Mennonite Family History January 2021

Mennonite Family History January 2021

Mennonite Family History

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Welcome to MFH's Youngest Subscriber [Kreider]; Hoover, Swartz, Overholt, Stoner, Shank: A Canadian Contingent of Ancestors of Elizabeth Hoover (1835-1908), m.1) David Garber (1829-1890), and m.2) Jonathan Hartzler (1833-1921), Part 1: Hoover Family by Hope Kauffman Lind [Hoover, Garber]; Playing Detective by Lorraine Frantz Edwards; North Dakota Settlements from Pennsylvania by Betty (Graber) Hartzler [Yoder, Renno, Zook, Troyer, Kauffman, Detweiler, Plank, Mast, Smucker, Glick, Richter]; Blessed With Eight Generations Ancestor Fan Chart of Brandon David Hostetler by Roger N. Geiser [Hostetler]; Mennonites in the von Helmstatt Dominion by Friedrich Wollmershauser [Wagner, Brand, Hess, Schneider, Frey, Rosch, Rasi, Schenckh, Moser]; The Oesch Ancestral Home at Forsthof, Bavaria 1827-1889 by Mary Ann (Augsburger) Eng [Oesch, Augsburger, Suttor]; Amish Mennonite Albrechts, Part 1 by Bruce W. Jantzi [Albrecht, Kennel]; Gustav J. Froese (1888-1938): One of the Disappeared by D. Frederick Dyck [Froese, Dyck].

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