Northampton County, PA - County History & Biographical Collection

Northampton County, PA - County History & Biographical Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

History of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon
and Schuylkill Counties (I. Daniel Rupp, 1845, 578 pages)
The full title of the publication is: "History of the Counties of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties: Containing a brief history of the first settlers, topography of townships, notices of leading events, incidents, and interesting facts in the early history of these counties: with an Appendix, containing matters of deep interest, embellished by several engravings." The publication begins with an account of the settlement of Pennsylvania and dealings with the Indians. Following this, a chapter is devoted to each of the following immigrant groups; Germans, Welsh and Irish. Next, attention is given to the counties outlined in the title.

A - Journal of James Young, Commissary General who visited Fort Allen in 1756.
B - Journal of Captain John Van Etten, at Fort Hyndshaw, Fort Hamilton, Etc.
C - Journal of Colonel James Burd, who visited a number of forts in 1758
D - Fragment of a Journal giving an account of events at Fort North Kill, 1755-1756.

History of the Lehigh Valley (M. S. Henry, 1860, 477 pages)
From the Title Page: "A copious selection of the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, etc., etc., relating to its history and antiquities with a complete history of all its internal improvements, progress of the coal and iron trade, manufactures, etc." The historical account covers the Lehigh valley including the counties of Northampton, Lehigh, and Carbon. The account also contains a history and description of Phillipsburg, NJ, Easton, South Easton, Bethlehem, Glendon, Allentown, Catasauqua, Mauch Chunk, Hazelton, and several other smaller towns. Some of the pages are difficult to read but still discernible.

Arndt, Foster, King, McCartney, Maxwell, Packer, Porter, Sitgreaves, White, Wolf

History of Northampton County, Pennsylvania (Peter Fritts, 1877, 324 pages)
This publication is an early historical biographical work on Northampton County, PA. The full title of the publication is: "History of Northampton County, Pennsylvania: with Illustrations Descriptive of its Scenery, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks and Important Manufactories, from original sketches by artists of the highest ability. A New Illustrated Historical, Descriptive & Biographical Souvenir."

Portrait and Biographical Record of Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon
Counties, Pennsylvania (Chapman Publishing Co., 1894, 984 pages)
This publication is a biographical volume covering Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon Counties, Pennsylvania. It begins with biographies of the Presidents of the United States up to the date of publication. Following these are biographies of important citizens and families of Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon Counties, PA Also included are portraits of some of the subjects of the biographies. This is an excellent resource for historical or genealogical research in this area of PA.

Surnames Indexed:
Achenbach, Adams, Ainey, Albright, Amole, Amy, Anderson, Andres, Andrews, Anewalt, Anthony, Applegate, Arner, Arthur, Ash, Bachman, Bacon, Balliet, Barner, Barnes, Barrall, Bartholomew, Barton, Beck, Becker, Behler, Beidleman, Beighe, Bender, Benner, Berlin, Bertolet, Betz, Bevan, Biery, Birkenstock, Bittner, Bitz, Blakslee, Blocker, Blose, Bloss, Borger, Bortz, Bossard, Bower, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Brader, Bray, Breder, Breinig, Brinker, Briody, Broadbec, Brobst, Brodhead, Brophy, Broughal, Brown, Bryan, Buchanan, Bush, Butler, Butz, Buzzard, Caffrey, Calvin, Campbell, Canam, Caskie, Chandler, Chapman, Charman, Christman, Clark, Clause, Clemens, Cohn, Coleman, Colt, Conway, Cooper, Coppee, Corby, Correll, Cortright, Cottingham, Cox, Craig, Crater, Crilly, Croll, Danner, Dash, Davies, Davis, Dech, Deemer, Degnan, Deibert, Delcamp, De Long, De Schweinitz, Desh, Deshler, Detweiler, Dewiller, Dickenshied, Diehl, Dietrich, Dinan, Dodson, Dorney, Drake, Dreisbach, Dubbs, Duerr, Dunbar, Eadie, Ealer, Earle, Ebbert, Eberhart, Eckert, Edelman, Edwards, Egge, Ellis, Ely, Emanuel, Engelman, Enzian, Erb, Erdell, Erdman, Erwin, Eshleman, Estes, Evans, Evrard, Farber, Fatzinger, Fegley, Fehnel, Feldman, Fenicle, Fenner, Fenstermacher, Fichter, Field, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Flad, Flexer, Follweiler, Foote, Fox, Frack, Freeman, Fretz, Freudenberger, Freyman, Fritchman, Frutchey, Fry, Fullagar, Fuller, Gabel, Gallagher, Gangaware, Gardner, Garis, Gaumer, Geiser, Gerlach, German, Getz, Gilbert, Godshalk, Goldsmith, Goth, Graham, Green, Greenawald, Greer, Griffith, Grim, Gross, Grubb, Hacker, Haines, Hall, Hankee, Hapgood, Hark, Harleman, Harps, Harrison, Hartzell, Harvey, Hayes, Heckenberger, Heckman, Heilman, Heintzelman, Heiny, Helfrich, Heller, Henn, Henry, Herbst, Hersh, Hess, Hill, Hills, Hirner, Hirst, Hoch, Hoffman, Hofford, Hollenbach, Hom, Hopkins, Horlacher, Horn, Hornbeck, Horner, Houser, Howell, Hower, Huber, Huff, Humphrey, Hunsicker, Hunt, Hutchison, Ibach, Illick, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacoby, James, Jefferson, Jeter, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstonbaugh, Jones, Kasten, Kauffman, Keck, Keim, Keiser, Keiter, Keller, Kemerer, Kemmerer, Kennedy, Kern, Kessler, Kichline, Kiechel, Kirby, Kistler, Kleckner, Klein, Kleinhans, Kleppinger, Kline, Klotz, Klusmeyer, Knauss, Knecht, Knerr, Koch, Kocher, Koehler, Koplin, Kostenbader, Kraemer, Kramlich, Kramm, Krause, Krauss, Kreamer, Kressly, Kuebler, Kuhns, Kunkel, Kuntz, Kurtz, Kutz, La Bar, Lambert, Landis, Laramy, Lattig, Laub, Laubach, Laury, Lawall, Lawfer, Lawler, Lazarus, Leh, Lehr, Leibert, Leickel, Leidich, Leininger, Leisenrign, Leith, Lenhart, Lennon, Lentz, Lerch, Leuchel, Levan, Levers, Lewis, Lichtenwalner, Linderman, Litch, Litzenberg, Lobb, Lockhart, Long, Lovatt, Luckenbach, Ludwig, Lumley, Lynn, Mack, Mackey, Malcolm, Malone, Mann, Markley, Marsteller, Martin, Masland, Masters, Matchette, Mauser, Mayer, McAtee, McClure, McCready, McEnroe, McFall, McHose, McKenna, McMahon, Meixell, Menner, Merrill, Messinger, Metzger, Meyer, Meyers, Michler, Mickley, Miksch, Miller, Milson, Mitman, Mohr, Mohrey, Moll, Moore, More, Morris, Moser, Mosser, Moyer, Mulhearn, Mulligan, Mumford, Murphy, Musselman, Myers, Nace, Nadler, Nagle, Neff, Neisser, Neumayer, Newhard, Newhart, Nolf, O'Brien, Ochs, Odenwelder, Olewine, Oplinger, Ormrod, Osterstock, Ott, Otto, Packer, Paff, Pascoe, Pearson, Peckitt, Peifly, Peter, Peters, Pierce, Pollock, Powell, Price, Prince, Prosser, Rabenold, Radley, Raesly, Rafferty, Raub, Rauch, Redington, Reeder, Reichenbach, Reitz, Remmel, Reninger, Reyer, Rice, Richards, Rickert, Reigel, Rinck, Ritter, Robbins, Roberts, Romich, Romig, Roney, Rose, Roseberry, Roth, Rouse, Rueter, Ruhe, Rupp, Saeger, Sage, Salade, Sandt, Sawtelle, Schaadt, Schadt, Schaeffer, Schafer, Scheidy, Scheirer, Scherer, Schilling, Schleiffer, Schlosser, Schmidt, Schnabel, Schneck, Schneebell, Schneider, Schneller, Schoeneberger, Scholl, Schreiber, Schropp, Schultz, Schultze, Schwedes, Seaboldt, Seaman, Seidle, Seimetz, Seip, Semmel, Sensinger, Sepp, Shaffer, Sharkey, Sheckler, Shenton, Sherer, Sherrer, Shimer, Shipman, Short, Shupp, Sieger, Sigley, Smith, Snyder, Solt, Sowden, Speer, Stahler, Statler, Steckel, Steinmetz, Steitz, Stem, Stemmetz, Stephens, Sterner, Stewart, Stier, Stiles, Stofflet, Storm, Stotzer, Stoudt, Stout, Stroh, Stubblebine, Stubbs, Swartz, Taylor, Thomas, Threlkeld, Titlow, Tombler, Topfer, Trexler, Troxell, Tweedle, Tyler, Uhl, Ulrich, Unangst, Ux, Von Steuben, Wagner, Walk, Walp, Walter, Walters, Warner, Watkins, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Wehr, Weida, Weidnecht, Weil, Weiss, Weller, Welz, Wentz, Wesner, Westen, Wetherill, White, Wieser, Wilbur, Wilhem, Williams, Williamson, Wilt, Wint, Wolf, Wolle, Wonderly, Woodring, Worman, Wright, Yaeger, Yeager, Yeakel, Yingling, Yoder, Yost, Yotter, Young, Zearfaus, Zearfoss, Zern, Ziegenfus, Ziegenfuss, Zulick

Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal
Memoirs of the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania (John W. Jordan, 1905, 1370 pages)
This publication is an extensive biographical volume on the Lehigh Valley, comprising the counties of Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon, PA. Originally published as a two-volume set, it includes biographies and historical data on hundreds of families from these counties. Many of the biographies extend back to the colonial period of Pennsylvania's history. This is an excellent resource for historical or genealogical research in eastern Pennsylvania.

Index Volume I
Abel, Ackerman, Adamson, Ader, Albright, Aschbach, Babp, Bachman, Bacon, Baer, Ball, Balliet, Bango, Barr, Bayer, Begel, Beidelman, Beitel, Berger, Bieler, Bittner, Bixler, Blakslee, Bolles, Borhek, Bowlby, Boyer, Brady, Brinker, Briscoe, Brodhead, Brown, Buckley, Buckman, Buss, Butland, Butz, Buzzard, Callahan, Cassler, Chipman, Christman, Clemens, Clewell, Coffin, Coleman, Collum, Cornell, Correll, Cortright, Cottingham, Coyle, Crist, Danner, Dash, Davies, Diavis, Dech, Deitrigh, Dent, Dernberger, Dery, deSchweiniz, Desh, Deshler, Detweiler, Dewees, Diehl, Dilliard, Ditchett, Dunn, Ealer, Eckard, Edwards, Eggert, Erdman, Evans, Eyer, Eyerman, Farmer, Fehr, Fenner, Ferren, Fichter, Field, Fitzgerald, Flory, Focht, Folkenson, Forman, Fox, Frace, Fraunfelder, Freeman, Fritz, Frutchey, Fulmer, Gangewere, Gerber, Gies, Gilbert, Gough, Gould, Graver, Gray, Green, Griffith, Grim, Grosscup, Guiley, Guth, Gwinner, Hagerman, Hahn, Handwek, Harris, Hartzell, Harvey, Hay, Heller, Hemminger, Hess, Hoffman, Holvey, Hongen, Hooven, Horn, Howell, Hulick, Hunsicker, Hunt, Iredell, Itterly, Jacobs, James, Jeter, Johnson, Jones, Kauffman, Keck, Keefer, Keller, Kemerer, Kemmerer, Kern, Kettra, Kichline, Kidd, Kidney, Kiefer, King, Kirkpatrick, Kistler, Kleckner, Kleppinger, Kline, Knapp, Knauss, Knecht, Knerr, Knight, Knouse, Koch, Koehler, Kraemer, Krantz, Kratzer, Krause, Kressly, Krum, Kuntz, LaBarre, Lachenour, Laubach, Lauderburn, Lawall, Lawrence, Lazarus, Leh, Lehr, Leibert, Leinbach, Leith, Lentz, Lerch, Linderman, Livingston, Long, Longacre, Luckenbach, Lynn, Mackey, Mansfield, March, Martin, Marx, Mauser, McCauley, McCormick, McFadden, Meixell, Merrill, Messinger, Michler, Middaugh, Miesse, Milson, Montague, Moore, More, Morgenstern, Morrow, Moyer, Mutchler, Nagle, Neff, Newhard, Nichoff, Noble, Ochs, Odenwelder, Ormrod, Overholt, Peckitt, Person, Peters, Phifer, Pittenger, Pollock, Prince, Rader, Raesly, Randolph, Rasley, Rau, Raub, Reagan, Reeder, Rehr, Reimer, Rex, Rhoad, Rhoda, Richards, Richert, Ricker, Reigel, Rinker, Roberts, Roehner, Roney, Ruch, Saeger, Sampson, Sandt, Saylor, Sayre, Schan, Schneebeli, Schropp, Schug, Schultze, Schwab, Schwartz, Seibert, Seiler, Seiple, Sendel, Serfass, Shelling, Sherrer, Shimer, Shoemaker, Shook Shuman, Siegfried, Simon, Smith, Snyder, Speer, Steckel, Steele, Steiner, Stewart, Stier, Stocker, Stofflet, Storch, Strom, Stotzer, Straub, Straup, Swartz, Tanner, Tarleton, Taylor, Traill, Trexler, Trumbower, Uhler, Unangst, Updegrove, Venter, Wagner, Waltman, Walz, Warner, Watson, Weaver, Weiss, Wentz, Werner, West, Westmoreland, Whetstone, Whitelaw, Wilford, Wilhelm, Williams, Williamson, Wimmer, Wirebach, Wise, Wolle, Wood, Yeager, Yeakel, Yoder, Young, Youngman, Zehnder, Ziegler, Zoll

Index Volume II
Acker, Ackerman, Adams, Albright, Andrews, Arbogast, Arndt, Ayers, Bachman, Baker, Baldwin, Balliet, Barch, Barner, Barnes, Bastian, Beary, Beck, Beers, Berkemeyer, Berlin, Biery, Bigelow, Bittner, Bixler, Blakslee, Blank, Bortz, Bowen, Boyer, Brinker, Brobst, Brodhead, Brown, Brunner, Burger, Butler, Butts, Butz, Buzzard, Carter, Chapman, Chase, Christman, Clemens, Cohn, Colt, Cooper, Cope, Craig, Crilly, Datesman, Daugherty, Davies, Davis, Dech, de Nisco, Dent, Derr, Dickenshied, Diehl, Doolitte, Dorney, Doster, Douglass, Downing, Drake, Dreisbach, Drumbore, Dryfoos, Dunbar, Durham, Edwards, Emery, Enbody, Erdell, Erdman, Erwin, Ettinger, Everett, Everitt, Eyer, Farber, Farr, Faust, Fogel, Follweiler, Fox, Frace, Frantz, Freyman, Friebolin, Fritchman, Frutchey, Fuller, Fulmer, Gabriel, George, Gerhart, German, Gildner, Giles, Godley, Gordon, Greiss, Grim, Gruver, Haas, Hahn, Handwerk, Hark, Harter, Hartzell, Haupt, Hawk, Hay, Haydon, Heberling, Hecker, Hechman, Heil, Hellick, Hemm, Henry, Herman, Hersh, Hertzog, Heydt, Hoffmeier, Hollenbach, Horn, Horton, Howell, Huber, Hunsicker, Huth, Insley, Iobst, Jacobs, Jacoby, Jarrard, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kaiser, Kekc, Keifer, Keller, Kellow, Kemmerer, Kerchner, Kern, King, Kinginger, Kistler, Kline, Klotz, Knappenberger, Knauss, Knecht, Koehler, Kostenbader, Kramer, Krause, Kriedler, Kroninger, Kuehner, Kuhl, Kuhns, Laub, Lambert, Landes, Landis, Laros, Laubach, Laury, Lawall, Lawfer, Lawrence, Leh, Lehr, Leidy, Leisenring, Lentz, Lerch, Lesher, Levan, Lewis, Lilly, Lime, Litzenberg, Lobb, Loose, Loote, Luckenbach, Ludwig, Luttenberger, Malcolm, Mantz, Marks, Martin, Matcham, Mauser, McClure, McKenna, Meckley, Meixell, Mershon, Messinger, Mickley, Miller, Milson, Moessner, Mohn, More, Mosser, Moyer, Muffley, Musselman, Muhlenberg, Mutchler, Myers, Nagle, Newhard, Nonnemaker, Oberly, Odenwelder, O'Neil, Oplinger, Oswald, Oyer, Packer, Paff, Pardee, Pearsall, Pearson, Peter, Peters, Porter, Post, Rader, Ramsey, Raub, Rauch, Reber, Reeves, Rehrig, Reimer, Remmel, Repass, Rex, Riegel, Ritter, Roeder, Romich, Rothermel, Ruhe, Ruhl, Runk, Rupp, Saeger, Sander, Saylor, Schaadt, Schadel, Schadt, Schall, Schantz, Schell, Schertzinger, Schindel, Schoch, Schortz, Schreiber, Schuler, Schweitzer, Seagraves, Sebring, Seiberg, Seip, Serfass, Seybert, Shaffer, Shankweiler, Shannon, Sherrer, Shimer, Shook, Singmaster, Skeer, Slough, Smoyer, Snell, Snyder, Spangler, Speer, Stansfield, Statler, Staffer, Stecher, Steckel, Steinhaeuser, Steinmetz, Sterner, Stiles, Stotz, Stout, Strassburger, Stroh, Sykes, Taylor, Thomas, Tritschler, Ulrich, Waidelich, Weaver, Webb, Weida, Weidner, Weinsheimer, Weiss, Werley, Wert, Weysser, Whitehead, Wieand, Wiess, Wilbur, William, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolle, Wood, Worman, Wright, Yaeger, Yetter, Yost, Young, Zane, Zulick

History of Northampton County and the Grand Valley
of the Lehigh (William J. Heller, 1920, 1585 pages)
This publication is an extensive historical / biographical work featuring Northampton County, PA, and contains a wealth of information for research. Chapters 1 - 23 cover the early history, settlement and civil development of the county. Chapters 24 - 27 focus on the histories of each of the townships and major boroughs. The second section of this publication (pages 567 to 1389) makes up the biographical portion and covers hundreds of prominent citizens and families. Many of the accounts extend back to the founding families of Pennsylvania, as this area was one that was settled very early.

Surnames Indexed:
Able, Ache, Adams, Aicher, Anderson, Andrew, Andrews, Appleton, Arndt, Ashton, Ayers, Bachman, Baker, Barnako, Barr, Barron, Bauer, Baumann, Beahm, Beck, Beers, Berkey, Betge, Beysher, Biro, Bixler, Boehm, Bohler, Bradshaw, Bray, Brinker, Brodhead, Brown, Brunner, Buenning, Burg, Burke, Burkert, Carey, Carter, Castellucci, Caum, Chidsey, Christie, Churchman, Clauser, Cleaver, Clemens, Clements, Clewell, Clifton, Collins, Collmar, Condran, Connell, Connolly, Cooley, Cope, Cornwell, Correll, Cottingham, Coyle, Craig, Crosland, Crowder, Curran, Danzer, Daraio, Davies, Davis, deSchweinitz, Dech, Devlin, Deifenderfer, Dietrich, Dodson, Donnelly, Doster, Drake, Drenman, Eckert, Edelman, Edwards, Eichlin, Erwin, Estes, Falvey, Farquahar, Fatzinger, Felver, Fenicle, Fetter, Field, Fischer, Fisler, Flory, Freeman, Fretz, Frick, Friebely, Fritch, Fritchman, Fritsch, Fritz, Frutchey, Gangewere, Garis, Garnier, Geehr, Geiser, Gerlach, Gerstell, Gittings, Glanz, Glasier, Godshalk, Goldsmith, Goodenough, Gosner, Gosztonyi, Grace, Graham, Green, Greiner, Griffiths, Groetzinger, Groman, Haas, Hahn, Harle, Harrison, Hartzell, Hartzog, Hauck, Hay, Haytock, Hazzard, Heiberger, Hellener, Heller, Hellick, Hendershot, Henthorn, Hess, Hill, Hilliard, Hoffert, Hoffman, Hoover, Horn, Horner, Hottel, Huff, Hughes, Hummel, Hunsicker, Hutchinson, Illick, Ivey, Jacoby, James, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Joshua, Judd, Kane, Keim, Keller, Kern, Kessler, Kichline, Kiefer, King, Kinney, Kinsey, Kirkpatrick, Kleinhans, Kline, Klock, Knauss, Knecht, Knight, Knouss, Koch, Koehler, Kolb, Koplin, Korves, Kotz, Kraemer, Kratz, Krause, Kreidler, Kressier, Kuebler, Kurtz, Kutz, Kuziw, La Bar, Landis, Laramy, Larned, Laskaris, Laub, Laubach, Laury, Lazarus, Lehr, Leibensperger, Leibert, Leibfried, Lerch, Lewis, Lippey, Long, Ludwig, Lynch, McCann, McCarty, McCormick, McGarr, McGettigan, McGinnis, McGovern, McIlhaney, McIntyre, McKeen, McKelvy, McNamara, McNeill, Macan, Maciejewski, Mack, Maddock, Magee, Maiorana, Malkoeh, Manescu, Mangino, Mantz, Marx, Mast, Matthes, Matulaitis, Mauch, Mechalokos, Merdinger, Messinger, Meyer, Michael, Michler, Mickley, Middaugh, Milchsack, Miller, Millett, Mineo, Mitchell, Mixsell, Mock, Mohr, Montague, Moon, Morgenstern, Morrison, Moser, Moska, Murn, Myers, Nagle, Neal, Neave, Nevin, Noble, Odenwelder, Osterstock, Otto, Pacchioli, Packer, Palmer, Pappas, Pascoe, Pilla, Pittenger, Pohl, Pomp, Porter, Poulus, Prunaret, Quiney, Rankey, Rapp, Rath, Rau, Raub, Ray, Reeder, Reese, Reeser, Reichard, Reichl, Reidy, Reinhard, Reinheimer, Reiss, Rentzheimer, Repsher, Reuss, Rice, Richards, Ricksecker, Riegel, Rinck, Ringhoffer, Ritter, Roach, Robinson, Roney, Roseberry, Ruch, Sacchetti, Saltis, Samuels, Sandt, Saylor, Schaeffer, Schaffer, Schaible, Scheffler, Schirmer, Schneebell, Schmich, Schmidt, Schoenen, Schooley, Schuler, Schwab, Schwartz, Schwarz, Seibel, Selp, Sheridan, Sherman, Sherry, Shields, Shimer, Short, Siebecker, Siebler, Simmers, Skinner, Slack, Smith, Snyder, Sofferman, Sommer, Speck, Stacey, Stahr, Stauffer, Stayer, Steckel, Steigler, Steinmetz, Stewart, Stoddard, Stotz, Stoudt, Stout, Strock, Stuber, Struthers, Sutton, Tachovsky, Taylor, Thaeler, Tillman, Titus, Tocci, Trego, Trumbower, Tuggey, Turner, Updegrove, Usas, Valentine, Vannatta, Vine, Vlossak, Voegeli, Von Steuben, Wagener, Wagner, Waidneg, Walter, Ward, Weingartner, Welker, Welty, Werkheiser, Werner, Wilbur, Williams, Wilson, Wise, Woehrle, Wolfe, Wolfram, Wolle, Wood, Woodring, Xander, Yeager, Yeakle, Young, Zboyovsky, Zehnder, Zeller, Ziegenhorn, Zulick

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