Northampton County, PA - Town, Township and Regional History Collection

Northampton County, PA - Town, Township and Regional History Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Bethlehem and Bethlehem School (C. B. Mortimer, 1858, 207 pages)
This publication is consists of recollections from the author's past. The accounts deal mostly with Bethlehem, Bethlehem School, and the associations of both with the Moravians.

Historical Sketch of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania With Some
Account of the Moravian Church (John Hill Martin, 1872, 199 pages)
From the Introduction: "This work is not a full history of Bethlehem, but simply an historical Sketch, for the use of the traveller. It is intended to supply a want which is felt by those people who desire to know something of the origin of the Town, the character of the peculiar people who first settled and built it, and of the different Institutions they founded in it." This is a history of the beginnings of Bethlehem, its foundation and growth through the years. Many historical accounts are related which provide a view into the city's past. Also discussed in some depth is the Moravian Church and its institutions in the city, as this faith played a large and early role in the Bethlehem's history.

Biographical Sketches of Some of Easton's
Prominent Citizens (Frank B. Copp, 1879, 390 pages)
This is an early historical and biographical volume for Easton in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The historical narrative is very brief followed by biographies of dozens of the city's influential citizens.

Surnames Indexed:
Anstett, Boyer, Bush, Cattell, Chidsey, Coleman, Cooke, Cottingham, Deshler, Detwiller, Drown, Dunbar, Edelman, Field, Fox, Hay, Hecht, Hemingway, Hetrich, Holt, Horn, Hunt, Jacobson, Junkin, Keller, Kirkpatrick, Kreidler, Kunsman, Lawall, Laubach, March, Maxwell, McCartney, McKnight, Meeker, Mettler, Meyer, Mixsell, Moon, Nevin, Ohl, Ott, Porter, Prime, Raymond, Reardon, Reeder, Reimer, Riegel, Schnabel, Seitz, Semple, Shipman, Shouse, Shultz, Snyder, Stem, Stewart, Stultz, Trach, Weaver, Woodring, Yohe, Youells

The History of Easton, Penn'a from the Earliest Times
to the Present 1738-1885 (Uzal W. Condit, 1885, 521 pages)
This is an extensive history of the town of Easton, Northampton County, PA, a prominent town in the early history of Pennsylvania. It contains numerous historical and biographical details, and represents one of the best resources on the area.

Family Genealogies:
Able, Arndt, Green, Hay, Kichline, Lehn, Wagner

Biographical Sketches:
Edward Able, Addison Ballard, John I. Blair, Augustus Alexis Bloombergh, Richard Brodhead, Alexander E. Brown, William Cassady Cattell, James H. Coffin, Shelden Jennings Coffin, Lyman Coleman, Henry Detwiller, John J. Detwiller, Cridland Crocker Field, Samuel F. Fisler, Joseph G. Fox, Louis Gordon, Traill Green, Samuel Gwinner, William S. Hall, Joseph Johnson Hardy, Edward Hart, Philip Johnson, Stewart Kennedy, J. H. Mason Knox, Daniel Lachenour, Francis Andrew March Jr., Henry D. Maxwell, Washington McCartney, Charles McIntire Jr., Philip Mixsell, James W. Moore, William Mutchler, William Baxter Owen, Ario Pardee, William Parsons, Timothy Pickering, Nicholas Pomp, Thomas Pomp, James Madison Porter, T. C. Porter, Andrew H. Reeder, Thomas J. Rogers, Samuel Sandt, Amos Seip, Justus Mitchel Silliman, Samuel Sitgreaves, Joseph K. Swift, George Taylor, Robert Traill, John Vanderveer, Robert Barber Youngman

The Centenary of the City of Easton (Daily Express Print, 1891, 77 pages)
This publication was produced as a program of events for the Centenary Celebration of the incorporation of Easton, Northampton Co., PA. It details the events of the celebration and mentions those who were involved. It also includes a historical oration that related the early history of the area and the circumstanced of the founding of the city.

Bethlehem, Pa. Photo-Gravures (Aug. H. Leibert, 1894, 44 pages)
This is a souvenir book of the city of Bethlehem, located between Lehigh and Northampton Counties, PA. It provides over 45 views in and around the city, highlighting some of its landmarks and important areas.

Souvenir of Bethlehem, Pa. (Anonymous, ~1900, 11 pages)
This is a souvenir book of the city of Bethlehem, located between Lehigh and Northampton Counties, PA. It provides a number of views in and around the city, highlighting some of its landmarks and important areas.

Forks of the Delaware - Illustrated (G. W. Eschenbach, 1900, 230 pages)
The full title is: Forks of the Delaware - Illustrated - containing 200 full-page views of Easton, Phillipsburg, and surrounding Country, showing scenes along the Delaware, Lehigh and Bushkill Valleys, Bird's-Eye Views, Churches, Public Buildings, Private Residences, Beautiful Lawns, Cemetery Views, Prominent Streets, Lafayette College Grounds and Buildings, Leading Industries, Charitable Institutions, Etc., Etc. And Embodying a Concise History of Easton from 1752 to 1900.

Some of the First Setters of "The Forks of the Delaware"
(Henry Martyn Kieffer, 1902, 423 pages)
This is a collection of information on the early Reformed Church of Easton, Northampton County, PA from 1760-1852. It covers the early settlers and their descendants as well as providing a history of the growth and development of the church.

Views of Easton and Bethlehem (L. H. Nelson Company, ~1905, 33 pages)
This publication was produced as a photographic souvenir of the cites of Easton and Bethlehem in Northampton County, PA. It provides a brief descriptions of both cities from around 1905 followed over 45 photographic views of historic buildings or locations in those areas.

Local Historical and Biographical Notes (Ethan Allen Weaver, 1906, 321 pages)
This is a collection of historical accounts, notices, letters etc. on Northampton County, from newspapers and other sources. These were originally published in local newspapers as a series, but have been gathered into one collection by the author.

Souvenir of Bethlehem, Pa. (Geo. V. Millar & Company, ~1910, 25 pages)
This is a souvenir book of the city of Bethlehem, located between Lehigh and Northampton Counties, PA. It provides over 60 views in and around the city, highlighting some of its landmarks and important areas.

Souvenir of Lehigh University and the Bethlehems (Anonymous, 1910, 25 pages)
This is a pictoral record of Lehigh University and Bethlehem, Northampton Co., PA.

Men of Easton and Phillipsburg (George L. Seibel, 1920, 107 pages)
The introduction of this publication explains its contents: "This book is published as a book of ready reference for newspaper offices, for the artist and the biographer. Here are gathered about a hundred reproductions in halftones of recent photographs of men more or less prominent in the commercial, professional, political and social activity of Easton, Pa. and Phillipsburg, N.J. The brief biography under each picture will make you acquainted with the man and his work... While many types and various callings are herein represented, we know of one level on which these men meet and agree; and that is, to promote the welfare of this community in all that is right and progressive." This publication was produced without an index, however each biography is bookmarked for easy reference.

Able, Anderson, Andrews, Ashton, Balentine, Bradshaw, Brasefield, Churchman, Cody, Collmar, Condran, Cornwell, Correll, Chidsey, Dalrymple, Daraio, Dunn, Eckert, Egan, Eichlin, Falvey, Felker, Field, Folk, Fowler, Fretz, Gesner, Griffin, Grollman, Hackett, Hager, Hay, Haytock, Heck, Heiberger, Henthorn, Holt, Hoover, Horn, Howell, Hulsizer, Keller, Kemmerer, Kirkpatrick, Kline, Laubach, Leacock, Lehr, Lerch, Lichty, Lippey, McCann, McKeen, McNally, Mebus, Millett, Mintz, Neumeyer, Nevin, Odenwelder, Pascoe, Quig, Ralph, Raub, Reaser, Reese, Rice, Richards, Rosenbaum, Sandt, Schaible, Seibler, Sherry, Sieple, Simmers, Smith, Snyder, Squier, Steele, Stewart, Stone, Stotz, Thatcher, Walters, Warner, Way, Weller, West, Willever, Woehrle, Veit, Yarnelle, Yeisley

Bethlehem - Long Ago and To-day (Raymond Walters, 1923, 162 pages)
This is a history of the town of Bethlehem including details about its founders, war involvement, industry, and education.

The Early Days of Bethlehem (The Bethlehem Rotary Club, 1924, 30 pages)
This is a collection of brief historical accounts and pictures of Bethlehem

Old Nazareth - A Brief Sketch of Early Moravian Life
(Susan Kachline, 1933, 42 pages)

History of Bath (Reginald H. Helfferich & Asa K. McIIhaney, 1937, 62 pages)
This publication was produced for the bicentennial anniversary of Bath, East Allen Township, Northampton County, PA. It begins with history of the early settlers of the area, and proceeds through the formation of the town and its growth down to 1937. Several of the town's prominent citizens are honored with biographical sketches: Dr. William Wesselhoeft, Victor H. Barrall, Morris Fortuin, and Rev. William Ursines Helfrich, and many more of the towns citizens are mentioned in passing. Several of the town's important businesses, organizations and societies are highlighted, as are its churches: Allen Township Presbyterian Church, Bath Kirche, Christ Church, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Parish of the Sacred Heart.

A Frontier Village - Pre-Revolutionary Easton
(A. D. Chidsey, Jr., 1940, 246 pages)
This is a history of the town of Easton in Northampton County, PA from 1735 to 1776. The end of the publication lists the property owners in Easton in 1776 and gives a brief biographical sketch of each.

1740-1940 Nazareth, PA Bicentennial Souvenir Program
(Nazareth, PA. Bicentennial, Inc., 1940, 179 pages)
This is a program of the events associated with the 200th anniversary celebration of the founding of Nazareth, Northampton County, PA. It includes many photographs of the individuals who organized the celebration, lists of the various organizations that participated in the celebration and their members, and many ads for local businesses. The publication also includes a number of historic photographs of various sites around the town with some details about their history.

Two Centuries of Nazareth 1740-1940
(Various contributing authors, 1940, 377 pages)
This publication was published as a bicentennial history of the historic town of Nazareth, Northampton County, PA. It provides a well-rounded history of the town; Military, Civil, Agricultural, Religious, Industrial, and Educational details. Also included are many photographs of the town, its buildings, people and surrounding area.

Part One
1 - The Founding of Nazareth 1740-1744
2 - The Ecomony, 1745-1764
3 - The Period of Adjustment 1765-1774
4 - Nazareth in the American Revolution and under the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania 1775-1789
5 - Nazareth from 1790-1818
6 - Nazareth from 1819-1856

Part Two
7 - Local Government
8 - Religion
9 - Education and Culture
10 - The Professions
11 - Public Service
12 - Agriculture
13 - Corporate Business and Industry
14 - Patriotic Societies
15 - Fraternal Orders and Social Organizations
16 - Civic and Welfare Bodies
17 - Commercial Activities

Consider the Years - The Story of the Jewish Community
of Easton 1752-1942 (Joshua Trachtenberg, 1944, 366 pages)
This is a history of the Jewish community in the area of Easton, Northampton County, PA. It covers early settlers as well as the growth and hardships of the community through the years.
There are some useful information in the appedicies as well:
Appendix A - Assessments of Easton Jews Prior to 1800
Appendix C - Jews in the Military Service (Revolution, Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI)
Appendix E - Occupations of German Jews 1840-1890
Appendix G - Rabbis, Officers & Members of Congregation Covenant of Peace 1842-1942,
Rabbis & Officers of Congregation Children of Abraham 1888-1942
Officers of Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association 1815-1942
Directory of Easton's Jewish Organizations 1942

225th Anniversary - Bath, Pennsylvania 1737-1962
(Anonymous, 1962, 116 pages)
This publication is a souvenir of the 225th anniversary celebration of the Borough of Bath, Northampton County, PA from 1737-1962. It begins with a program of the events of the celebration as well as lists of those involved in it. Following this is a history of the town and surrounding area, including many historical photographs of buildings, town scenes and residents. There are also many ads for local businesses throughout.

Hellertown, PA Centennial 1872-1972
(The Centennial Booklet Committee, 1972, 108 pages)
This is a history of the Hellertown area of Northampton County, PA, written for its centennial in 1972. It covers the establishment of the town and its growth through the years. It also provides information connected to the centennial celebration including name-identified photographs of area residents dressed as Centennial Belles and Brothers of the Brush.

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