Mennonite Family History October 1988 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History October 1988

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: 1634/35 Census Lists of Birmensdorf, Switzerland, Part II [Hauser, Baurin, Meylin]; A Short, Short Story About an Old, Old Notebook [Showalter]; An Old Klopfenstein Photo [Nofzinger, Klopfenstein]; Elmer D. Hess [Hess]; Hochstetlers: 250 Years in America [Hochstetler]; Know Where You've Been; Leather Guage Knife; Meyer and Gut Families of Birmensdorf, Switzerland [Meyer, Gut]; Pierre/Peter Eicher from France to Ohio [Eicher]; Pioneer Neff Bible [Neff]; Shopping for a Computer?; Swiss in the Assenheim Lutheran Churchbook [Liechti, Lischer, Fehr, Bergdoll, Wolf, Deutsch]; The Hauters From the Monbijou Estate [Hauter]; The Mennonite Churches in Prussia and Eastern Europe in 1843 [Kroker, Dyck]; The Missing Lohrenz and Derksen Connection [Lohrenz, Derksen]; The Settling of Friesland Mennonites in New Paris, Indiana; The Weller and Stainbrook Bible Record [Weller, Stainbrook]; Webers from Gachlingen, Switzerland [Weaver, Weber]; Mennonite Farms Around Zweibrucken; Rev. and Mrs. J.S. Meyers of Chicago and Philadelphia [Meyers].

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