Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Collection

Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Collection


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ML01 - Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Collection

Pennsylvania in the War of the Rebellion, Battalions and Line
1775 - 1783 Vol. 1 & 2 (John Blair Linn and William Egle, 1880, 1636 pages)
This is an excellent reference for research focusing on Pennsylvania's involvement in the Revolutionary War. It contains discussion of dozens of Pennsylvania Battalions, including lists of those who served, and in some cases, discussion of their campaigns. The battalions listed include: Col. William Thompson's Riflemen, 1st - 6th Pennsylvania Battalions, PA Rifle Regiment, Musketry Battalion, State Regiment, 1st - 13th Pennsylvania, German Regiment, Corps of Count Von Ottendorff, Wyoming Valley Companies, Col. Moylan's Calvary Regiment, Armand's 1st Partisan Regiment, Von Heer's Light Dagoons, Pennsylvania Artillery, 4th Regiment of Artillery, Capt. Coren's Independent Company of Artillary, and a few others.

History of Berks County, Pennsylvania in the Revolution
1774-1783 (Morton L. Montgomery, 1894, 291 pages)
This is a history of the involvement of Berks Co., PA in the War of the Revolution. It provides an account of the various Berks County companies that served and in what way. The second portion of the book is a collection of biographies of men who served with distinction.

Biddle, Bird, Bower, Bright, Brodhead, Burd, Christ, Decker, Douglass, Dundas, Eckert, Ege, Geehr, Graydon, Haller, Heister, Hunter, Jones, Lesher, Levan, Lincoln, Livingood, Lotz, Lower, Ludwig, Morgan, Nagel, Otto, Patton, Potts, Read, Reeser, Schultz, Scull, Shoemaker, Soder, Spohn, Spyker, Udree, Vanderslice, Weiser, Witman

Some Pennsylvania Women During the War of the Revolution
(William Henry Egle, 1898, 208 pages)
This is a collection of biographical and historical accounts on numerous female relatives of Revolutionary heroes from Pennsylvania. It highlights their "patriotism, sufferings and self-denials", and provides an excellent source for research.

Surnames Indexed:
Allison, Armstrong, Atlee, Brady, Brodhead, Brown, Bull, Burd, Chambers, Clark, Clingan, Cook, Cooke, Corbin, Covenhoven, Crawford, Davidson, Davies, Foster, Gibson, Graydon, Hand, Hamilton, Hartley, Hays, Henry, Hepburn, Irvine, Irwin, Johnston, Lowrey, McAlister, McClean, McCormick, McFarland, McKee, Macpherson, Magaw, Mickley, Mifflin, Montgomery, Moorhead, Morris, Murray, Neville, O'Hara, Piper, Plumer, Poe, Pollock, Porter, Reily, Rosbrugh, St. Clair, Simpson, Sproat, Stewart, Swetland, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Traill, Wallis, Watts, Wayne, Weygandt

The Revolutionary Movement in Pennsylvania 1760-1776
(Charles H. Lincoln, 1901, 298 pages)

Revolutionary Soldiers Graves in Lower Merion Township,
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Dora Harvey Develin, 1906, 11 pages)

Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army
During the War of the Revolution, April 1775 to December, 1783
(Francis B. Heitman, 1914, 690 pages)
This publication is a register of the officers who served during the Revolutionary War. The first part of the publication consists of state-by-state lists of the officers of each regiment. The second part which consists of brief sketches of each of the officers arranged alphabetically, listing the officer's name, regiment(s), duration of service, etc.

Monument Number - Historic Souvenir Westmoreland
County Soldiers and Sailors (Westmoreland County Soldiers'
and Sailors' Veterans Association, 1925, 73 pages)
This booklet was published as a souvenir history of the soldiers of Westmoreland County, PA. It consists of biographies, photographs, historical details, etc., pertaining to Westmoreland County's soldiers and sailors extending back to the Revolutionary War. The majority of the information deals with the Civil war and the part that soldiers from Westmoreland County played in that conflict, but some of the information covers the Revolutionary War as well.

Revolutionary Soldiers List (Mrs. W. C. Bartol, 1926, 24 pages)
This is a listing of Revolutionary War Soldiers of Union County, PA. Each veteran is given an individual sketch listing known information on them and their family. Some of the listings are very brief and others are more extensive. The information notes such things as: where the individual lived, which militias or companies they served in, and family member names.

Delaware County in the Revolutionary War
(Freas Brown Snyder, 1931, 27 pages)
This was a paper read before the Lansdowne Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. It discusses some events of the War that soldiers from Delaware County were involved in.

Snyder County Pioneers (Charles A. Snyder, 1938, 105 pages)
This publication was compiled by noted area historian Charles Snyder, who also published a number of other historical and biographical works on Snyder County. It is devoted to the pioneers who settled the area of present-day Snyder County, PA, and highlights hundreds of individuals who settled in or lived for some time in the county. The information comes from a wide variety of sources, from tax lists, military records, church records, published and familiy histories, etc. The information includes such details as where the person came from before living in Snyder County, how long they lived in the area, whether they owned property, birth and death dates, names of wife and children, occupation, church affiliation, Revolutionary Military service, etc. Each reference contains different details of the person's life; some of the references are shorter and others are more extensive, based on the available information. This publication is an excellent resource for researching early residents of the Snyder County area.

American Revolutionary Soldiers of Franklin County Pennsylvania
(Virginia Shannon Fendrick, 1944, 293 pages)
This publication is a record of hundreds of soldiers from Franklin County, PA, and their service in the Revolutionary War. The information contained within includes: soldier's name, company, service dates, and references to PA Archives. It sometimes also includes the names of wives and children, pension records, estate information, church affiliation, location of burial, etc. This reference was published without an index, but each soldier's information is bookmarked in alphabetical order for quick searching.

Military Milestones of Old Paxton Township 1715-1946
Welcome Home Celebration to World War II
Veterans of East Hanover, West Hanover, and Lower
Paxton Townships (Nevin W. Moyer, 1946, 125 pages)
This publication was written as a memorial to those who lived in the area of Old Paxton Township and who served in the various wars from 1715-1946. It was produced to coincide with the welcome Home Celebration for the World War II Veterans, and relates an outline of the events associated with it, and those who participated in it. The majority of the publication is information on the military history of the area from the French and Indian War to World War II. There are also numerous pictures of residences, portraits of soldiers and many ads from local businesses.

Revolutionary Pensioners - A Transcript of the Pension List
of the United States for 1813 (Southern Book Company, 1953, 49 pages)
This publication is a reprint of a document originally written to the House of Representatives from the War Department in 1813. It contains a listing of all United States Pensioners, their rank, and the amount paid annually as of 1813. The lists are arranged by state, each of the original 13 being represented. This is a useful collection of information for historical or genealogical research in the eastern United States.

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