Mennonite Family History July 2018

Masthof Press

  • 600

This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: A Look at the Incredible and Perplexing "Indian John" Glick Story [Glick]; Crossing an Ocean: The Voyage of the Poland in Spring 1839 [Zimmerman]; A Senior Moment: Tepid Turkey; The Amish Mennonite Erb Families of Upper Canada, Part I [Erb, Schultz, Schwartzentruber]; A Book Review of Mellinger Mennonite Church: 300 Years of Faithfulness & Mission, 1717-2017 [Mellinger]; Identifying the Ancestral Lutheran Roots of the KFM Kauffman Cluster [Kauffman]; A Book Review of A Silent Community, Wayland, Iowa; A Peace Collection.

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