Pennsylvania Biography Collection #2 - PA-Genealogy

Pennsylvania Biography Collection #2


  • 2000

Progressive Pennsylvania (James M. Swank, 1908, 360 pages)
Who's Who in Pennsylvania - Second Edition 1908 (John W. Leonard, 1908, 602 pages)
Pennsylvania and Its Public Men (Sam Hudson, 1909, 392 pages)
Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Vol. 1-3 (John W. Jordan, 1911, 1767 pages)
The Book of Prominent Pennsylvanians A Standard Reference (Leader Publishing Co., 1913, 261 pages)
Memorial Encyclopedia of the State of Pennsylvania (James A. Ellis, 1919, 257 pages)
Smull's Legislative Handbook and Manual of the State of Pennsylvania 1920 (Excerpts) (Herman P. Miller & W. Harry Baker, 1920, 112 pages)

This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania.  These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA. 

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs. You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.


Progressive Pennsylvania (James M. Swank, 1908, 360 pages)
The full title of the book is: "Progressive Pennsylvania, A Record of the Remarkable Industrial Development of the Keystone State with some Account of its Early and its Later Transportation System, its Early Settlers, and its Prominent Men"

Who's Who in Pennsylvania - Second Edition 1908
(John W. Leonard, 1908, 602 pages)
This is the second edition of this publication originally produced in 1904.  The goal of this publication was to give "a more complete and up-to-date presentation of personal statistics of those citizens of the Commonwealth whose lives and careers are of the greatest interest and who are taking the most active and influential part in the progress and development of the State."  This volume presents brief biographical sketches of 100's of Pennsylvania's most influential people of the early 1900's.

Pennsylvania and Its Public Men (Sam Hudson, 1909, 392 pages)
This publication is an very rare reference work highlighting many prominent men of Pennsylvania.  Dozens of Pennsylvania's counties are represented, as noted below, but the majority of the individuals covered lived and worked in the Philadelphia area.  The persons who are covered were ones who worked hard to excel in their various fields: leaders of industry, men who received important appointments of public service, and others who held political office.  Included with the biographical information are hundreds of portraits - only a relative few of the subjects do not have a portrait included.  This publication is quite useful for genealogical or historical research as much of the information contained is found only in this publication.

Surnames Indexed: (Listed according to county)
Allegheny: Barchfeld, Blakeley, Brennen, Calvert, Guffey, Hagenbach, Hershman, Hosack, Keenan, Kirker, Magee, McElroy, Morrison, Oliver, Rodgers, Rook, Woodward - Bedford: Miller - Berks: Barbey, Brek, Wanner - Bucks: Hutchinson - Cambria: Murphy - Chester: Hopple, Sproul, Thomson - Clearfield: Dimeling - Columbia: Creasy, Faux, McHenry - Crawford: Andrews, Smith - Cumberland: Mumma - Dauphin: Baker, Bergner, Hershey, Meals, Meyers, Miller, Olmstead, Stackpole - Delaware: Robinson - Fayette: Crow, Kephart - Franklin: Pomeroy, Thomson - Greene: Walton - Huntingdon: Orlady - Lackawanna: Blewitt, Davis, Dimmick, Ehrhardt, Fuller, Hand, Lawler, Lynett, McDonald, O'Brien, Ripple, Robinson, Sando, Watres - Lancaster: Landis - Lebanon: Houck - Lehigh: Dewalt, Eckert, Gorman, Kistler, Lewis, Taylor - Luzerne: Catlin, Drury, DuBois, Hart, Heffernan, Kniffen, Lenahan, McAvoy, Rodda, Stegmair, Sturmer - Lycoming: Cochran, Coryell, Howard - Monroe: Palmer - Montgomery: Johnson, Smedley - Montour: Amerman - Northampton: Heller, Mutchler, Reeder, Serfass - Northumberland: Kulp, Wolverton - Philadelphia: Abrams, Acker, Adams, Bacharach, Baldi, Bambrick, Bartlett, Barton, Beaston, Beaton, Beeber, Bell, Benson, Benton, Beyer, Bingham, Black, Blum, Boney, Bowman, Brady, Brannan, Briggs, Bringhurst, Brown, Burns, Cairns, Call, Campbell, Carey, Carrigan, Carroll, Carson, Catherine, Catts, Chandler, Clark, Clay, Cofrode, Connell, Conrade, Crossan, Cuneo, Cunningham, Davis, Deardon, Delaney, Dillon, Dixon, Donnelly, Dooner, Douglas, Dougherty, Drake, Duffey, Dunlap, Dutrieville, Eckersley, Eisenbrown, Elsasser, Fahey, Faunce, Faux, Filbert, Finletter, Flathery, Fluck, Ford, Frazier, Freihofer, Funston, Gallagher, Gibboney, Gilfillan, Gillespie, Gleason, Goll, Gorman, Grady, Griffith, Gummey, Haggarty, Hammond, Harned, Harris, Harrity, Hart, Hasskarl, Hatfield, Hecht, Hetzell, Heustis, Hicks, Hogg, Horan, Houseman, Hughes, Hulton, Hunter, Hutchins, Hutt, Irwin, Jackson, Jones, Kayser, Keator, Keene, Keller, Kerkeslager, Kingston, Kinsey, King, Klemmer, Kline, Kochersperger, Lane, Laughlin, Leahy, Lee, Lewis, Loper, Lukens, MacFarland, Mackey, Mann, Manning, Martin, Mawson, McAleer, McAllister, McAvoy, McCarter, McCoach, McCurdy, McGowan, McIlhenny, McKinley, McLaughlin, McNichol, McNiece, Mecleary, Meirs, Miles, Moon, Moore, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Munyon, Murphy, Nelson, Newton, O'Donnell, O'Leary, Owen, Page, Palmer, Parker, Patterson, Patton, Pennypacker, Penrose, Peoples, Persch, Pierie, Pollock, Porter, Poth, Powers, Prettyman, Pugh, Raff, Rambo, Randall, Rensselaer, Reyburn, Richardson, Riter, Roesch, Roma, Rosenburg, Rotan, Rothermel, Ryan, Scattergood, Scott, Seger, Sellers, Shepherd, Shern, Shoch, Shoyer, Snowden, Soulas, South, Spielberger, Stevenson, Stuart, Sykes, Thornton, Tobin, Toughill, Tower, Vale, Vare, Vodges, Wacker, Wagner, Walter, Walton, Warwick, Weaver, Weightman, Whitmer, Widdis, Wiggins, Wilkins, Williams, Wilson, Wolf, Woodruff, Wright, Wrigley, Yarger, Young - Perry: McClure - Pike: Rowland - Schuylkill: Coyle, Houck - Somerset: Berkey - Venango: Hulings - Warren: Andrews - Washington: Bentley - Wayne: Fuerth - Westmoreland: Huff - Wyoming: Shields - York: McConkey

Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania Genealogical
and Personal Memoirs Vol. 1-3 (John W. Jordan, 1911, 1767 pages)
This publication is an extensive collection of biographical information on prominent early families of Pennsylvania.  Starting with the Penn family, this it relates personal and genealogical details of some of the founding families of the state, in some cases up to the beginning of the 20th century.  Also included are numerous portraits of the sketch subjects.  This is an extremely useful resource for research in Pennsylvania as much of the information contained is found only in this publication.

Surnames Indexed:
Abbott, Adams, Agnew, Allen, Alicks, Ammon, Anderson, Anshutz, Archer, Ashhurst, Ashmead, Ashton, Askin, Atherton, Atkinson, Atlee, Babcock, Bache, Backus, Baird, Baker, Balch, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Barker, Barlow, Barnes, Baylor, Beaver, Beeson, Benners, Bennett, Benson, Bevan, Biddle, Bidwell, Bigger, Bill, Bispham, Bissll, Blackshaw, Blaine, Blanchard, Blight, Blynn, Bodine, Boggs, Bonsall, Borden, Bournonville, Bosbyshell, Bower, Boyer, Breed, Brewster, Brice, Brickell, Briggs, Brodhead, Brooks, Brown, Bryden, Buhoup, Bull, Bunting, Burchfield, Burnham, Burns, Burroughs, Butler, Caldwell, Calvert, Carpenter, Carson, Carstairs, Carter, Cass, Cassatt, Cassidy, Chaplin, Chase, Child, Childs, Chew, Christophers, Cilley, Cist, Clapp, Clark, Clarke, Collins, Comegys, Conarroe, Convers, Converse, Cooke, Corbin, Corcoran, Coventry, Cowgill, Coyle, Craft, Craig, Crispin, Crosby, Crowell, Culbertson, Culver, Curil, Curtin, Cuthbert, Darlington, Darrah, Darte, Daubeney, Davis, Day, De Armit, Dechert, Decker, Cenny, Derr, Dickey, Dickinson, Diehl, Donaldson, Duane, Eaton, Edge, Ellison, Ellithorp, Elkins, Emlen, Erwin, Esher, Eshleman, Etting, Evans, Eveland, Eyre, Farr, Fassett, Ferguson, Findley, Fine, Finney, Fisher, Fisk, Flagg, Follansbee, Fox, Franklin, Frazer, Freeman, Frey, Friend, Fuller, Galt, Gardiner, Gardner, Garrett, Gilpin, Gleffer, Goodwin, Gregg, Griffith, Haddock, Haines, Hall, Hamill, Hamilton, Hanna, Harbert, Hart, Haseltine, Hathaway, Hays, Hayward, Henderson, Henry, Herron, Hewson, Heyl, Hill, Hillman, Hodgson, Hollenback, Hollingsworth, Hohne, Holmes, Hopkins, Horne, Horner, Horter, Houston, Howard, Howell, Howland, Hudson, Huff, Hughes, Hull, Humbird, Hunt, Hunting, Huntington, Husted, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutton, Ingalls, Irish, Irwin, Jamison, Jardin, Jarvis, Jefferis, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Key, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kent, Kimball, Kimber, King, Kingsbury, Kinney, Kirk, Knight, Knox, Kroesen, Kuhn, Kuhns, Ladd, Lammot, Lane, Larimer, Lathrop, Latta, Laughlin, Leaming, Lee, Leech, Leeds, Lennig, Levis, Liggett, Lindsay, Lippincott, Lloyd, Lockart, Logan, Logue, Lombard, Lovejoy, Lowrie, Lydick, Lyne, Lyon, McCall, McCandless, McClean, McClellan, McClintock, McCloud, McCurdy, McIlvain, McKay, McKean, McKennan, McKnight, McMasters, Maag, Machesney, Maclay, Madeira, Magee, Malcolm, Mallery, Mann, Marshall, Marston, Martin, Mason, Matlack, Mehard, Mellick, Mellon, Mercur, Merrill, Metcalf, Miller, Miner, Mitchell, Molton, Montgomery, Moon, Moor, Moore, Morgan, Morrell, Morris, Morrow, Mosier, Moulder, Mowry, Mulford, Murfree, Murray, Neale, Neff, Neville, Newhall, Newlin, Nice, Nichols, Norris, Ogden, O'Hara, Olney, Osborne, Osbourn, Oswald, Page, Paine, Palmer, Parker, Patterson, Patton, Paul, Paulson, Peale, Peat, Peet, Peirce, Pemberton, Pendleton, Penney, Penn, Pennypacker, Penrose, Pequignot, Perot, Perrin, Philips, Phillips, Pinkerton, Piper, Plumly, Plumstead, Plunket, Polhemus, Porter, Potter, Powell, Preble, Preston, Price, Purves, Purviance, Putnam, Rawle, Rawson, Rea, Reed, Reineman, Richards, Ricketts, Riter, Rhoads, Robb, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson, Rodman, Rouse, Ruffner, Rupp, Rush, Sailor, Salisbury, Saltonstall, Samson, Sanderson, Sankey, Sayre, Sayres, Scott, Sellers,Semple, Sergeant, Serrill, Shallcross, Sharp, Shattuck, Shaw, Sheakley, Sheppard, Shewell, Shippen, Shiras, Shober, Shoemaker, Shriver, Sill, Simmons, Singer, Slaymaker, Sloan, Smith, Snowden, Sooy, Spalding, Spangler, Sparhawk, Spaulding, Spencer, Stark, Steel, Steelman, Stephens, Stevens, Stevenson, Sullivan, Swift, Taggart, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Tilghman, Tingley, Townsend, Treese, Turnbull, Tyson, Van Horn, Van Leer, Van Osten, Vanuxem, Vinton, Waddell, Wade, Wagner, Wainwrightt, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Waln, Walter, Ward, Wardell, Warner, Waterbury, Wayne, Weaver, Weitzel, Wells, Wentworth, Westcott, Wetherill, Wharton, Whelen, White, Whitehill, Whiting, Whitney, Wiederseim, Wignall, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willing, Willis, Wilson, Winsheimer, Winslow, Wistar, Wister, Wolfe, Woolf, Woodnut, Worrell, Wurts, Wynkoop, Wynne, Yardley, Yeater, Zane

The Book of Prominent Pennsylvanians
A Standard Reference (Leader Publishing Co., 1913, 261 pages)
This publication provides historical and biographical sketches of some of the influential persons who shaped Pennsylvania's growth and development in various arenas.

Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Allderdice, Anawalt, Arbuthnot, Arrott, Arthur, Babcock, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Balsinger, Bane, Barbour, Barchfeld, Barnes, Barnett, Barr, Bassett, Beal, Beatty, Beegle, Bell, Belsterling, Benedrum, Bessemer, Bigelow, Bihler, Bittner, Blackburn, Blair, Boileau, Bope, Bown, Boyd, Brainard, Brashear, Brennen, Brown, Brownfield, Bryan, Bryson, Buchanan, Bughman, Burgan, Burke, Burleigh, Burnett, Byrne, Callery, Campbell, Carnegie, Carpenter, Carr, Cassidy, Cauffiel, Chalfant, Cipperley, Clark, Clarkson, Coates, Coggins, Connelley, Cooper, Copeland, Corbett, Corey, Craver, Crawford, Cray, Croft, Crow, D'Isa, Danner, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Dawes, De Coursey, Denny, Didier, Diehl Dies, Dinkey, Dixon, Donley, Donnelly, Donner, Duff, Duggan, Dunn, Eaton, Eggers, Elwood, Emge, English, Estep, Evans, Ewing, Fagan, Famous, Ferguson, Ferrigan, Fichtel, Finley, Fischer, Flaherty, Flannery, Fletcher, Flinn, Flowers, Foster, Frauenheim, Freeland, Frick, Frisbee, Fullman, Furlan, Fulton, Fusarini, Gaddis, Galey, Garland, Garlick, Gibson, Giffen, Gillespie, Gittings, Glesenkamp, Gloekler, Gordon, Gosser, Graft, Graham, Gray, Guffey, Gumbert, Guthrie, Gwinner, Hagan, Hamerschlag, Hamilton, Hammill, Hancock, Hansen, Harton, Haverty, Hazlett, Heckelman, Heinz, Hepburn, Herron, Hershey, Higbee, Hill, Hinckley, Hindman, Hoeveler, Hogg, Holland, Holmes, Holt, Hostetter, Howe, Howley, Hubbard, Hudson, Hugus, Hulings, Humphreys, Hunter, Hutchison, Irons, Irvin, Jamison, Jenkins, Jenks, Johns, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kahle, Kearns, Keefe, Kefover, Keister, Kelly, Kelson, Kendall, Kennedy, Kent, Keppel, Kerr, Kilpatrick, Kirby, Kleman, Kneedler, Knox, Kreusler, Kuhn, Lambing, Lang, Latrobe, Laughner, Leggate, Leonard, Loresch, Lowry, Lutz, Lyne, Magee, Markell, Martin, Marvin, McCaffrey, McCague, McCandless, McClung, McCook, McCormick, McCoy, McCrum, McCurdy, McCgillick, McKalip, McKay, McKean, McKelvy, McKinney, McLeod, McMasters, McQueen, McSwiggan, Mehard, Mercer, Miller, Monro, Moore, Morin, Morningstar, Mudge, Muehlbronner, Mueller, Muir, Murphy, Myler, Natali, Nesbit, Nimick, Nirella, Norton, O'Donnel, Orr, Osburn, O'Shell, Osmer, Osterling, Over, Overent, Overholt, Owens, Painter, Parkin, Patch, Patterson, Pepperday, Perkins, Pfeil, Phipps, Pierce, Pittock, Plumer, Porter, Powell, Ramsey, Rankin, Rath, Rauh, Ray, Reed, Reilly, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rice, Richard, Rieger, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rodd, Rodgers, Rose, Rowand, Rowe, Rowland, Ruske, Saxman, Saxton, Savage, Scandrett, Schiller, Schlieper, Schmidt, Schrack, Schusler, Schwab, Scott, Searight, Searle, Semans, Seymour, Shaw, Sheppard, Simeral, Singer, Smart, Smith, Stiley, Snowdon, Soles, Spang, Spindler, Spane, Stephens, Sterling, Stickel, Stone, Stoner, Sturgis, Succop, Summers, Sunstein, Swope, Tanney, Taylor, Telling, Theiss, Thomas, Thompson, Tim, Torrence, Trautman, Tredway, Trees, Trent, Trimble, Turner, Utley, Vandergrift, Vilsack, Volz, Wakefield, Walter, Walters, Ward, Warren, Wasson, Watson, Watterson, Weil, Weir, Weller, Werner, Wesley, Westinghouse, Whyel, Wick, Williams, Wise, Woods, Work, Worthington, Yohe, Zahniser, Zenn

Memorial Encyclopedia of the State of Pennsylvania
(James A. Ellis, 1919, 257 pages)
This publication is a historical and biographical volume on some of the most influential citizens of Pennsylvania at the start of the 20th Century.  The lives of important men and families from all areas of the state are sketched, providing biographical and genealogical information in abundance.  Many of the people covered in this volume are not covered by others from the state, and many sketches are also accompanied by a portrait of the main sketch subject.

Surnames Indexed:
Bard, Blair, Bower, Brown, Cahoe, Carnegie, Confer, Cummings, Davis, Drexel, Dubbs, Ellinger, Eyrich, Feather, Focht, Frech, German, Graeff, Green, Greenawalt, Grumbine, Hain, Hamlin, Hawkins, Heim, Heinz, Hess, Hoffman, Houser, Johnson, Kaufman, Keyser, Le Van, MacLean, Markert, McCauley, Mehring, Melhorn, Merritt, Nagel, Nicholas, Noack, Oberst, Ogden, Packer, Pennypacker (Pannebecker), Price, Printz, Rauenzahn, Rinkenbach, Roland, Rothermel, Saylor, Schlappich, Shaaber, Shaffer, Shisler, Shultz, Simonetti, Smith, Snell, Spang, Treon, Watson, Wertz, Westinghouse, Whelan, WIlson

Smull's Legislative Handbook and Manual
of the State of Pennsylvania 1920 (Excerpts)
(Herman P. Miller & W. Harry Baker, 1920, 112 pages)
Smull's legislative Handbook is a collection of laws, proceedures, directories, etc., published as a reference work for lawmakers and others in government in PA.  In addition to the general reference information there are also biographies and portraits of many who served in the State government in 1920, including the Governor and his staff, Senators, House Members, and those who served as various department heads.  Another useful addition to this publication is list of all state employees, listing the employee's name, position and department.  This selection contains only excerpts from this publication which are of historical or genealogical value.

(These are listed by the county where they were the subject was born [if in PA], other wise by the county in which they lived or served at the time of publishing )
Adams: Beales, Benchoff, Miller, Allegheny: Armstrong, Baldridge, Connelley, Dithrich, Einstein, Geary, Goodnough, Murdoch, Whitten, Armstrong: Barr, Curry, Turner, Beaver: Craig, Woodward, Bedford: Dewey, Mearkle, Berks: Brendle, Sassaman, Blair: Kephart, Snyder, Bucks: Buckman, Butler: Clutton, Moore, Cambria: Bell, Davis, Tompkins, Carbon: Clements, Evans, Chester: Baldwin, Conner, Clarion: Fox, Reed, Clearfield: Donahue, Miller, Woods, Crawford: Bolard, Finney, Cumberland: Beckley, Bowman, Sadler, Dauphin: Beidleman, McConnell, Smith, Snyder, Delaware: Alexander, Eyre, Elk: Flynn, Erie: Nason, Rilling, Fayette: Bungard, Collier, Crow, Knox, Franklin: Barnhart, Fulton: Comerer, Green: Allum, Shelby, Indiana: Davis, Graff, Fisher, Lackawanna: Davis, Dawson, Ehrhardt, Fowler, Lancaster: Brecht, Diehm, Haldeman, Homsher, Sproul, Lebanon: Bechtold, Lehigh: Beary, Benninger, Schantz, Luzerne: Brislin, Catlin, Davis, Templeton, Woodward, Lycoming: Bidelspacher, Sones, McKean: Baldwin, Catlin, Fitzgibbon, Mercer: Bigler, Campbell, Mifflin: Corbin, Montgomery: Blanck, Boyd, Evans, , Northampton: Hackett, Perry: Bower, Crum, Leiby, Philadelphia: Aron, Baldi, Benn, Bennett, Brady, Bucher, Campbell, Clement, Colville, Cox, Crawford, Crockett, Curry, Daix, De Lemmo, Dilsheimer, Donaldson, Drinkhouse, Dunn, Ephraim, Fox, Franklin, Gans, Glass, Golder, Gray, Martin, McDevitt, McNichol, Montgomery, Patton, Penrose, Salus, Schaffer, Vare, Schuylkill: Donneley, Heaton, Somerset: Miller, Susquehanna: Adams, Ainey, Jones, Venango: Foster, Phipps, Washington: Curran, Day, Herron, Wayne: Barnes, Buller, Westmoreland: Coldsmith, Goehring, Leslie, Weaver, Wyoming: DeWitt, York: Brooks, Cook, Marlow