Mennonite Family History October 2000 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History October 2000

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Ezra Yoder a Traveling Preacher [Yoder]; Anabaptist Ebersoles of Munsingen, Bern, Switzerland [Ebersole, Aebersold]; Old-Time Baking With the Iutzi Women [Iutzi]; Family Names of the Prussian Mennonites; From Molotschna To Dakota [Unruh, Penner]; Documents That Enhance the Abraham and Mary Martin Story [Martin]; The Mennonite Community at Plainview, Texas [Snyder]; Elizabeth (Short) Stuckey-Yoder [Short, Stuckey, Yoder]; Spelling Variations in German Names [Diependurper, Huber, Nusli, Schneider, etc.]; Burwald: The Old Colony Russia; The First Settlers, 1803-1808
[Berg, Brandt, Breuil, Dyck, Ens, Epp, Friesen, Harder, Harms, Janzen, Klassen, Krahn, Lowen, Neufeld, Niessen, Nowitsky, Olfert, Patkau, Pauls, Penner, Reimer, Rempel, Schellenberg, Siemens, Thiessen, Tows, Wiebe, Wiens, Warkentin]; Palatine Origins of Some Pennsylvania Pioneers
[Mellinger, Lehmann]; Julius Billeter and His Genealogies [Billetter].

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