Mango Tree: The Artistry and Alchemy of Writing [HARDCOVER VERSION]

Carey C. Newman

  • 2900

Mango Tree celebrates writing’s fantastical properties. From start to finish, approximation, deferral, ambiguity seemingly reign. But just beneath the Mango Tree’s arabesque, structure pervades, furnishing a discernable anatomical shape. The concord achieved between Mango Tree’s poetic prose and imbedded plot funds designed disruption. Mango Tree desires what’s found over the fence. The calculated, yet prodigal, reveling in writing’s mystical glories cues to Mango Tree’s gentle aim: to awaken noetic writing to a discursive place, a world overflowing with a different kind of writing. (143pp. hardcover. Santos Press, 2023.)


Paperback version is also available.

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