Mennonite Family History October 1993 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History October 1993

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Excerpts of Peter Nissley's Travels From 1823 to 1886 [Nissley]; The Van Bebber/Van Bibber Family [Van Bebber, Van Bibber]; Schunhorst: The Old Colony Russia; The First Settlers, 1788-1803, Part II [Neufeld, Penner, Peters, Redekop, Rempel, Siemens, Thiessen, Wiebe, Dyck, Lepp, Pauls, Schellenberg, Sudermann, Wiens, Olfert]; The Other Descendants of Abraham Drachsel Amish Preacher of Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania [Drachsel, Troxel, King, Traxel]; My Great-Grandparents Had No Children [Esh, Kurtz, Yoder, Harshberger]; Where is the Eby and Yetter Connection? [Eby, Yetter]; Check Those Obits; Jacob Byler Genealogy [Byler]; Ever Farther Amish Enter Baden-Durlach and Hesse-Darmstadt [Eyer, Kurtz, Fischer, Brenneman, Hertzler, Egly, Ehrisman, Kempf, Stein, Eash, Schrag]; My Search for Newcomers [Newcomer, Hertzler]; Abraham P. Stouffer of Fayette Co., Pa. [Stouffer]; Using Computers for Aebi Research; In Search of Wilhelm Schroeder I [Schroeder]; The Yontz/Yantz Family From Belleville on West [Yontz, Yantz]; The Family Register of Jonathan Miller and His Wife Magdalena Kaufman [Miller]; Letters of the Amish Division [Ammann, Gut, Bachmann, Balzi, Gerber, Hagi, Kaufman, Moos, Schneider]; John "Hannesli" Landis, Jr. and Wife Anna Good of Earl Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania [Landis, Good].

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