Mennonite Family History October 2021

Mennonite Family History October 2021

Mennonite Family History

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Old Photos Tell the Story by Mary Ann Augsburger Kristiansen-Eng [Augsburger, Holly]; Aunt Mary (1845-1934)—Mary Jane Rohrer Scott Neswander Hostetler Boyle Mishler by Mary Rohrer Dexter [Rohrer, Scott, Neswander, Hostetler, Boyle, Mishler]; Gary T. Hawbaker's Dear Aunt Leah: Letters to Leah K. Hershberger of Ephrata, PA (1858-1891) book review by Lois Ann Mast [Hershberger, Hoover]; Online Sources to Look for Family Documents by Yvonne Morrissey; "There You Have It"...Peter Zimmermann Proclaims the End of a Meeting and the Beginning of the Amish Division by Larry Zimmerman [Zimmermann]; Blessed With Eight Generations—Ancestor Fan Chart of Maria Noel Neuenschwander by Roger N. Geiser; My Oldest Swiss Roots Lay Hidden Beneath Wild Bluberries by J. Ross Baughman [Bachmann]; The Journal of Altester Johann Wall (1793-1860) of Hahnsau, Am Trakt, Russia by Henry Schapansky and D. Frederick Dyck [Wall, Janzen, Epp, Hamm]; "Resolve" Flew Out the Window by Lorraine Frantz Edwards; Indian Attacks Around Our Hiestands in Pennsylvania and Virginia by Wayne Haston [Hiestand, Haston, Rhoads]; Our Haston/Hiestand Roots in Switzerland by Wayne Haston (this is the corrected reprinted article) [Haston, Hiestand]; Tombstone Scavenger Hunt Finding 63 Ancestors in Six Different Cemeteries by Lois Ann Mast. 

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