Mennonite Family History January 1987 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History January 1987

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: 1621-1725 Hersche Marriage Records at Appenzell, Switzerland [Hersche]; Early Settlers in Southwest Rockhill Twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania [Biehn, Kolb]; German Culture Museum, Walnut Creek, Ohio; Hard to Understand Medical Terms; More Scrapbooking Suggestions; The Crobfs/Krupps/Kropfs of Pennsylvania [Prough]; The Cross Cut Saw and Froe; The Jacob Buhler Family of Russia [Buhler]; The Meyer/Mayer Family in Canada [Meyer, Mayer]; The Mysterious Will of "Aerent" Hendricks [Hendricks]; Paul M. Roth [Roth]; The Value and Use of Pennsylvania's Connected Warrantee Maps; The Crobfs/Krupps/Kropfs of Pennsylvania [Crobf, Krupp, Kropf, Grubb, Krob]; The Yoder's and Schlappich's BIG HOUSE [Yoder, Schlappich].

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