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Markhams Farewell to HUSBANDRY

Masthof Press

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Subtitled "The Enriching of All Sorts of Barren and Sterile Grounds in Our Nation, to Be as Fruitful in All Manner of Graine, Pulse and Grasse, as the Best Grounds Whatsoever."

A revealing old book printed in 1656 listing all kinds of information to help the farmer. Our European ancestors may have used this book for guidance in raising grain products, planting seeds, husbandry needs, tips on taking care of pastures and woodland, plowing, weeding, harrowing, manure, hemp or flax, what to do with worms and snails and grasshoppers and moles, and how to preserve, wheat, rye, beans, lentiles, oats, etc. Most interesting!!! (130pp. illus. Masthof Press, reprinted 2006.)

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