Mennonite Family History October 2008 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History October 2008

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: The House by the Side of the Way; The Legend of Magdalena Zug Revisited [Zug, Frantz, Garst]; New Research on the Brechbuhl Family in Switzerland [Brechbuhl, Meister, Herr, Groff, Brackbill, Mueller, Althaus]; The Search for Johannes Esch/Oesch, 1791-1850: How It All Began [Oesch, Brenneman, Schultz, Schwartzentruber, Zehr]; Footsteps and Dreams; Notebook Keeper Christian Engel (1764-1838), Anabaptist Advocate in Napoleonic France, Part II: Engel Genealogy [Engel, Risser, Schertz, Sommer, Roth, Kennel, Gerber, Schweitzer, Roggy, Plank, Nafziger, Brunner]; Beyeler Family Beiler-Boiler-Byler: A Brief History of Our Earliest Known Ancestor [Beyeler]; The Burns Connection [Burns, Hertzler, Zook, Yoder, Byler, Peachey]; Additions to Amish and Amish-Mennonite Genealogies [Berkey, Keim, Lehman, Mishler, Seese, Thomas, Weaver].

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