Mammals in P-jammals

Mammals in P-jammals

Michele Swigart Uhrich

  • 600

Sensitive children often have a hard time making the transition from a busy day of joyful play to the unpredictable darkness of nighttime and sleep. It is for these children the author has written and illustrated Mammals in P-jammals, surrounding them with beloved stuffed toys that come to life dressed in their "p-jammals" and beckons them to bed, making sleep safe and inviting. There is a toy bat that comes to life and flies far away, taking fear with it. And there is a real live pet kitty that never leaves the side of the child and snuggles into bed with her, purring. Babies and toddlers love the colorful pictures and the lulling rhythm of the words, and young readers enjoy sounding out the words—each line ending with the orderly comfort of a rhyme. Mammals in P-jammals is an effectively soothing bedtime book for the most sensitive child. (16pp. full-color illus. Masthof Press, 2019.)

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