Mennonite Family History April 2001 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History April 2001

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Gathering a Broken Family Together [Beachy, Plank, Miller]; Closing Circles [King]; Anabaptists of Langnau in the Emmental, Switzerland, in the 1600s, Part II: Who They Were and What They Experienced [Baumgartner, Luthi, Neunschwander, Studer, Friedrich, Schmid, Burkhalter, Christen, Zaugg]; Rothacker Families at Strasbourg [Rothacker, Frey, Kropf]; A Brother Named Albertus . . . A Brethren Hendricks Family [Hendricks]; The Family of Joseph Sommer (b. 1775) and Anne Marie Gerig, Documentation at the Sommerhof in France [Sommer, Gerig]; The Nicholas Stoltzfus House: A Preservation Project [Stoltzfus]; The Early and Possibly Extinct Leike/Leyke/Leuke Family [Leike, Leyke, Leuke]; Court Records of Gross Lubin, Amt Neuenburg (Nowe), West Prussia [Goertz, Baltzer]; Articles, Particles, and Starticles Part I; The 1659 Song of Dursruti (Dursutilied).

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