Pennsylvania German Collection #1

Pennsylvania German Collection #1


  • 1500

GM01 - Pennsylvania German Collection #1

Historical Sketch of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania With Some
Account of the Moravian Church (John Hill Martin, 1872, 199 pages)
From the Introduction: "This work is not a full history of Bethlehem, but simply an historical Sketch, for the use of the traveller. It is intended to supply a want which is felt by those people who desire to know something of the origin of the Town, the character of the peculiar people who first settled and built it, and of the different Institutions they founded in it."

This is a history of the beginnings of Bethlehem, its foundation and growth through the years. Many historical accounts are related which provide a view into the city's past. Also discussed in some depth is the Moravian Church and its institutions in the city, as this faith played a large and early role in the Bethlehem's history.

An Account of the Manners of the German Inhabitants
of Pennsylvania (Benjamin Rush & I. Daniel Rupp, 1875, 71 pages)
This work was originally written in 1789 by Benjamin Rush, and later republished with added notes by I. Daniel Rupp. It describes the ways of the German immigrants that had flooded into America, and particularly Pennsylvania throughout the 1700's.

The German Element in the War of American Independence
(George Washington Green, 1876, 202 pages)
This publication is a biography and history of 2 prominent Germans involved in the Revolution: Baron Von Stuben, and General John Kalb. A third section entitled "German Mercenaries" provides some historical background on the support of German soldiers to the British during the Revolution.

Genealogical Record of the Descendants of the
Schwenkfelders (C. Heydrick, 1879, 369 pages)
This publication focuses on a group of Germans known as the Schwenkfelders, whose religious beliefs attracted the persecutions of both Lutherans and Catholics during the time of great religious upheaval in Europe. This group subsequently emigrated to America (Pennsylvania) to pursue the ability to worship freely. This publication outlines the beginning of their movement starting with it's founder Caspar Schwenkfeld, and relates the beliefs that set them apart. It then discusses the group's migration to Pennsylvania, including ship records of their passage. The main part of the publication is a genealogical tracing of the descendants of those original immigrants, and extensive marriage and birth records are included. Especially represented are the names: Heebner, Keydrick, Krauss, Kriebel, Master, Meschter, Schultz, Seipt, Snyder, Urffer, Wiegner, and Yeakel.

Surnames Indexed:
Ackerman, Althouse, Anders, Anson, Bachman, Baker, Barnit, Barnes, Bates, Bean, Beard, Bechtel, Beck, Beideman, Benner, Bergy, Beyer, Berger, Beiler, Biles, Bookheimer, Boyer, Brecht, Brinton, Brown, Burgstresser, Cain, Carl, Cassel, Cheney, Clemens, Clemmer, Cole, Corson, Cress, Dennis, Detweiler, Dowers, Dresher, Eberhard, Erb, Evans, Fisher, Flinn, Fluck, Fretz, Frey, Freyer, Gehman, Gehoe, Geisser, Gerhard, Gerry, Gilbert, Glaze, Griesmer, Hagy, Hallman, Harpst, Harris, Harrey, Hartman, Hartranft, Hayman, Heebner, Heinley, Hey, Heydrick, Hierneshitz, Hiestand, Hillegass, Hoffman, Huber, Hunsberger, Jacob, John Jones, Johnson, Kaufman, Keck, Keel, Keely, Keenly, Keiser, Keller, Kile, Kindig, Kline, Kook, Kratz, Krauss, Kriebel, Krupp, Kuntz, Levan, Long, Longacre, Lukens, Mann, Master, Mentzel, Meschter, Metz, Miller, Moyer, Nase, Neuman, Newman, Nuss, Overholtzer, Pennick, Peters, Radenbush, Reed, Reichard, Reinewald, Rittenhouse, Robinson, Rodenberger, Rose, Scheffey, Schell, Schiffert, Schlicher, Schubert, Schoeps, Schultz, Seibert, Seipt, Shaffer, Shepard, Shepps, Shuh, Shuler, Shupe, Sies, Simpson, Smith, Snyder, Spencer, Springer, Stahl, Stahlnecker, Stauffer, Stout, Stoner, Stroh, Tyson, Urffer, Van Fossen, Van Karnel, Wagener, Wagner, Warmer, Wean, Weber, Weikert, Weiss, White, Wiand, Wiedner, Wiegner, Wierman, Wile, Wolf, Wood, Yeakel, Yerger, Yoder, Younts.

“Pennsylvania Dutch” and Other Essays
(Phebe Earle Gibbons, 1882, 424 pages)
This is a collection of artilcles focusing mostly on different aspects of the lives of Pennsylvania Germans of various sects. It provides an interesting look into their lives. This 3rd edition has some additional articles on other groups as well.

1 - "Pennsylvania Dutch" (properly German)
2 - An Amish Meeting
3 - Swiss Exiles
4 - The Dunker Love-Feast
5 - Ephrata
6 - Bethlehem and the Moravians
7 - Schwenkfelders
8 - A Friend
9 - Cousin Jemima
10 - The Miners of Scranton
11 - Irish Farmers
12 - English

The Hessians and Other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain
in the Revolutionary War (Edward J. Lowell, 1884, 350 pages)
This publication is a thorough account of the German involvement in the American Revolutionary War in behalf of Brittan. More than 29,000 Hessian soldiers came to America in the service of Great Brittan, almost half of those did not return to Germany. German Auxiliaries were used throughout American in many of the campaigns of the war. The author lamented that the story of these soldiers was not sufficiently related, and therefore sought to give this subject due attention.

1 - The Princes
2 - The Treaties
3 - The Treaties Before Parliment
4 - The Soldiers
5 - From Germany to America
6 - The Battle of Long Island, August 1776
7 - From the Occupation of New York to the Taking of Fort Washington
September 15th to November 16th, 1776
8 - Trenton, December 26th, 1776
9 - The Winter of 1777
10 - The Brunswickers of Canada, 1776
11 - Baroness Riedesel's Journey, 1776 to 1777
12 - Ticonderoga and Bennington, July and August, 1777
13 - Stillwater, September 19th and October 7th, 1777
14 - Saratoga, October 11th to 16th, 1777
15 - The Brunswickers in Captivity
16 - Brandywine, Germantown, and Redbank, September and October 1777
17 - Teh British Retreat across New Jersey, January to July, 1778
18 - Newport, November, 1776 to October 1779
19 - The Neighborhood of New York, 1777 to 1779
20 - Wiederhold's Voyage, September 1779
21 - Savannah, Charleston, and Pensacola, 1778 to 1781
22 - New York in 1780 and 1781
23 - The Southern Campaign of 1781

The German Soldier in the Wars of the United States
(J. G. Rosengarten, 1886, 1890, 297 pages)
This publication details the involvement of those of German heritage in the various wars and conflicts of the United States including the French and Indian War, Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War and Civil War. A good deal of the information focuses on Pennsylvania and New York as these were 2 areas in particular where the German immigrants settled. This Second Edition was corrected and added to from the time of its first printing, making this a more authoritative history.

The German Allied Troops in the North American War of
Independence 1776-1783 (J. G. Rosengarten, 1893, 347 pages)
This publication seeks to tell the story of the involvement of the German Soldiers in the American Revolution, those who were allied with the British. In doing so, the writer has sought out information of a different nature than the narratives that had already been published instead turning to the personal writings, correspondence and records of those involved.

The German Pietists of Provincial Pennsylvania 1694-1708
(Julius Friedrich Sachse, 1895, 543 pages)
This publication is an extensive look at a group of German religious enthusiasts who immigrated to Pennsylvania early in its history, and who proved to be an influential force in the later Protestant denominations of the state.

Pennsylvania Genealogies, Chiefly Scotch-Irish and German
(William Henry Egle, 1886, 1896, [2nd Edition, 806 pages)
This is an extensive chronicle of some of the Scotch-Irish and German families who settled in central PA. Much of the information deals with the counties of Dauphin, Lebanon, Lancaster, Cumberland, and York, but there are extensive references to other counties since the descendants of the original settlers spread out as time progressed. This information was compiled by one of Pennsylvania's principal genealogists, and this publication is the 2nd edition of this popular work. The information within was slightly expanded and corrected so that this is a more authoritative edition that the first edition published in 1886. This is a great reference work for genealogical research in central Pennsylvania.

Families listed in Table of Contents:
Ainsworth, Allen of Hanover, Alricks, Anderson of Donegal, Andrews, Awl of Paxtang, Ayres, Barnett, Beatty, Boas, Bomberger, Boyd, Bucher, Cowden of Paxtang, Craig, Crain of Hanover, Curtin, Denny, Dixon of Dixon's Ford, Egle, Elder of Paxtang, Espy of Derry, Furguson of Hanover, Fleming, Forster, Fulton of Paxtang, Galbraith of Donegal, Gregg, Greenawalt of Lebanon, Hamilton, Hays, Hoge, Keller of Lancaster, Kendig of Swatara, Kunkel, Linn of Lurgan, Lyon of Juniata, Maclay of Lurgan, McCormick, McNair of Derry, McNair of Hanover, Muller of Lobinger, Murray of Harris' Ferry, Murray of Swatara, Neville, Orth of Lebanon, Parker, Roan of Derry, Robinson, Rutherford of Paxtang, Simonton, Stewart of Drumore, Swan, Thomas of Heidelberg, Wallace of Hanover, Weir, Wiestling, Wiggins, Wilson, Wyeth. Also included are genealogical notes on Byers, Eagley, Gray of Paxtang and Gross.

Surnames Indexed: (with at least 4 occurrances):
Adams, Addams, Africa, Ainsworth, Albright, Alexander, Alison, Allen, Allison, Alricks, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Awl, Ayres, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Barber, Barker, Barnes, Barnett, Barnitz, Barr, Barrett, Bates, Bayley, Beatty, Bell, Benedict, Bennett, Bertram, Black, Blaine, Blair, Boal, Boas, Boggs, Bomberger, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Brisban, Brisbin, Brooks, Brown, Bryson, Buchanan, Buehler, Bucher, Buffington, Burbridge, Burd, Burnett, Byers, Calder, Caldwell, Calhoun, Cameron, Campbell, Carothers, Carpenter, Carson, Carter, Cazier, Chambers, Cahpman, Clark, Clarke, Cochran, Coleman, Collier, Cook, Cooper, Coulter, Cowan, Cowden, Cox, Crabb, Crain, Craig, Craighead, Crawford, Creigh, Criswell, Crosby, Culbertson, Cunningham, Curtin, Dallas, Davidson, Davis, Dean, Denny, DeWitt, Dickey,Dickson, Dixon, Doll, Doty, Douglass, Downey, Duffield, Duncan, Dunlop, Dunn, Edwards, Egle, Elder, Elliott, Emerson, Espy, Evans, Ewing, Fast, Ferguson, Findlay, Finney, Fisher, Fleming, Forbes, Forster, Foster, Frazer, Fuller, Fulton, Galbraith, Gardner, Gibson, Bilbert, Bilchrist, Gillmor, Gloninger, Gordon, Graham, Grant, Gray, Green, Greenawalt, Greer, Gregg, Gross, Gustine, Hall, Hamill, Hamilton, Hammond, Hanna, Harding, Harkness, Harris, Harrison, Hastings, Hatfield, Hays, Hayes, Hemphill, Henderson, Henry, Herr, Hiester, Hill, Hoge, Holmes, Hoover, Horner, Hubley, Hughes, Huling, Hummel, Hunt, Hunter, Huston, Hutchinson, Ingram, Irvin, Irvine, Irwin, Jackson, Jacobus, Jacoby, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Junkin, Kauffman, Kean, Kelker, Keller, Kelly, Kendig, Kennedy, Kerr, King, Kirkpatrick, Krause, Kunkel, Laird, Landis, Lashells, Law, Lawrence, Lewis, Light, Lincoln, Line, Linn, Lobaugh, Logan, Long, Loudon, Love, Lowrey, Lowrie, Lutz, Lyon, Lytle, Maclay, Mallery, Marshall, Martin, Matthews, Mayes, McAlister, McAllister, McClellan, McClelland, McClure, McConnell, McCord, McCormick, McCoy, McCullough, McDonald, McDowell, McEwen, McFarland, McHenry, McKee, McKinney, McKnight, McLean, McMurtrie, McNair, McNeill, McPherson, Mifflin, Miles, Miller, Mish, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Moorhead, Morgan, Morrett, Morris, Morison, Morton, Mowry, Moyer, Muhlenberg, Muller, Murphy, Murray, Myers, Naudain, Nelson, Nesbit, Neville, Nichols, Oldham, Oliver, Orr, Orth, Painter, Palmer, Pancoast, Parke, Parker, Parks, Patterson, Pattison, Patton, Perkins, Peters, Phillipe, Piper, Plummer, Pollock, Pool, Porter, Potter, Preston, Price, Rahm, Ralston, Ramsey, Rankin, Redsecker, Reed, Reel, Reigard, Reily, Reynolds, Rice, Richards, Riddle, Rife, Ringland, RItchey, Ritner, Roan, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Ross, Russell, Rutherford, Sage, Sample, Sawyer, Scheaffer, Scott, Seiler, Semple, Sharon, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaw, Shelly, Sherer, Shields, Shorb, Shrom, Shulze, Simpson, Simonton, Slaymaker, Smith, Snodgrass, Snowden, Snyder, Spangler, Speer, St. Clair, Stauffer, Steel, Steele, Steiner, STephen, Sterrett, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Sturgeon, Sumner, Swan, Swartz, Tate, Taylor, Templeton, Thomas, Thompson, Thorn, Todd, Townsend, Turner, Urie, Van Horn, Von Treupel, Wade, Walker, Wallace, Washington, Watson, Waugh, Weaver, Webster, Weir, Weiss, Wells, West, Wheeler, White, Whitehill, Whiteside, Wiestling, Wiggins, Wilkins, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wills, Wilson, Winebrenner, Winship, Witman, Wolf, Wood, Woods, Wright, Wyeth, Young, Youse, Ziegler, Zinn

The Palatine or German Immigration to New York
and Pennsylvania (Sanford H. Cobb, 1897, 30 pages)
This was a paper read before the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society concerning some of the background of the German immigration to America.

The German Exodus to England in 1709
(Frank Ried Diffenderffer, 1897, 174 pages)
This publication was written by one of Pennsylvania's foremost authors on German immigration, and deals with the German migration to America, many of whom had first immigrated into England. It covers many of the details surrounding this mass movement of people, providing background information along with historical documents on the subject. This is an excellent publication for historical or genealogical research on the subject of German immigration to America.

1 - Immigration Begins
2 - The German Exodus to England in 1709
3 - Causes Leading to the Exodus
4 - The Stay in England
5 - The German Colony in Ireland
6 - Conclusion
7 - Cost of Maintaining These Germans

The German Immigration to America 1709-1740
(Henry Eyster Jacobs, 1898, 133 pages)
This publication was produced as "Part III of a Narrative and Critical History, Prepared at the request of the Pennsylvania German Society"
Prefatory Note "The great movement of thousands of Palatines, accompanied by some Swabians and other Germans to England in the spring and summer of 1709, was traced in a most exhaustive and satisfactory manner last year. They had been preceded, it will be remembered, by a small band under the Rev. Joshua Kocherthal, who, after some delay in England, had reached New York on the last day of 1709. It is our aim to take up the narrative at this point, and, after following the course of the immigrants to Pennsylvania, to give some account of succeeding emigrations, until the year 1740."

Chapter Titles:
1 - The Effort to Turn German Emigration to South Carolina
2 - The Immediate Results of Kocherthal's Pamphlet
3 - The Palatinate Emigration to New York
4 - On the Ocean
5 - In New York
6 - To Pennsylvania

The Story of the Pennsylvania Germans, Embracing an
Account of Their Origin, Their History, and Their Dialect
(William Beidelman, 1898, 261 pages)
This publication is a history of the origins of the German people, and a discussion of their immigration to America, particularly Pennsylvania.

1 - Introductory
2 - The Palatinate (German Pfalz)
3 - The Devastation of the Palatinate
4 - The Province of Pennsylvania
5 - German Emigration to Pennsylvania
6 - German Emigration to Other American Colonies
7 - The Quakers and the Proprietors
8 - The Pennsylvania Germans in History
9 - The Pennsylvania German Dialect
10 - The German and Dutch Languages
11 - Schools, Churches, and Religious Sects
12 - Social Life and Customs
13 - Life in Pennsylvania in the Early Days of its Settlement

The German Sectarians of Pennsylvania 1708-1800
A Critical and Legendary History of the Ephrata Cloister
and the Dunkers (Julius Friedrich Sachse, 1898, 1134 pages)
This 2 volume set is an exhaustive look at some early Pennsylvania-German sects which settled in Southeastern PA, particularly the German Baptists or Dunkers of Lancaster County. It details their origins, ways, and beliefs as well as their progression through the years. These groups had a profound effect on the development of Pennsylvania, and this publication is probably the single most extensive chronicle of their existence. Most of the information is historical narrative, recounting the events of long ago. But within that narrative are many details of biographical and genealogical interest.

The last part of Volume 2 contains a genealogically useful resource: "The Ephrata Register: Names of such as in the Lord Fell Asleep". It covers from 1728 to 1800 and lists the persons name and year of death, and in many cases the immediate relatives, specific date of death, age at death and some other misc. details. Hundreds of person's deaths are listed, and hundreds more are mentioned in reference to the departed.

Surnames Indexed:
Abraham, Ackerling, Anguas, Antes, Arnold, Ashmead, Auren, Bar, Barba, Barclay, Barnegat, Barton, Bauman, Baus, Bayard, Bayer, Bear, Bebber, Bechtel, Bechtelsheimer, Becker, Beghtly, Beissel, Bell, Beller, Bember, Benter, Bentz, Bertolet, Beussel, Bjorck, Birkenmeyer, Blaeu, Blum, Boehm, Boehme, Bohler, Bohnish, Boldhausen, Bolles, Bollinger, Bone, Bonn, Bossen, Bowman, Bownas, Bradford, Bremer, Bromley, Brown, Brunholtz, Buchannan, Bucher, Buhler, Buttner, Burgholtzer, Cadwalader, Canstein, Carl, Carpenter, Catherwood, Chandler, Childs, Clemer, Creabill, Crellius, Croese, Culver, Cunrads, Dankarts, David, Davis, Deerdorf, Denlinger, Derborough, Diffenderfer, Doehling, DuBois, Dunlap, Eckerlin, Eckerling, Eckstein, Edwards, Eichel, Eicher, Ely, Endt, Erlewein, Eschenbach, Estaugh, Evans, Fahnestock, Falkner, Faulkner, Fiedler, Fiske, Foltz, Fox, Francke, Franklin, Freame, Frey, Friedrich, Friedrichs, Friedsam, Funck, Funk, Furgler, Gaedtschalk (Gottschalk), Gartner, Galliond, Gantz, Gass, Gansz, Gehr, Geissler, Gemahle, Gemaehle, Gerber, Gibbons, Glitter, Godschalck, Gordon, Gorgas, Gottlieb, Graff, Grange, Grebi, Gregory, Griffith, Grippel, Gruber, Guldin, Gumre (Gomory), Gurney, Gut, Guth, Haberecht, Hackley, Hagemann, Hageman, Han, Hanselman, Hardie, Hark, Harley, Harris, Hartman, Heer, Heger, Heidt, Heintzelmann, Heitler, Hempstead, Hendricks, Henkel, Herrman, Heydt, Hildebrand, Hinke, Hirchi, Hochenau, Hochman, Hodge, Hocker, Hoffley, Hoffly, Hoffman, Hohn, Hohnley, Hollenthal, Holstein, Holzappel, Honig (Hoenning), Hopkinson, Horn, Huber, Hummer, Iddlings, Irenici, Isaac, Jacobs, James, Jansen, Johannische, John, Johnson, Juchtly, Jung, Junkerrott, Kalb, Kalckglaser, Kampfer, Karl, Keister, Keith, Kelpius, Kemper, Keyserlinck, Kimmel, Kinsing, Kippinger, Kipping, Kirchmeir, Kling, Klopf, Knepper, Koch, Koeppen, Kolb, Konig, Koenig, Konigmacher, Kooken, Koster, Krafft, Kriebel, Kurtz, Lassle, Lager, Landert, Landes, Lang, Langenecker, Laushe, Lehman, Leib (Libe), Leslie, Lessly, Lichty, Lincoln, Lippard, Lischy, Lohman, Longacre, Loveall, Lovell, Luther, Lydius, Mack, Mann, Marshall, Martin, Matthai, Mayer, Melinger, Meredith, Mergel, Merkel, Meyer, Meyle, Mieg, Miller, Miranda, Mohr, Moll, Muhlenberg, Muller, Munzer, Nagele, Nagley, Nally, Nass, Neiss, Neisser, Nice, Nitschmann, Noble, Nothigerim, Nutt, Oehl, Oglethorpe, Otto, Owen, Pastorius, Paul, Peascify, Penn, Pettikoffer, Phillips, Piersol, Piersoll (Piercell), Pott, Preisz, Prylaeus, Rauch, Reb, Regnier, Reichel, Reiger, Reissmann, Rennels, Riem, Rismann, Ritter, Rittinghausen (Rittenhouse), Rittighausen, Roberts, Roberts, Rock, Roemeling, Roger (Rodgers), Rolande, Ronsdorffer, Roosen, Ross, Rudman, Russel, Rutter, Sangmeister, Sauer, Schaffer, Schaum, Schenk, Schilling, Schleyer, Schmeizer, Schmidt, Schneeberger, Schnorr, Schraeder, Schule, Schuppi, Schwenkfeldt, Seelig, Seidensticker, Selig, Sell, Sendivogius, Sener, Senseman, Sentonius, Seymour, Shirley, Shoemaker, Shippen, Shunk, Silberborg, Sluyter, Snowberger, Sontag, Spangenberg, Sprogel, Stall, Stamm, Stattler, Stiefel, Stoever, Storch, Stretch, Stubner, Stumpf, Stuntz, Thoma, Thomas, Tilton, Timothee, Traut, Turck (DeTurck), Ubelen, Urner, Van Bebber, Van Dieren, Vetter, Waeir, Wagner, Wahnseidel, Walter, Wartnaby, Washington, Watkins, Watson, Weber, Weigner, Weiser, Weiss, Wenzen, Weyrauch, Weyrauchs, Whitefield, Whitemarsh, Wiar, Widman, Williams, Wister, Witt, Wohlfarth, Wood, Wuster, Yvon, Zaeller, Zeisberger, Zeusinger, Ziegler, Zigenhagen, Zimmerman, Zinn, Zinzendorf

The Schwenkfelders in Pennsylvnaia - A Historical Sketch
(Julius F. Sachse, 1904, 270 pages)
This is a narrative of the Schwenkfelder sect that immigrated and settled in Pennsylvania. It begins in Europe with discussion of the group, then follows their immigration to American and settlement and life in Pennsylvania.

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