Mennonite Family History January 1991 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History January 1991

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: A Tombstone for Andrew Troyer [Troyer]; Arrival of the Lehman Family at the Weidenmuhle [Lehmann]; Einlage, the Old Colony Russia: The First Settlers:1788-1808, Part I [Arend, Braun, Dyck, Hiebert, Janzen, Kahler, Neufeld, Penner]; Experiences of Flooding in the Vistula-Nogat Delta [Classen]; Faith of My Forefathers; An Introduction to the Mennonites in Bavaria [Bar, Christner, Steinmann]; Levi Clement Hartzler [Hartzler]; Lists of Anabaptists Who Lived in the Jura During the 18th Century, Part III [Aeschlimann, Gerber, Zimmerman]; Mennonites of the Danzig Territory in 1793 [Classen, Dick, Penner, Wiebe]; Quilting: A Family Tradition [Buch, Buckwalter]; Recent Developments at the LDS Family History Libraries; Sarah Hertzler (HZ163) [Hertzler, Kauffman]; The Search for Ancestors and Descendants of Abraham Drachsel/Troxel of Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania [Draschel, Troxel, Brechbill]; Want Something Free?

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