Rohrers From the Past

Rohrers From the Past

Robert L. Reeser

  • 1500

This genealogy covers the history of the immigrant Johannes (1714-1772) and Elizabeth (Snavely) Rohrer (1713-1788) and their descendants up to the sixth generation in most cases. This Anabaptist family settled in what is now East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The family scattered, frequently to Maryland, Ohio and westward. Family members founded Mountville Borough and Rohrerstown. They were excellent agriculturalists, carpenters, church leaders, pastors, millers, doctors, innkeepers, teachers, businessmen, and bankers. Pictures and maps appear throughout the book for the local history buff. A brief description appears for other Rohrer immigrants to colonial Pennsylvania. Many with Lancaster County Mennonite ancestry will find a Rohrer ancestor in this book. (357pp. illus. index. Author, 2021.)

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