Mennonite Family History October 2020

Mennonite Family History October 2020

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Plow, Pulpit, People: We Called Him Pop—A Life With a Purpose --A Book by Paul Stoltzfus Kurtz [Kurtz]; Hans in der Weid and the Making of a Swiss Anabaptist Family at Steffisburg, Switzerland by Dr. Larry Zimmerman [Zimmermann]; Insights From the Brotherhood Ship Passenger List by Ronald J. Troyer [Troyer]; Dateline Mystery by Lorraine Frantz Edwards [Dresher]; Where Did My "Valentine" Go? by Donald R. Clymer [Clemmer]; The Swiss Heritage of Walter Oliver Lash (1894-1976) by David Lash [Lash, Stauffer, Shank, Hackman, Friedt]; The Schölli/Shelly Connection—Hidden Secrets by Joanne E. (Leas) Libert and Michael F. Leas [Schölli, Shelly]; Mifflin Co., PA, at Rest in the Midwest: Clearfork Cemetery in Cass Co., Missouri by Darrell Zook [Hartzler, Sharp, Yoder, Zook]; Mennonites in Neumark, Brandenburg, Prussia, in 1805 by John D. Richert [Backer].

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