Pennsylvania Biography Collection #1 - PA-Genealogy

Pennsylvania Biography Collection #1


  • 2000

Biographical Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania of the Nineteenth Century (Galaxy Publishing Company, 1874, 885 pages)
Continenal Sketches of Distinguished Pennsylvanians (David R. B. Nevin, 1875, 248 pages)
Some Pennsylvania Women During the War of the Revolution (William Henry Egle, 1898, 207 pages)
Prominent and Progressive Pennsylvanians of the Nineteenth Century, Vol. 1-3 (L. M. Williamson, 1898, 2622 pages)
The Progressive Men of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vol. 1 & 2 (Col. Charles Blanchard, 1900, 1032 pages)
Who's Who in Pennsylvania (Lewis R. Hamersly, 1904, 842 pages)
Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of the State of Pennsylvania Vol. 1 & 2 (Lewis Publishing Company, 1904, 1076 pages)

This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania.  These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA. 

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs. You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Biographical Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania of the Nineteenth Century (Galaxy Publishing Company, 1874, 885 pages)
This is an early and obscure biographical reference work on Pennsylvania.  It represents the whole of the state, providing hundreds of biographical sketches on important and influential men from nearly every county.  These men were ones who worked hard to excel in their various fields: leaders of industry, business, education, religion, men who received important appointments of public service, and others who held various political or military offices.  Many of the individuals were native to Pennsylvania, while others who grew to importance came from other states in the Union or even other countries.

This is an important reference work of Pennsylvania biography.  A few of the individuals herein were also covered in other historical or biographical volumes, but the vast majority were not.  Therefore, this is the only source of information publicly published on the majority these citizens, making this a very valuable tool for genealogical or historical research.  Additionally, nearly 300 of the sketches contain portraits of the sketch subject.

Surnames Indexed:
Abbey, Abbott, Addison, Agnew, Ainey, Albright, Alcorn, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Alricks, Ammon, Anderson, Andrews, Archbold, Armstrong, Ashmead, Atkins, Atlee, Babbitt, Baber, Bache, Bailey, Bailly, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Baldy, Bannan, Barcroft, Barker, Barnes, Barr, Bartholomew, Bartol, Barton, Bartram, Baumgardner, Bausman, Bayley, Bayne, Beale, Beard, Beath, Beaumont, Bechtel, Beck, Bedell, Beebe, Beidelman, Bell, Bement, Bennett, Benson, Betz, Bickley, Bidle, Biery, Bigham, Bigler, Billmeyer, Bingham, Binkerd, Binney, Birney, Bispham, Bitner, Black, Blackford, Blackmore, Blair, Blakely, Blodget, Blumer, Boardman, Boker, Bolton, Bomberger, Borda, Boreman, Borhek, Borie, Boudinot, Boyd, Boyer, Bradford, Brandes, Branson, Brewer, Brewster, Brice, Brick, Bridgens, Brinckmann, Brisbin, Brockie, Brockway, Brodhead, Bromley, Brooke, Brooks, Broomall, Brown, Browne, Bryden, Buchanan, Bucher, Buckalew, Buckingham, Budd, Bullitt, Bullock, Bunton, Burgess, Burgwin, Burns, Burroughs, Bushong, Butcher, Calder, Caldwell, Calvin, Camac, Cameron, Campbell, Carey, Carnahan, Carpenter, Carrigan, Casey, Cash, Cassatt, Cassidy, Cessna, Chain, Chambers, Chandler, Chapman, Chidsey, Childs, Christ, Christy, Church, Claghorn, Clark, Clarke, Clayton, Clement, Clymer, Coates, Cochran, Coffey, Coffin, Coleman, Collier, Collis, Colwell, Comly, Compton, Conrad, Conyngham, Cooke, Cooper, Cope, Coppee, Corson, Covode, Craig, Crease, Crenshaw, Cresson, Crew, Croskey, Crozer, Cummins, Curry, Curtin, Curtis, Cutler, Cuyler, Da Costa, Dahlgren, Dale, Dallas, Daniel, Darlington, Darragh, Davis, Davison, Dawson, De France, Delamater, Denny, Denues, Derbyshire, Dern, Derrickson, De Schweinitz, Detwiler, Devereux, Dewitt, Dickeson, Dickey, Dickinson, Dickson, Dill, Disston, Dolph, Domenec, Donaldson, Doran, Doster, Dougal, Dougherty, Douglass, Downing, Drake, Drew, Drexel, Drysdale, Duane, Ducachet, Duff, Duffee, Duhring, Duncan, Dundore, Dunglison, Dunning, Duponceau, Doront, Dysart, Earp, Eberhart, Eby, Eckert, Edge, Edwards, Egle, Elkins, Ellet, Elliott, Ellis, Ely, Emerson, Etting, Evans, Everhart, Ewing, Eyre, Fahnestock, Fairman, Fales, Farnum, Faulkner, Faust, Fearon, Fellows, Felton, Ferguson, Fertig, Fessenden, Fetterman, Filer, Finletter, Finney, Fish, Fisher, Flanders, Fleming, Foltz, Ford, Forman, Forney, Forward, Forwood, Foster, Fox, France, Franklin, Frazer, Freas, Fry, Fulton, Furness, Futhey, Gangewer, Gara, Garretson, Garrison, Garsed, Gartside, Gates, Gatzmer, Gazzam, Geary, Geise, Geist, George, Getz, Gibson, Gilfillan, Gillmore, Gilpin Girard, Glisson, Gordon, Gorman, Gotthold, Gould, Gowen, Graff, Graham, Grant, Gray, Gregle, Green, Greenough, Gregg, Grier, Griffen, Griffin, Griggs, Griswold, Grittinger, Gross, Grubb, Guetter, Guilford, Haberman, Hagenman, Hagner, Haldeman, Hall, Halsey, Hambright, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hancock, Hand, Handy, Harding, Hare, Harley, Harman, Harmer, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Hartranft, Hartshorne, Harvey, Hastings, Hay, Hayes, Haywood, Heaton, Heiges, Heintzelman, Heister, Hellings, Henry, Henszey, Hering, Herr, Heverin, Hewitt, Hibberd, Hickman, Hickok, Hildrup, Hill, Hilles, Hinchman, Hirst, Hodge, Hodgson, Hoffman, Hollenback, Hollister, Hooper, Hopkins, Hopkinson, Horton, Hostetter, Houston, Howard, Howe, Howell, Hubbell, Huidekoper, Hulick, Hulme, Humphreys, Huselton, Huston, Hyatt, Imbrie, Ingersoll, Ingham, Irving, Jack, Jackson, Jacobus, James, Jamison, Jenks, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kaler, Kamerly, Kane, Kauffman, Kaufman, Kearns, Keim, Kelker, Kelly, Kennedy, Kerns, Kerr, Kilgore, King, Kingsbury, Kintzing, Kirkham, Kline, Knabb, Kneass, Knight, Kramer, Kunkel, Lacoe, Landell, Landenberger, Landreth, Langfitt, Lardner, Larkin, La Roche, Latta, Laudenslager, Lauer, Law, Lawrence, Lea, Lear, Ledward, Leet, Leidy, Lenthall, Lerch, Le Van, Levis, Lewis, Lex, Lilly, Linderman, Line, Linton, Lippe, Lippincott, Little, Littleton, Logan, Long, Loper, Loughridge, Lowrie, Lowry, Lucas, Luckenbach, Ludlow, Ludwig, Luther, Lyon, Macalester, Macarthur, Mackenzie, Mackey, MacVeagh, Maddox, Magarge, Magee, Mahon, Maisch, Malcom, Manley, Mann, Marshall, Martin, Massey, Maury, Maxwell, Mayer, McAllister, McCamant, McCandless, McCartney, McCauley, McClellan, McClintock, McClure, McClusky, McConkey, McCormick, McCreary, McCredy, McCrum, McCuen, McDevitt, McFarland, McHose, McIlvain, McJunkin, McKean, McKnight, McManus, McMichael, McNair, McNeill, McQuitlen, McSherry, Meade, Megargee, Melvin, Meredith, Merrifield, Metzger, Miles, Miller, Milliken, Milnes, Minor, Mintzer, Mitchell, Moeser, Montgomery, Montooth, Moore, Moorhead, Morgan, Morris, Morton, Mott, Muhlenberg, Mullen, Mumma, Murphy, Murray, Musgrave, Musselman, Musser, Myer, Myers, Neafie, Neagle, Negley, Neidhard, Nes, Nevin, Newell, Newkirk, Newkumet, Newlin, Newmyer, Newton, Noble, Noblit, Norris, North, Noyes, Nutting, Odenheimer, Orne, Orr, Orth, Ottinger, Otto, Packer, Page, Palmer, Pancoast, Parke, Parker, Parkhurst, Parrish, Parry, Patterson, Patton, Paul, Pearsol, Pearson, Pease, Peirce, Pender, Pennypacker, Pepper, Perkins, Peters, Peterson, Pettis, Phelps, Phillips, Physick, Pitcairn, Pleasanton, Pleasants, Pollock, Pomeroy, Porter, Pott, Potter, Potts, Poulson, Pretz, Price, Prince, Prizer, Pugh, Purviance, Quay, Quier, Ralston, Ramey, Randall, Rathfon, Rawle, Read, Reed, Reeder, Reese, Repplier, Reynolds, Rice,Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Riddle, Ridgway, Riland, Rinehart, Roberts, Robinson, Rockefeller, Rogers, Rohrer, Rollins, Romig, Rooke, Ross, Rothermel, Rowe, Rowland, Rush, Rutan, Sallade, Sanderson, Sanford, Sank, Sargent, Saunders, Sayre, Schall, Schlundecker, Schomacker, Schriver, Scofield, Scott, Scranton, Selfridge, Semple, Sener, Shaffer, Shanafeld, Sharp, Sharpless, Sharswood, Sheafer, Shenk, Sheppard, Sherrerd, Shillingford, Shippen, Shiras, Shock, Shoemaker, Shortridge, Shurlock, Sill, Sillyman, Simpson, Sims, Sinnott, Siter, Slack, Slemmer, Slifer, Sloan, Smith, Smull, Snodgrass, Snowden, Snyder, South, Spaulding, Speer, Speilman, Spencer, Spering, Sprecher, Stanton, Stauffer, Steel, Stellwagen, Sterrett, Stetson, Stevens, Stewart, Stichter, Stille, Stinson, Stokes, Storm, Stowe, Stranahan, Strang, Strawbridge, Strong, Stroud, Struthers, Sully, Sutton, Swain, Swann, Swarr, Sawyne, Sweitzer, Taggart, Talley, Taylor, Temple, Thayer, Thickstun, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Throop, Tiedemann, Todd, Topper, Tower, Townsend, Trainer, Treacy, Tredick, Tripp, Trotter, Vandergrift, Vanderslice,Van Reed, Vaux, Veech, Vincent, Waddell, Wadsworth, Wagner, Walker, Wallace, Walls, Walter, Walters, Walton, Ward, Warner, Watmough, Watson, Watts, Waxler, Way, Weakley, Weaver, Webster, Weiss, Welles, Welsh, West, Wetherill, Wetmore, Wharton, Wheatley, Whilden, Whitaker, Whitall, White, Whitman, Wickersham, Wiestling, Wilbur, Wildman, Wiler, Wilhelm, Wilkins, Willard, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Windrim, Winton, Wisner, Wister, Withrow, Wolle, Womrath, Wood, Woodruff, Woods, Woodward, Worrell, Worthington, Wright, Yerkes, Yingst, Young, Zahm, Zeigler, Zern

Continenal Sketches of Distinguished Pennsylvanians
(David R. B. Nevin, 1875, 248 pages)
This is an early book of Pennsylvania Biography, providing historical and biographical sketches of a number of influential men in Pennsylvania's history.

Surnames Indexed:
Armstrong, Biddle, Cadwalader, Clymer, Dickinson, Franklin, Fulton, Hopkinson, Gibson, Irvine, McKean, Mifflin, Morris, Morton, Muhlenberg, Porter, Reed, Ross, Rush, St. Clair, Smith, Taylor, Wayne, West, Williamson, Wilson

Some Pennsylvania Women During the War of the Revolution
(William Henry Egle, 1898, 207 pages)
This is a collection of biographical and historical accounts on numerous female relatives of Revolutionary heroes from Pennsylvania.  It highlights their "patriotism, sufferings and self-denials", and provides an excellent source for research.

Surnames Indexed:
Allison, Armstrong, Atlee, Brady, Brodhead, Brown, Bull, Burd, Chambers, Clark, Clingan, Cook, Cooke, Corbin, Covenhoven, Crawford, Davidson, Davies, Foster, Gibson, Graydon, Hand, Hamilton, Hartley, Hays, Henry, Hepburn, Irvine, Irwin, Johnston, Lowrey, McAlister, McClean, McCormick, McFarland, McKee, Macpherson, Magaw, Mickley, Mifflin, Montgomery, Moorhead, Morris, Murray, Neville, O'Hara, Piper, Plumer, Poe, Pollock, Porter, Reily, Rosbrugh, St. Clair, Simpson, Sproat, Stewart, Swetland, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Traill, Wallis, Watts, Wayne, Weygandt

Prominent and Progressive Pennsylvanians of the
Nineteenth Century, Vol. 1-3 (L. M. Williamson, 1898, 2622 pages)
This is an extensive biographical publication on the prominent and influential men of Pennsylvania prior to the 20th Century.  It sketches the lives and careers of hundreds of individuals from all over the state, and these men represent all manner of business, industry, and government.  Along with each biographical sketch there is also a fine portrait of the subject.

Biographical Sketches Vol. 1
Acheson, Adams, Africa, Amerman, Armstrong, Ashman,Baily, Barnett, Baugh, Beaver, Bernardy, Biddle, Bigler, Blabon, Boardman, Boyer, Bromley, Brown, Budd, Burchfield, Butterworth, Carr, Chaplin, Clothier, Coburn, Comegys, Connell, Connell, Conwell, Cox, Craig, Cramp, Crawford, Day, Dean, Dechert, Doran, Edge, Edmunds, Elkin, Elkins, Elverson, Erdman, Fagan, Fell, Ferguson, Fisher, Fleming, Foederer, Ford, Foulkrod, Fouse, Fox, Furst, Garrett, Gazzam, Geyer, Gill, Given, Gordon, Green, Griscom, Hancock, Hanna, Harrity, Hastings, Haywood, Hicks, Hill, Humes, Hutchinson, Hyde, Karsner, Keator, Keen, Kulp, Lankenau, Lautenbach, Lawrence, Lowry, Magargee, Mestrezat, Mitchell, Montgomery, Morris, Morrison, Morwitz, Mylin, McClure, McCollum, McCormick, McLaughlin, McLean, Obdyke, Oellers, Orlady, Page, Paxson, Penrose, Perkins, Pitcairn, Porter, Prevost, Pugh, Quay, Rea, Read, Reeder, Reilly, Rhawn, Rice, Richards, Riebenack, Righter, Rilling, Ripple, Roach, Roberts, Rorer, Rorke, Rothermel, Ryan, Search, Sheppard, Shields, Shippen, Shortridge, Singerly, Smith, Smithers, Sterrett, Stetson, Stineman, Sulzberger, Thomson, Thompson, Throop, Tower, Tyndale, Vandling, Wainwright, Walker, Walton, Warwick, Watres, Watson, Wells, Wernwag, Whitney, Whickham, Widerer, Willard, Williams, Windrim, Wistar, Witherow, Wood, Woods, Woodside,Yerkes, Young

Biographical Sketches Vol. 2
Adaire, Adams, Addicks, Alexander, Allen, Amilon, Anderson, Andrews, Asbury, Ashbridge, Baer, Beates, Bigler, Blum, Bolles, Booth, Borgner, Bower, Bowman, Boyd, Boyle, Bradley, Brightly, Brooks, Brown, Bullitt, Callery, Cantrell, Carr, Carruth, Casanova, Clark, Clausen, Clement, Crankshaw, Croskey, Dale, Davis, Deemer, De Haven, Delaney, Detweiler, Dudley, Dyer, Eastburn, Elliott, England, Evans, Faunce, Fertig, Fletcher, Fritz, Gandy, Geary, Gest, Gibbs, Bill, Gilpin, Gilroy, Graham, Grant, Graves, Greene, Griffiths, Gripp, Groves, Guffey, Guiteras, Hackett, Fall, Halterman, Hardenbergh, Harris, Garrison, Harvey, Haugh, Hawkes, Henning, Herzog, Hoyt, Huey, Hulshizer, Hunt, Ingham, James, Jeitles, Kauffman, Keech, Kemp, Kinsey, Lambert, Lanius, Law, Lewis, Lindsey, Longaker, Lutz, Mack, mackey, maloney, Maneelym Mann, Marks, Marr, Marshall, Merrick, Meyers, Mishler, Moir, Moyer, Myers, MacLeod, McAleer, McCahan, McClain, McCullen, McGinley, McKean, McNaughton, McNichol, Olmstead, O'Donnell, Page, Palen, Park, Parsons, Pattison, Pepper, Peterson, Pierie, Porter, Price, ralston, Rambo, Reach, Rex, Richards, Rogers, Ryon, Schaffer, Schumann, Seif, Seltzer, Sever, Sheedy, Shindel, Shipley, Shock, Slingluff, Smith, Snyder, South, Strittmatter, Supplee, Swartz, Thorn, Tupper, Turnbull, Tyson, Veale, Wanger, Watson, Wharton, Whitney, Wolfe, Woverton, Wrigley

Biographical Sketches Vol. 3
Allman, Alter, Antelo, Arnold, Arundel, Atherton, Baum, Berens, Betz, Bohannan, Boney, Boyer, Brewster, Brooke, Bunn, Cameron, Campbell, Cassidy, Childs, Clymer, Crossan, Crozer, Cruice, Curren, Curtin, DeCoursey, Denlinger, Dickson, Durham, Dwight, Earle, Edwards, Egle, Fahy, Fetterolf, Firth, Flagg, Focht, Fow, French, Gage, Gillett, Gillingham, Gobin, Grady, Graham, Grier, Grist, Hall, Hanifen, Hartranft, Haupt, Heisler, Henry, Hess, Hewson, Himmelreich, Hollinshead, Hipkins, Huhn, Hulsizer, Hunsicker, Jones, Keyser, Kobler, Kynett, Ladner, Larzelere, Lenahan, Leonhardt, Lewis, Linderman, Lindsay, Lombaert, Lukens, Manderson, Marsden, Martin, Massey, Mathues, Merrick, Miller, Mohr, Moon, Morris, Morse, Mortonm Moyer, Muhlenberg, Muller, Munyon, McCarrell, McCarthy, McCauley, McConnell, McCrea, McFadden, McFetridge, McManus, McWade, Nead, Neale, North, Nunez, O'Callaghan, Osborne, Patton, Pearson, Piper, Pitcairn, Porter, Redheffer, Ridgway, Robinson. Rowland, Samuel, Sanders, Schissler, Schnure, Scholes, Schutte, Segal, Shoemaker, Smithman, Snowden, Snyder, Solis, Steigerwald, Steinmetz, Stevens, Stinson, Teller, Tennis, Terry, Thole, Thomas, Thompson, Tustin, Vare, Wanner, Warren, Waterhouse, Weger, Whitmer, Wilson, Wood, Young  

The Progressive Men of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Vol. 1 & 2 (Col. Charles Blanchard, 1900, 1032 pages)
This is an extensive biographical publication on the prominent and influential men of Pennsylvania prior to the 20th Century.  It sketches the lives and careers of many individuals and families from all over the state, and these represent all manner of business, industry, and government.  With many of the biographical sketches there is also a portrait of the main subject.

Surnames Indexed:
Acheson, Africa, Agnew, Allen, Allison, Amerman, Anderton, Andrews, Armstrong, Arnold, Ashman, Atlee, Baer, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Barnett, Barr, Baumgardner, Beale, Beaumont, Beaver, Biddle, Bierer, Bigler, Black, Blodget, Bohannan, Bolard, Borgner, Bowman, Boyer, Boyle, Bradford, Brennan, Brockett, Brown, Buchanan, Bullitt, Calder, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell, Carruth, Casey, Chamberlain, Chatland, Childs, Clark, Cleaver, Clymer, Collier, Collins, Connell, Conyngham, Cope, Coulson, Cowan, Cramp, Crawford, Croson, Crown, Cruice, Cubbison, Curtin, Dale, Daniel, Darragh, Davidson, Davis, Dean, Dechert, Denny, Dickson, Doughtery, Dravo, Dudley, Duffy, Dunham, Earle, Eckert, Edge, Egle, Elkin, Ellis, Elverson, Enfield, England, Fagan, Fawcett, Fell, Ferguson, Fertig, Fisher, Focht, Forney, Fox, Franklin, Frazer, Fritz, Fulton, Gamble, Geary, Gibson, Gilpen, Girard, Gobin, Gordon, Grady, Graham, Grant, Greble, Green, Greene, Greenland, Greenough, Greer, Hamilton, Harris, Harrity, Harrold, Hartman, Hartranft, Hartshorne, Harvey, Hastings, Haupt, Hays, Haywood, Hazelton, Hazen, Heintzelman, Hellings, Henning, Heydrick, Himmelreich, Hollenback, Hosack, Howe, Howell, Hoyt, Hubbell, Hulings, Humbert, Hussey, Hutchison, Irwin, Jackson, Jeffries, Jennings, Johns, Jordan, Keaggy, Kefover, Keighley, Keim, Kenip, Kennedy, King, Kline, Kulp, Lambing, Lanius, Lenahan, Lenhart, Lewis, Lindsey, Lockwood, Lomison, Longaker, Lowry, Lyon, Macalester, Mackey, Magee, MacLeod, Marr, Marshall, Maxwell, Maynard, McAleer, McBryar, McCandless, McCarney, McClure, McCollough, McCollum, McCormick, McCrum, McKean, McKee, McKeown, McLaughlin, McLeod, McNamara, Meade, Mechling, Meredith, Merrill, Miller, Mishler, Mitchell, Moore, Moorehead, Morris, Morrison, Moyer, Muhlenburg, Mullen, Musgrave, Myers, Mylin, Negley, Nesbit, Newell, Nill, Nolan, O'Brien, Olmsted, Osborne, Osmer, Packer, Page, Patterson, Pattison, Paxson, Penn, Penrose, Perksin, Phillips, Pollock, Porter, Price, Quay, Read, Reed, Reeder, Reihing, Reppert, Rex, Rhawn, Rice, Richards, Rilling, Ritchey, Ritts, Roberts, Robinson, Ross, Ryan, Ryon, Saltsman, Sankey, Sayre, Schenck, Scott, Scranton, Searight, Sener, Selfridge, Shannon, Shinglingford, Shindel, Shock, Shortridge, Singfull, Slack, Slease, Smith, Smithman, Snowden, Snyder, Soisson, Springer, Stanton, Steelsmith, Stellwagen, Sterrett, Stetson, Stevens, Stineman, Stone, Stough, Struthers, Sullivan, Sully, Taylor, Tener, Thayer, Thompson, Thomson, Terrance, Tower, Trunkey, Van Reed, Vaux, Veale, Waldron, Walker, Walton, Wampler, Wanger, Warwick, Waters, Watres, Watts, Welles, Wharton, White, Wick, Wickham, Widener, Willard, Wilson, Wisener, Wistar, Wolverton, Wood, Woodside, Wright, Yeany, Yerkes

Who's Who in Pennsylvania (Lewis R. Hamersly, 1904, 842 pages)
From the Preface: "There are numerous men whose careers have a definite and important interest when considered as factors in the life of their special States, and whose reputations, while not national or world-wide, is such as to entitle them to consideration in such work....In the present volume they have endeavored to supply the people of Pennsylvania with similar information concerning its notable and eminent men, its jurists, lawyers, legislators, physicians, authors, financiers, merchants, inventors, and in short all who are taking part in the development, public and industrial, of the second State in wealth and population of the American Union."

This publication covers thousands of Pennsylvanians living in all parts of the state, and coming from all walks of life.  Although some are shorter and some are longer, the following represents a typical entry:
    "Adair, Watson Black:
    Attorney at law; was born at Glen Osborne, Pa., May 29, 1875; educated at schools in Sewickley, pa., and New York; was a member of the class of 1896 of the University of the City of New York; studies law with William M. Hall, Jr., and was graduated from the Pittsburgh Law School in 1900, receiving the degree of LL. B. from the Western University of Pennsylvania.  Practices his profession in Pittsburgh.  Home address, Shields, Pa."

Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of the State of
Pennsylvania Vol. 1 & 2 (Lewis Publishing Company, 1904, 1076 pages)
This is an extensive biographical publication on the prominent and influential men of Pennsylvania prior to the 20th Century.  It sketches the lives and careers of many individuals and families from all over the state, and these represent all manner of business, industry, and government.  With many of the biographical sketches there is also a portrait of the main subject.

Surnames Indexed:
Abel, Ashmead, Bailey, Baldwin, Barchfeld, Biddle, Bigelow, Black, Bleakley, Bowman, Brackenridge, Brennen, Broomall, Brown, Bullitt, Bunting, Burchfield, Burleigh, Butz, Carpenter, Carr, Cassatt, Clarke, Clay, Cooper, Cornell, Cottingham, Crozer, DaCosta, Daub, Davenport, Deemer, Dick, Douglass, Downing, Eyerman, Field, Filer, Fitzpatrick, Foerster, Foose, Fox, Galbreath, Gardiner, Garretson, Gould, Graham, Green, Guffey, Gunnison, Hardenbergh, Harris, Hart, Hartman, Hawley, Hays, Hazeltine, Heller, Hemphill, Hetzel, Hinkson, Hodgson, Hoffecker, Holland, Houston, Howard, Hunter, Irwin, Jame, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, King, Kirkpatrick, Kramer, Kunkel, Lambie, Lanius, Lawrence, Leach, Lindsey, Locher, Mackey, MacVeagh, Magee, Magill, Maher, Mansfield, March, Martin, Matson, McCarrell, McCauley, McClure, McCollough, Mills, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Muchlbronner, Murdock, Murray, Nesbit, Nimick, Ortt, Osmer, Palmer, Patterson, Pearson, Perley, Philips, Phillips, Pitcairn, Potter, Rancy, Rawle, Read, Reeder, Roach, Robb, Roberts, Rockwell, Rose, Rott, Scaife, Seip, Sharpless, Shortlidge, Smith, Stafford, Starr, Stearns, Steel, Stevenson, Stewart, Stone, Stoney, Swain, Taylor, Thomson, Tomlinson, Torrance, Trunkey, Tully, Ulrich, Walker, Wayne, West, Weston, Wetherill, Wetmore, Wightman, Wiley, Williams, Wilson, Wolfe, Wood, Woodbridge, Woodruff, Youngman, Zug