Mennonite Family History January 1992 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History January 1992

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: 1536 Froschauer Bible with Schnebelli-Bachmann Family Records [Schnebelli, Bachmann, Froschauer]; A Gathering of the Hostetlers in Ohio [Hostetler]; An Update on the Kurtz Family [Kurtz]; Anabaptists Who Lived in the Jura During the 18th Century, Part IV [Ramseier, Niederhauser, Liechti, Lehmann, Schwarz]; Immigrants to Neuendorf of the Second Period: 1796-1798, Part II [Berg, Bergen, Braun, Dyck, Friesen, Frose, Klassen, Gunther, Hamm, Harder, Janzen, Lehn, Martens, Neufeld, Penner, Peters, Sudermann, Wall, Wiebe]; On the Trail of Our Nafziger Ancestors [Nafziger]; People Don't Take Vacations to Ohio, Do They? [Frantz]; Swiss Reiff and Hiestand Families [Ryff, Reiff, Hiestand]; The Bresslers/Presslers of Niederhochstadt [Bressler, Pressler]; The Meetinghouse: Home of the Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pa.; The Mary Ann Studybaker Bible [Studybaker]; Brother's Keeper; Irvin L. Roth [Roth].

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