Mennonite Family History October 1994 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History October 1994

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Amish-Mennonite Migration To, Within, and From the Palatinate [Zug, Guth, Seiler, Gindlesperger, Draxel, Draschel, Schwartzentruber, Muller, Troyer, Holly, Kurtz, Joder, Nafziger, Burki, Hochstatler, Hirschberger, Bontrager]; Christian Hershberger's "Journeyman Tailor's Certificate" Where Is It? [Hershberger]; Johannes Lehmann: From Heppenheim, Germany To Halstead, Kansas [Lehmann]; Bishop Nicholas King/Koenig; Amish-Mennonite Bishop, Fulton Co., Ohio [King, Koenig]; Up the Wrong Family Tree [Roth]; From Crimea to Kansas With Elder Jacob A. Wiebe and Peter M. Barkman [Wiebe, Barkman]; Simon Peter Yoder; Mennonite Poet With Kishacoquillas Valley, Pa., Roots [Yoder]; Looking For The Ladies; Nelson Levi King, 1894-1970 [King]; The Christian Landes Family of York Co., Pa. [Landes]; The Old Brown's Mill School In Franklin Co., Pa.; The Peter Stauffer Family Bible Record Is Found [Stauffer]; Ulrich Eshleman of Lancaster Co., Pa. [Eshleman]; Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants From Southwest Germany (To America and Other Countries) [Landes, Stauffer, Bachmann, Schnebele]; Genealogical Dates: A User-Friendly Guide.

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