One Farm, Two Wars, Three Generations

One Farm, Two Wars, Three Generations

Erica Hege Shirk

  • 995

Subtitled "The Story of the Schafbusch Farm and the Hege Family in France in the First Half of the Twentieth Century." Philipp and Emma Hege of France wrote their story for their grandchildren, telling them of life on the "Schafbusch" farm near the German border in the Alsace, France, during the first half of the 20th century. A daughter, Erica, has compiled this book to capture the significant family events of her Mennonite parents who survived two World Wars, but not without war's pain and tragedy. With their sixteen children, Philipp and Emma experienced two stressful evacuations from their farm. Each time they returned home, they were a different nationality. Inspiring story of faith. (87pp. illus. Author, 1996.)

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