Mennonite Family History April 1997 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History April 1997

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: A Migration to Lebanon Valley, Pennsylvania [Gnaegi, Schrag, Troxell, Hochstetler, Kurtz, Nafziger, Reeser, Blauch]; The Augspurgers of Butler Co., Ohio, in Napoleonic France, Part II: Napoleon's Downfall and the Aftermath [Augspurger, Schulmeister, Bernard]; An Unsolved Mystery: Is it Dahr or Could It Be Tyson? [Dahr, Tyson, Dorr]; Swiss Jura Mennonites Leave in 1754 for Pennsylvania [Baltzi, Baumgartner, Breckbill, Burkhalter, Diller, Engel, Eshelman, Forrer, Gehman, Liechti, Moser, Newcomer, Newswander, Schanz, Schwartz, Schenk, Schoenauer, Wenger]; An Early (Or Earliest) Mennonite Groh in 18th Century Pennsylvania [Groh]; Chortitza Colony Marriages in the Diaries of Jakob Wall, Neuendorf (1830-1859) and David Epp, Chortitza (1837-1843) [Wall, Epp, Dyck, Penner, Wiebe, Klassen]; Schunwiese: The Old Colony; The First Settlers:1794-1803, Part II [Janzen, Leycke, Martens, Neufeld, Penner, Schapansky, Wiens, Braun, Dyck, Driedger, Klassen, Sawatsky, Siemens, Schon, Zwick].

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