Montgomery County PA - Town, Township and Regional History Collection

Montgomery County PA - Town, Township and Regional History Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

1776-1876 The Centennial Celebration at Pottstown, PA
and Historical Sketch (L. H. Davis, 1876, 78 pages)
This publication is a program of the Centennial Celebration of 1876 held at Pottstown, Montgomery County, PA. It includes a historical sketch of Pottstown, as well as some information on the early history of the Manatawny Region. The publication also includes a description of the events of the celebration, as well as copies of several addresses given during the occasion. The end of the publication contains a business directory of a number of the businesses and businessmen of the town.

Historical Collections Relating to Gwyneed [2nd Edition]
(Howard M. Jenkins, 1884, 1897, 472 pages)
This publication is a collection of historical and biographical material focusing on the townships of Gwynedd, and adjoining Montgomery (Montgomery County, PA), both of which were settled early by Welsh immigrants. It discusses these early settlers, and their role in the growth of the townships. A useful inclusion in this book are 38 pages of marriage and death records from some of the early meeting houses in the area: Haverford Monthly Meeting (1701-1812), Gwynedd Monthly Meeting (1715-1868), and Orthodox Monthly Meeting of Gwynedd (1832-1853). Also related are genealogical accounts of a number of early families and individuals: Cadwalader, Castner, Cleaver, Evans, Foulke, Hancock, Helffenstein, Hoxworth, Jenkins, Jones, Lewis, Medary, Morgan, Roberts, and Spencer.

Book of the Archives of Royersford, Pa (The Royersford Shoe Company, 1898, 88 pages)
This is a souvenir of Royersford, Montgomery County, PA published in 1898. It was published by the Royersford Shoe Company and covers the history of the company and its relation to the development of the town. It also presents an illustrated souvenir of the town, with profiles of some of the town leaders, and sketches of many of its businesses, churches, civic institutions, etc. Along with the historical information are many photographs of area citizens and scenes around the town, and a brief business directory.

Upper Dublin - A Country Beautiful (Arthur Hugh Jenkins, 1905, 37 pages)
This is a brief account of the settlement, history and present status (1905) of Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County, PA.

Old Historic Germantown (Naaman Henry Keyser, 1906, 104 pages)
According to the Preface: "This little volume was prepared at the request of the Pennsylvania-German Society. It is not intended as a history of Germantown, its purpose is rather to illustrate the German influence in the settlement and development of the most unique town in Pennsylvania in not in America."
It includes a general discussion of the town and its settlement, and its early residents, homes, mills, taverns, churches, etc. There are numerous photographs and engravings of historic buildings included as well.

Surnames Indexed:
Agnew, Andre, Asbury, Ashmead, Barr, Bechtel, Benner, Bensell, Billmeyer, Bockius, Boehm, Books, Bringhurst, Cassel, Chew, Dannenhower, Darrach, De La Plain, Deshler, Detweiler, Dewees, Dock, Donat, Dotterer, Dove, Drinker, Engle, Ernhardt, Falckner, Ferree, Fisher, Frank, Frey, Geisler, Gorgas, Gotschalk, Greeley, Grimes, Gumre, Haines, Harvey, Heath, Helffenstein, Hendricks, Hergesheimer, Hesser, Hogermold, Jansen, Jefferson, Junkin, Junkurth, Kalkglaser, Kalm, Kelpius, Keyser, Keurlis, Kin, Koster, Kunder, Lehman, Lennox, Logan, Ludwig, Mack, Macknett, Meng, Milan, Miller, Mushler, Musgrave, Nice, Pastorius, Papen, Philips, Randolph, Redheffer, Reger, Ritter, Rittenhouse, Royal, Saur, Schlatter, Schull, Selig, Shippen, Shoemaker, Sommer, Stokes, Stuart, Telner, Tilly, Townsend, Up de Graef, Van Bebber, Ban Lashet, Varick, Warner, Waterman, Watson, Weygandt, Weaver, Whitefield, Wister, Wood, Zinzendorf

Some Historical Sites in Lower Merion Township,
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Dora Harvey Develin, 1906, 42 pages)
This publication consists of a description, history and photographs of a number of historically significant locations around Montgomery County.

Norristown 1812 - 1912 (Theodore Heysham, 1912, 93 pages)
This is a brief history of the borough of Norristown, memorializing its 100th anniversary, together with maps showing the evolution of the borough.

The Guide Book to Historic Germantown [3rd Edition]
(Charles F. Jenkins, 1915, 164 pages)
From the Preface: "This little book is not a history of Germantown. Its aim is to present in as brief a way as possible the main historic facts connected with the town, and to arrange these facts in such a way that the sightseer may have no trouble in finding and identifying each particular site."
The publication does include a very basic history of the settlement of Germantown and the families which settled it, and also t includes a layout of the town with many illustrations of historical buildings found in the area.

Surnames Indexed:
Alcott, Armat, Ashmead, Barron, Chew, Clapier, Cushman, Drinker, Forrest, Godfrey, Gorgas, Jefferson, Kelpius, Kemble, Logan, Ludwig, McKean, Meade, Penn, Randolph, Rittenhouse, Saur, Shippen, Stuart, Warner, Washington, Welsh, Whitefield, Wister, Witherspoon, Witt, Zinzendorf

Historic Lower Merion and Blockley (Dora Harvey Develin, 1927, 149 pages)
This publication covers some historical accounts which occurred in Lower Merion Township, and also discusses the early history of Blockley. Includes a number of illustrations of historic places for the area.

Germantown 1683-1933 (Edward W. Hocker, 1933, 330 pages)
This publication contains a discussion of the history of Germantown from its founding up into the 20th century. It begins with coverage of the town's founding in 1683 and discusses it's early settlers and history. It then goes into the Colonial period relates the changes that came to the town with the advance of years, new immigrants and shifting influences. The account then progresses through the Revolutionary War period and its growth and development afterwards. Next, the period from its incorporation in 1854 to the beginning of the 20th century is discussed, noting its continued development. It finally moves into the 20th century, and relates the further changes that came with time, including the technological and social forces that shaped it. The publication also includes a full index at the end.

Cheltenham Anniversary Celebration - September 8th - 14th 1940
(Cheltenham Township Anniversary Committee, 1940, 58 pages)
This was published as a program covering the events of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Cheltenham village.

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