Northumberland County, PA - Regional History Collection - Milton-Turbotville & Vicinity

Northumberland County, PA - Regional History Collection - Milton-Turbotville & Vicinity


  • 2000

This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Milton, PA (1883, O. H. Bailey & Co.)
This is a view of the town of Milton looking east. The birds-eye view is surrounded by a number of illustrations of prominent homes, businesses and other features of the town. (*Not text-searchable*)

Souvenir Letter Milton, PA. (Bertram Galbraith & Bro., ~1900-1910, 12 pages)
This is a brief pictorial souvenir of the town of Milton, PA. It contains a few scenes of Milton’s streets and buildings.

Milton Pennsylvania 1905 (Anonymous, 1905, 114 pages)
This is a photographic souvenir of the town of Milton, PA, published in 1905. It includes some brief historical information then proceeds into namy photographs of the town, its homes and buildings, and many of its citizens.

Milton Pennsylvania 1909 (Milton Evening Standard, 1909, 142 pages)
This is an extensive photographic souvenir of the borough of Milton, Northumberland County, PA published in 1909. It begins with a brief history of the town, followed by a description of its current state (1909). Following this are business sketches of the Milton Manufacturing Company, Samuel J. Shimer & Sons, American Car and Foundry Company, Sydney H. Souter Silk Company, F. A. Godcharles Co., and West Branch Novelty Company. The remainder of the publication consists of over 200 photographs of businesses, residences and citizens of the town.

A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Milton, Pennsylvania 1811-1936
(W. T. Linn Kieffer, 1936, 1938, 158 pages)
This is a history of the First Presbyterian Church of Milton, PA. It discusses briefly the town of Milton and its development, and then goes into a history of the church. The narrative covers the church organizations, buildings, ministries, societies, etc. It contains a list of those who served as Elders and Trustees in the congregation. It also contains a section devoted to biographies of its ministers along with pictures of many of them. Although published in 1936, there is an addendum to the book which updates events up to 1938.

John Bryson, Thomas Hood, James Williamson, David Longmore, James Clemsen Watson, John F. Wolfinger, Samuel Henry Bell, William Pratt Breed, Bernard J. Brinkema, Albert H. Hibshman, William G. Felmeth, Thomas Law Coyle, Joseph Marr, Phineas Barber Marr, David Hull, Slator Clay Hepburn, William Miles Kieffer, James Curtis Hepburn

History of McEwensville (Agnes I. Beard, 1945, 22 pages)
This pamphlet was complied to relate the history of McEwensville in Northumberland Co., PA. It discusses the town's early settlers, businesses and industries, its war service, churches, schools, etc.

General Marshall's Victory Report [Milton]
(U.S. War Department, 1946-47, 149 pages)
This was published following the close of the war to provide the public with a general account of the war from beginning to end. The report was published for individual areas throughout the state, and each of these areas included a list of local men and women who served in the war. This report covers the area of Milton, PA.

Turbotville Centennial 1859-1959 (Booklet Committee, 1959, 72 pages)
This is a centennial history of the town of Turbotville, Northumberland County, PA from its founding in 1859 to 1959. It provides a brief history of the town's beginnings and growth and a description of many of its businesses and organizations. Along with this information, there are also many photographs of the town's people and buildings and numerous ads for local businesses. This is an excellent resource for historical or genealogical research in this area.

Milton Area Sesquicentennial 1818-1967 (Centennial Association, 1967, 105 pages)
This is a 150th Anniversary history of the town of Milton, Northumberland County, PA from 1818-1967. It outlines the history of the town and its growth through the years. It also includes numerous photographs of the town's businesses, buildings, and residents, as well as an outline of the events associated with the celebration.

Watsontown Centennial 1867-1967 (The Milton Standard, 1967, 64 pages)
This is a special centennial edition of the Milton Standard, commemorating Watsontown's 100th anniversary. It includes articles on various aspects of Watsontown's history, as well as photographs of the town and residents.

The First Presbyterian Church, Milton, Pennsylvania
(Anonymous, 1972, 4 pages)
This is a program of church services and a very brief history of the church.

Bicentennial Reprint of Old Home Week, Watsontown, PA
(Watsontown National Bank, 1976, 41 pages)
This booklet was published for the bicentennial of the country in 1976, by the Watsontown National Bank. The booklet contains a history of this bank but also a reprint of an Old Home Week Souvenir of Watsontown. This earlier booklet was published by Major Fred. H. Knight in 1915 and provides a history of the town, along with photographs of some of its historic buildings and locations. This is a nice resource for research in this area of Northumberland County, PA.

McEwensville in History (George S. Wesner, 1976, 44 pages)
This booklet is a history of the town of McEwensville, Northumberland County, PA, written for the bicentennial of the nation in 1976. It discusses the history of the town, its early settlers, its businesses and institutions. It also includes some photographs of the town and its residents.

Turbotville Pennsylvania 1859-1976 (M. Luther Heisey, 1976, 68 pages)
This is a history of the town of Turbotville, Northumberland County, PA published for the bicentennial of the country in 1976. It covers the history of the town from Indian times, including a number of events from before or during the revolutionary period. It covers some of Turbotville's past industries and businesses, notable events, organizations, churches, etc. The historical information is supplemented by a number of historic photographs of the town and its people. This publication also contains a list of veterans from Turbotville, Lewis Township and surrounding areas who served in both World War I, World War II and Vietnam.

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