Mennonite Family History July 2007 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History July 2007

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Longacre Family Tree [Longacre, Shenk, Langenegger]; Switzerland: Early Anabaptist Family Sites Landis Home near Hirzel, Canton Zurich; Lehman Homes of Langnau, Canton Bern; Weaver Homestead near Baretswil, Canton Zurich [Landis Lehman, Weaver]; Some Swiss at Strasbourg [Ammann, Augspurger, Bachmann, Bosshard, Frey, Buchter, Krahenbuhl, Detwiler, Egly, Erb, Eymann, Gautsche, Huber, Hunsinger, Lichtensteiger, Muller, Rothlisberger, Rubi, Rupp, Schmidt, Schmutz, Schwartz, Steiner, Stucki, Weber, Witmer]; Anabaptists in Heinsheim, Baden [Schneider, Bechtel, Lehmann, Hodel]; Tunnels in the Emmental [Schenk]; Looking for the Bridge That is Not There; Building Bridges...the Opening Ceremony of the Tauferjahr 2007; Film Sweeps from Switzerland to Indiana; Erma Swartzentruber Beat the Odds [Swartzentruber, Yoder]; Prisontide; Corrections to the Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies [Hooley, Kauffman, Beachy]; Gsell Family [Gsell]; Searching and Finding Esch Roots in Europe, Part III: An Amish Mennonite Cemetery Restored a the Dorsterhof [Esch]; Stated Causes of Death in 152 Obituaries in the "Herald of Truth," 1906-1909

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