Soldiers, Sailors, Nurses, and Civilians Engaged in The World War Together With Other Historical Data Gathered at Random.

These volumes are a collection of historical data relating to Snyder County, Pennsylvania, originally published in Snyder County's largest newspaper, as well as a few other sources. It contains a hugh amount of useful information ranging from historical accounts of people, places and things in Snyder County, Lists of Soldiers, notices of death, birth, cemetery records, juror duty, application of licenses, appointments to public offices, etc.

Snyder County Pioneers (Charles A. Snyder, 1938, 105 pages)
This publication was compiled by noted area historian Charles Snyder, who also published a number of other historical and biographical works on Snyder County. It is devoted to the pioneers who settled the area of present-day Snyder County, PA, and highlights hundreds of individuals who settled in or lived for some time in the county. The information comes from a wide variety of sources, from tax lists, military records, church records, published and familiy histories, etc. The information includes such details as where the person came from before living in Snyder County, how long they lived in the area, whether they owned property, birth and death dates, names of wife and children, occupation, church affiliation, Revolutionary Military service, etc. Each reference contains different details of the person's life; some of the references are shorter and others are more extensive, based on the available information. This publication is an excellent resource for researching early residents of the Snyder County area.

The Story of Snyder County, Pennsylvania
(The Selinsgrove Times Inc., 1955, 128 pages)
This booklet was published for the County's Centennial, this publication contains a brief history of the county up to the year 1955, and includes a number of photographs featuring people and places from the county.

A Look at Snyder County Before the 20th Century
(Jimmy A. Shaffer, 1975, 76 pages)
This lesser known publication is a history of the formation and growth of what is today Snyder County, Pennsylvania. It covers the current area of Snyder County back as far as records were kept, and presents a well-rounded look at the county's history. The information focuses a great deal on the early settlers of the area and those who contributed to the growth of the county by their tireless efforts. It also relates some useful records: lists of those who served in public offices and early tax lists.

Biographical sketches:
Samuel Alleman, William H. Backus, Johan Yost Bingaman, Henry Bingaman, Jacob Bingaman, Daniel S. Boyer, Jeremiah Crouse, Charles Gustavus Erlenmyer, John S. Hassinger, Daniel Hassinger, Joseph Hassinger, Charles Hower, Ner Middleswarth, Abram K. and Arron J. Middleswarth, Frederick Moyer, John Gustavus Moyer, Calvin B. North, George Schnure, John Schnure, G. Alfred Schoch, Mathias Schoch, Jacob G. L. Shindel, John Y. Shindel, Jacob A. Smith, Simon Snyder, Moses Specht, Augustus Springman, Benjamin F. Wagenseller, Peter R. Wagenseller, George B. Weiser Jr., John Wiest, and Daniel Witmer. In addition to these there is a great deal of biographical information contained within the section focusing on the townships.

Snyder County Pennsylvania - From Pioneer Days to the Present
(Snyder County National Bicentennial Communities, Inc., 1976, 193 pages)
This publication was published for the Bicentennial of the Country in 1976. It covers many details of the county's history - Military, Civil, Agricultural, Religious, Industrial, Educational and Recreational. Also included are many photographs supporting the discussion of each section.

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