Mennonite Family History April 2007 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History April 2007

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: "Die Furgge," A Book Review [Schilt]; Switzerland: Early Anabaptist Family Sites Beiler Homestead in Guggisberg, Canton Bern; Habeggers of near Trub, Canton Bern; Sumi Site in Lauenen, Canton Bern [Beiler, Hebegger, Sumi]; Johannes Vordemwald and Sarah Fahrni of Canton Bern [Vordemwald, Fahrni, Zehr, Maurer, Gerig, Schweitzer]; Mixed Feelings at the 2003 Winterthur Conference Reconciliation with the Anabaptists; Trachselwald Castle [Gotthelf, Haslibacher, Leuenberger]; European Anabaptist History and Current Reconciliation Efforts: Reflections Through a Collective Trauma Theory Lens; Searching and Finding Esch Roots in Europe, Part II: The Tale of Four Orphaned Children Finding the Siblings of Christian Esch [Esch, Kinsinger, Gungrich, Imhoff, Bender, Lehman, Engel, Zehr, Schmitt, Kotterman, Fickinger]; In Their Own Words, Part III: The Heinrich Wiebe Family: Germany, Central Asia, and America [Wiebe, Klaasen, Epp, Janzen]; Oetenbach Cloister and Prison in Zurich [Strickler, Landis, Meyli, Waber, Hess].

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